1. BennyLove

    Heated Windscreen Retrofit - hard to do?

    Hey all, I'm annoyed at myself that I forgot to spec the heated windscreen in my new van. The only thing is, I notice that the windscreen itself has the heating element running through it. Is it a big job for someone to fit the relay and switch on the dash? Or is there a lot more to it than...
  2. J

    T6.1 retrofit sat nav.

    Hi all, I’ve got a t6.1 highline, looking to do the digital dash conversion but I’ve been told it’s not possible unless you have the satnav/stereo option (forget what they’ve called the head unit) as this has a module installed to the glovebox and the head unit is simply a screen? I’m no...
  3. AlexJoe

    Alarm Horn (H12) fitting

    Can anyone post a photo of how the alarm horn is factory fitted?
  4. Aleks_vl

    Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Front Assist on T6.1

    Hi everyone, I took the last bus that was in stock, but none of them had cruise control, but I can't, because mostly goes on the highway and I decided to retrofit the bus with cruise control, and at the same time with the Front Assist system, all I need is ordered and bought, and then I ran into...
  5. gerry

    "comfort" handsfree system setup retrofit

    hello, on my vw california I installed the comfort system for the telephone but I did not modify the coding on the car radio if someone has this system can give me the coding of the car radio thank you gerry
  6. J

    T6.1 retrofit tailgate power-closing

    Hello all, I’ve got a T6.1 with soft close sliding doors, and was wondering if any of you clever people have done an electric tailgate conversion, if so be very grateful for information on how and where you sourced the kit from and cost Cheers Neil
  7. M

    Where to get genuine LED headlights fitted

    Any suggestions and a rough idea of cost to update the T6 headlights?
  8. J

    Caravelle dash swap

    Who has done a Caravelle dash swap? what’s involved? Has anyone made a “How to” yet?
  9. dnoermann

    EPB Retrofit ... the way to Stop & Go

    So with ACC and DSG in the T6 we have the FollowToStop capability. But i wont more, i wont to have "Stop and Go" like it is available in the VW Sharan PQ35 which is very likely like the T6 which is PQ25. Needles to say we need Auto-Hold and EPB to get Stop & Go capability. T6 ABS is a complete...
  10. W

    Vanstyle fog light wiring

    I’m in the process of retro fitting some fog lights to my T6 and just after a bit of advice on the wiring connections for the titled. As usual it didn’t have any info with it. I didn’t really want all that on off when cornering malarkey so went for the kit that is relay based with the auto...
  11. Robert

    Reversing Camera - Lowline to Highline Upgrade/Retrofit

    I want to have moving guidelines while reversing so I think I am going to do it :whistle:.
  12. J

    Cali Ocean double Hook-up/Water fill point

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of the 2 in 1 hook up point that can be seen on some of the Ocean campers??
  13. M

    Retrofitting rear AC to SWB T6 Shuttle

    Hi I have recently bought a SWB 2016 T6 Shuttle and didn't realise it didn't have AC in the rear. I have it in the front but would like it in the back as well. Is this something that is possible? Has anyone attempted it?
  14. Jongall

    MFSW retrofit: airbag harness

    Hi guys, About to tackle the retrofit. Have the wheel and repair wires etc etc but can’t for the life of me find any airbag harnesses to buy. anyone got one lying around or know where we can source? Thanks
  15. Jez

    Air-conditioning retrofit?

    Hi there. Has anyone had rear air conditioning reto-fitted by VW or aftermarket. I need to know if a bigger compressor is required to handle to the extra load eith from the factory or when retro-fitted. My 16,000 km (10,000 mile) van's compressor has packed it in and I would like to retrofit a...
  16. P

    2wd to 4wd?

    Just out of interest has anyone converted a 2wd to a 4wd?
  17. G

    T6.1 digital dash?

    Hi all, I ordered a new 6.1 like a month ish ago couldn’t spec digital dash at that time and still can’t now. But I’ve just seen this video on YT which is a panel van with digital dash? So is it possible retrofit?
  18. L

    Electric folding mirrors

    Hi good morning Im new to this site and after some technical help . I've fitted the travelin lite genuine electric folding mirror kit to my t6 2015 highline kombi and have got to the final connection stage. My issue is connecting the positive 'on' connection as the wiring info states a thick...
  19. Van Buddy

    PDC retrofit - not working [Resolved]

    I’ve just retro fitted front PDC with parts from carsystems. PDC not working back or front. Long beep the first time you try and use PDC. Any suggestions ?
  20. J

    Adaptive Cruise Control - Retrofit?

    I have a 2019 Highline T28. I notice that when I drive too close to the vehicle in front I get the warning on the dash that I'm too close. I also have cruise control fitted as standard. My question is as I have cruise control and the van is obviously picking up my distance to the vehicle in...