1. W

    Fit 12k Parkhilfe unit to T6?

    Hi, Apologies if this has been covered before but I didn’t see it if so, I own a 2016 Eu5 Transporter Highline panel-van with rear parking distance control as standard, and am looking to retrofit fronts sensors too. Before I do, I saw this and it got me thinking Instead of fitting an 8K...
  2. J

    Heated Seat OEM retrofit - Climatic unit

    So I am going through retrofitting heated seats withe the kafatec loom (have no problems with the wiring so far), my issue is the heater control unit I have swapped it for (that has the heated seat buttons) now just continually rotates from window screen to face to feet then round and around...
  3. K

    Group 1VW Van Centre - Main Dealer

    Hi All Does anyone have any positive views on the captioned?? I booked my T6 in to have front parking sensors installed only to be told when I took the vehicle in that they do not retrofit!!!! So I am now exploring getting the kit from Poland which has the new module required and getting it...
  4. F

    Heated Rear Window retrofit

    Hi. I have a t6 DROPSIDE single cab with a heated rear window fitted. These vans were only fitted with a plain rear window so I guess that was smashed and the only one they could find was one with a heater. I have a dash switch I’ve purchased for a t6 rear heater, but can anyone tell me what I’m...
  5. N

    Caravelle memory seats - wiring LHD to RHD

    I have a full caravelle interior, including electric memory front seats. These were originally destined for the LHD market so the memory function is on the passenger seat in my RHD van. Has anyone done the conversion to move the memory buttons across and code into the van?
  6. DubHaus

    For Sale T6.1 Start/Stop & Park Assist buttons and Park Assist 8k Module

    For Sale - Just removed from my 2021 T6.1 Switch Panel with the Start/Stop and Park Assist buttons + an 8k (4 sensors front & 4 sensors rear) Park Assist Module. £60 plus whatever it costs to post. Welcome to collect East Suffolk
  7. K

    My T6.1 OEM Heated Seat Retrofit

    Thought I’d start a new thread as I’m reading threads about doing it on the T6 expecting it to be similar in the T6.1! Anyway my van doesn’t have heated seat so just has the standard manual AC controller. I’ve bought a used one from a 2022 model which includes heated seat buttons & heated rear...
  8. roooms

    My Tiguan heated seat upgrade

    I bought a Tiguan Mk2 R-line interior a few weeks back and have been enjoying the comfort of the front seats using adapter plates (bought at Busfest from BiTurbo). Today I wired up the seat belt switch successfully. Nice and easy following the electrical track diagrams for the T6 and the...
  9. JamesWebb

    Rear wiper retrofit . . .?

    Is it possible to retrofit a rear wiper to a tailgate on a 2021 T6.1? There are some (factory made?) holes on the inside skin but it's not obvious which is the correct motor. Do you know the correct motor part number? Many thanks,
  10. CJW

    EUR5 MFSW Retrofit Guide - Oct 2023 Update

    ***Follow this guide at your own risk*** Just mind-dumping after collecting a whole load of research which will leave my feeble brain if I don't write it down: This applies to a very niche application, which is retrofitting MFSW to a EUR5 T6 (one of the earliest ones). It does not cover cruise...
  11. z1ts

    Retrofit help please [Powered Tailgate + Reverse Cam]

    Hello all I possibly, maybe, could be having a T6.1 built for me around week 40 2023 (ish) that I ordered in Sep 2021 Due to wanting to add a couple of bits to it post-order (things I couldn't retrofit), I've 'lost' some other bits I originally ordered on it:- electric tailgate rear parking...
  12. J

    Radar - upgrade cruise control to city braking?

    My 2018 highline van is fitted with the radar on the front grill which and I just assumed it was for adaptive cruise control. I’ve tested the cruise control and it has buttons on steering wheel to set clear and turn on, off and while it works it certainly doesn’t slow down when catching up with...
  13. T

    Multi functional steering wheel retrofit

    Hello, I have a T6 2016 with a plastic steering wheel and cruise control and board computer through the wiper and direction switch, now I want to place an mfsw does anyone have a manual for this?
  14. S

    Aftermarket PDC

    Anyone added some cheapo, switched acoustic ones? I generally don't need the front ones but occasionally they would be useful. Getting the proper ones is quite far down the list of things I need atm. Wondering if there is a super cheap interim solution. Seen loads of kits but not quite sure if...
  15. Mikerl8797978

    T6.1 Black door cards

    Hi. I know this has been discussed a million times but does anyone have the part numbers for the black caravelle or shuttle door cards for a t6.1 2020? Thanks in advance!
  16. Parvus

    Upgrade help - switching T6 to T6.1 rear lights? (Halogen)

    Hi, Looking to replace my 2018 T6 rear lights (halogen) with OEM T6.1 rear lights (halogen), does anyone know if it’s a straight swap (e.g. matching connectors, no coding etc…)? I’m not looking for the LED conversion just a straight swap if possible. Anyone have experience/knowledge? Tried...
  17. C

    VW t6.1 startline auto headlight retrofit question

    Hi, I want to retrofit the auto headlights feature to my t6.1 startline. From reading the only other post I can find in this forum about it, it seems the people who have tried just changing the headlight switching module (like you needed to do on the t6) to one which includes the auto function...
  18. G

    LED / Xenon headlight level-sensor cable route

    Hello everyone has anyone retrofitted Xenon or LED headlights to their vans and have fitted the front and rear level sensors plus associated wiring. The real level sensor does the cable for this run under the van from rear to front or does it enter the van via a grommet somewhere and travel...
  19. Macmain12

    VagTec OEM Reversing camera retrofit kit

    Hey all Looking at fitting a camera to the caravelle Any recommendations out there. I have come across this one...
  20. P

    Retrofit heater rear window and wiper

    Hi all, Apologies if this has already been covered but I have searched the forum and cannot find the information I am looking for. I am about to convert a 2013 T5 from barn doors to tailgate. The tailgate is from a sportline and has a heated window and wiper I would like to use. I understand...