1. JamesWebb

    For Sale High Beam Assist rimless mirror for a T6 (NOT 6.1) . . .

    Hi there, I have a rimless mirror (7E0 857 511 G 9B9) for a T6 (and not a T6.1!) which I bought new, by mistake, for my T6.1. It won't work in the 6.1 because of the different can-bus protocols in the two variants - but it will work if you have a T6! Included is the bezel with the hole for the...
  2. Samfisher

    Startline MFSW retrofit

    Hi I want to fit a MFSW to my T6, its a startline and wondered if it is possible? I have purchased a Golf Mk 8 wheel and have read some threads about fitting but as of yet nothing I have used VCDS to tell the BCM it has a MFSW and have moved the horn wire over into the Bus wires spare slot but...
  3. JamesWebb

    T6.1 HBA retrofit . . . ?

    Hi there, Can you help with this? I purchased a HBA retrofit kit, not realising it was for a T6, whereas I have a 2021 T6.1 - my bad! :eek: I've had a quick look on the forums for help but can't find any specific 6.1 instructions re wiring and coding. So, would you happen to know . . . a) if...
  4. R

    Sunglass holder retrofit

    Hi all So I bought the sunglasses holder from a reputable uk based VW enthusiasts outlet, and proceeded to install said sunglasses holder, that apparently takes just 5 minutes to fit. I discovered that there’s a steel fitting/bracket right behind the headlining recess, which I wasn’t expecting...
  5. bullracing

    Crafter: Retrofitting a right hand drivers arm rest

    Just retrofitted a drivers right hand arm rest. Not as easy as I thought. Remove the seat fabric and the foam. Your see the lumber support handle. Undo the lumber support, notch out the hole above the lumber support and move the lumber support handle up to that hole. Purchase a set of T5 arm...
  6. Dayoster

    For Sale T6 High Beam Assist Retrofit Kit

    Im putting a High Beam Retrofit kit together including everything needed to do the conversion on the T6. All parts brand new and genuine. Highline rimless mirror (looks amazing). New mirror cap for the bottom (with the hole for the camera) Additional 2x can wires for connecting to canbus...
  7. K

    T6.1 OEM Heated Seats retrofit

    Anybody retro fitted OEM heated seats? If so what parts are required other than the AC/switch unit, heated seat module, loom and heat pads. Anyone got any part numbers?? Thanks
  8. G

    OEM Cruise Control retrofit instructions state T5!

    Hi. New to forum and just bought a T6 2016 to convert to a camper. purchased genuine VW retrofit cruise control and gave all the info requested for them to send the correct one and it came with instructions for a T5… some of the instructions match what I’m seeing but stuck now as it tells me to...
  9. Pedro20001

    Adding powerfold mirrors to a t6.1 startline

    Hi all, has anyone added powerfold mirrors to a startline non powerfold t6.1? Looking to upgrade and wondered if this has been done before. Thanks in advance
  10. Sackmycook

    LED tail-lamp retrofit

    Just had my bargain rear T6 LED lights delivered and Mrs has unpacked and sent me the photos..... Can anyone see what's going on with the wiring from these ? Looks like the loom has been cut which is fine but don't know what the blue and red wires are for? I'll be getting some wiring from...
  11. K

    Retrofit Folding-Mirrors - not working

    Hello all, i am french so i'm sorry if my english is not very good... I have à T6 and i want install mirror folding electrical. I have buy the mirror and install. But They no work Maybe need make a setup in VCDS? But i dont have Many Modul... i add à picture Thanks all for your help
  12. B

    T5.1 Retrofit power-fold mirrors

    What is required to install power fold mirrors to a vehicle? I’ve got a donor vehicle that currently has power folds and mine doesn’t. Is it a relatively straight forward swap or not? Thanks
  13. E

    Specialist to retrofit ACC to a 2019 T6 ?

    Hi, I am the 2nd owner of a 2020 registered California T6 - 2019 model. It comes with cruise control and speed limiter, but no ACC. I am not handy enough to try any hacking. Are there specialists that can retrofit the ACC ? I am located in Surrey Thanks
  14. R

    Front parking sensor upgrade

    I'm trying to purchase the upgrade for my parking sensors, biggest problem is i cant really grasp which one I need. Doing the physical work isn't the issue its making sure I order the right one. I already have rear sensors and front fog lights. So I've narrowed it down to these two sites...
  15. T

    T5 retrofitting and coding cruise-control

    Hi eweryone! Can anybody help? I have retrofitted cruise control and H7+H1 Caravelle lights to my T5. Does anybody have adaptation lists for control modules on these old machines to turn on cc and change light settings? I have Autocom in use, but it doesnt show adaptation list... Last year...
  16. P

    Golf MFSW compatibility

    Have just stripped the original Highline steering wheel of my T6 and attempting to fit the Golf Mk7 steering wheel. I was on the understanding you switch the airbag loom with the original T6 loom...... but I have seen there is an extra terminal on the Golf's airbag and terminal with an extra...
  17. wheelbarrow

    PDC Retrofit with "Auto" upgrade - Pinouts?

    So I bought the OE retrofit kit PDC from vagtec and also 1K8919472A upgrade kit from This is the retrofit kit I bought: And this is the module upgrade kit...
  18. wheelbarrow

    Retrofit Front & Rear PDC into a Shuttle

    Hi team! Installing the OE kit from into my shuttle. I have managed to work most of it out so far thanks to this forum, but I have 2 quick questions: 1) Which grommet is used for access to the inside of the van? I found two pretty large ones near the exhaust area. One the faces...
  19. A

    T6.1 tailgate - internal release switch??

    We bought a T6.1 panel van to convert. Our previous T6 tailgate could be opened from the inside. We just assumed it was standard to be able to open from inside. We weren’t told when ordering van that it was optional extra. Have contacted VW where we bought it from and have been told that it’s...
  20. Dellmassive

    T6.1 LED sequential - REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE (Barn Doors) -- How I Done It --

    T6.1 LED - REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE (Barn Doors) -- How I Done It -- Its that time again . . . . Rear light cluster upgrades. ++++ This time with the pre-made LED T6.1 copy setup. These units come with sequential indicators and a FULL LED setup. this is what the site...