1. gerry

    Retrofitted discover media doesn’t power off

    Hello I have a discover media retrofit that works well but the station is always powered even after removing the ignition key even by pressing the on button can we solve this problem so that the set turns off vcds encoding or you have to modify the - connector, 8-pin - T8f- 17 - Terminal 31 18 -...
  2. A

    Adding Heated Rear Window

    Hi, i have just had a heated rear screen fitted. To my tailgate. Have any of you guys got part numbers of any relays and switches or anything that i will need, any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  3. D

    T6.1 startline Retrofit front fogs

    Looking for some advice please. I have a T6.1 startline and want to fit factory fit front front lights. Has anyone done this and can offer advice? Is there a wiring kit with switch available for the 6.1 or can I use a T6 kit? I’ll buy the fog lights from VW Thanks
  4. F2JON

    T6-t6.1 Fog light wiring

    Is there anyone out there who can or knows anyone that can wire up my t6.1 front foglights? I’ve just had a t6.1 facelift on my 2016 t6, my original van didn’t have fog lights at all, I bought my facelift from travelinlite who assured me everything was supplied to fit the fog lights including...
  5. B

    T5 Dash swap: heater/air-con help needed

    Hello this is my first thread asking for some help along the way please guys gals I’m doing something that I’m not sure if someone’s already done or not i have a 2008 T5 2.5 swapping the interior dash out, crash bar, steering column, heater blower/heater matrix/ aircon unit, door cards and...
  6. Pauly

    T6.1 Retrofits Assistance

    It seems no one has done any major retrofits on a 6.1 yet on the forum so i thought it about time i put it out there to offer my assistance I would like to do a decent retrofit on a 6.1 and document the details/share it with the forum Ideally i would like to do an LED headlight retrofit and/or...
  7. D

    Options that cannot be retrofitted, and would be good to have for a sort-of camper

    Hello everyone, I'm planning on getting a CJL Leisure mountain-biking van, which begin life as a panel van that is then converted. The base vehicle is a 204PS 4Motion T32, to which CJL fit a pop-top, a second row of seats, and a fully sealed wet room at the back with mounting points for 4 bikes...
  8. 2 Air-Con Retrofit Temperatures??

    Hi all, has anyone on here had their air con retrofitted in their T6 by that can tell me what temperatures they are getting out of the vents? I’ve had mine done and I’m getting 16.4 degrees from the drivers vents and 19.5 degrees from the passenger vent!!
  9. Pag

    Sold Air con parts most parts to do this are here.

    Hi I have for sale almost all the parts to retro fit air con to a T6 most of the parts came from a 2018 Van and a brand new aux belt . I was going to fit this myself to our T6 but we have sold the van and going in another direction (the dark side caravan) because of the excellant thread by...
  10. C

    Steering wheel help!

    So the current wheel set up is No acc Cruise controll is on the Indicator stalk What I want to add is Paddle shift Gti wheel with round airbag. Not sure to get polo or golf ( if there is any difference) I have found on ebay the buttons that I will need...
  11. L

    T6.1 Traffic Jam Assist

    Does anybody know how to enable traffic jam assist using VCDS? the radar is coded for predictive ACC
  12. D

    Retrofit Southwest

    I just collected my 204 T6 Caravelle, Dougal, from Jamie Freeman at Retrofit South West. He’s had front and rear parking sensors fitted along with the hybrid Sharan/T6 Highline camera. Everything done and dusted, working a treat and a 2 year warranty . if you are in need of a retrofit and...
  13. D

    Front sensors are annoying

    Hi all I've just had front sensors fitted to my t6 startline camper. I was very excited to get them installed, only now to find out, they are a pain in the ass. They are set to come on if the van is going under 7mph. If I find myself in a que of traffic, if their is a car beside me the damn...
  14. Lutty

    T6 front spot light kit

    Hi All, Looking to purchase a front spot light kit as in attached picture for a T6. Any help on sorcing kit appreciated Thanks Dave
  15. G

    Fitting heated elements in non heated seat

    Hi, my van has oem heated seats. Currently has a double passenger bench. If I switch to a single passenger seat, is it possible to source/fit the genuine elements and plug etc to make the heated seat work if I locate a single that's not currently heated ? Any help and advice appreciated and...
  16. BennyLove

    Heated Windscreen Retrofit - hard to do?

    Hey all, I'm annoyed at myself that I forgot to spec the heated windscreen in my new van. The only thing is, I notice that the windscreen itself has the heating element running through it. Is it a big job for someone to fit the relay and switch on the dash? Or is there a lot more to it than...
  17. J

    T6.1 retrofit sat nav.

    Hi all, I’ve got a t6.1 highline, looking to do the digital dash conversion but I’ve been told it’s not possible unless you have the satnav/stereo option (forget what they’ve called the head unit) as this has a module installed to the glovebox and the head unit is simply a screen? I’m no...
  18. AlexJoe

    Alarm Horn (H12) fitting

    Can anyone post a photo of how the alarm horn is factory fitted?
  19. Aleks_vl

    Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Front Assist on T6.1

    Hi everyone, I took the last bus that was in stock, but none of them had cruise control, but I can't, because mostly goes on the highway and I decided to retrofit the bus with cruise control, and at the same time with the Front Assist system, all I need is ordered and bought, and then I ran into...
  20. gerry

    "comfort" handsfree system setup retrofit

    hello, on my vw california I installed the comfort system for the telephone but I did not modify the coding on the car radio if someone has this system can give me the coding of the car radio thank you gerry