1. wheelbarrow

    PDC Retrofit with "Auto" upgrade - Pinouts?

    So I bought the OE retrofit kit PDC from vagtec and also 1K8919472A upgrade kit from This is the retrofit kit I bought: And this is the module upgrade kit...
  2. wheelbarrow

    Retrofit Front & Rear PDC into a Shuttle

    Hi team! Installing the OE kit from into my shuttle. I have managed to work most of it out so far thanks to this forum, but I have 2 quick questions: 1) Which grommet is used for access to the inside of the van? I found two pretty large ones near the exhaust area. One the faces...
  3. A

    T6.1 tailgate - internal release switch??

    We bought a T6.1 panel van to convert. Our previous T6 tailgate could be opened from the inside. We just assumed it was standard to be able to open from inside. We weren’t told when ordering van that it was optional extra. Have contacted VW where we bought it from and have been told that it’s...
  4. Dellmassive

    T6.1 LED sequential - REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE (Barn Doors) -- How I Done It --

    T6.1 LED - REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE (Barn Doors) -- How I Done It -- Its that time again . . . . Rear light cluster upgrades. ++++ This time with the pre-made LED T6.1 copy setup. These units come with sequential indicators and a FULL LED setup. this is what the site...
  5. L

    T6.1 front end swap with ACC

    Hiya folks! I’ve had someone ask about sorting their ACC since they’ve fitted a T6.1 front end. I know that the radar units are different so using the newer style is out but with the positioning of the new unit, I don’t think the old style unit will calibrate so high up. Anyone come up with a...
  6. W

    T6 Heated seats retrofit to T5 Caravelle.

    Hi, new forum user. Just fitting t6 seats, with heating to t5 facelift model without heated seats. Read quite a bit from previous posts but all seems a bit daunting. What is the simplest way to get these working.
  7. Gilly1974

    Retrofit Fog/cornering lights to Startline - advice.

    Hi, iv read the great posts about fitting and coding etc. Couple things I’m not sure about that someone may be able to help with, iv contacted a knowledgable member on hear and currently waiting reply bug thought I’d pop a post up. I’m wanting to fit these to my startline t6, 1) can I buy the...
  8. T

    Auto headlight switch retrofit EU6 T6

    Greetings, I purchased a golf mk6 auto headlight switch (small connector). Arrived in 24hrs and fitted perfectly, ran sensor under a pillar trim and is a neat look. All functions work out of the box - no need for a £55 one from Transporter specialists. DRLs are on, sidelights added at dusk...
  9. t6blo

    T6 Startline to Highline Upgrade Path

    So, I am still on the fence about buying another Transporter. Quick back story for context: bought T6 DSG Highline 12/18, sold 03/21 for 5k more than I paid for it. Regretted ‘cashing in‘ on market madness ever since. I have been looking into the ‘commercial look’ and obviously a Startline...
  10. S

    Eberspacher Night Heater + Beach console retrofit

    Hello, please can anyone help me with details of what would be involved in fitting a secondhand Beach overhead Heater Control Unit (near the cab centre lighting) and Eberspacher night heater into my T6 Caravelle? Many thanks for any advice.
  11. C

    VW T6.1 front fog lights retrofit

    Hello, On my VW T6.1 from 03/2021, I just retrofitted the front fog lighs + coding. Unfortunately it doesn't work, and I'm getting crazy as I do not find the root cause. Now I'm questionning : - on which fuse are the fog lights connected ? No VW fuse diagram available :-( - I connected the...
  12. X

    Rear PDC retrofit

    Hi guys, Oem sensor kit with the intention to use park pilot. Total novice here, I’m attempting to retrofit my own rear parking sensors, i have the module in place under the dash with all looms/sensor loom in place ready to be connected up. I have under the dash/steering wheel open currently...
  13. Skyliner33

    California Webasto B-pillar night heater retrofit.

    In relation to this: does anyone know what controllers and other things I would need to get the heater working? Thanks
  14. A

    T6.1 traffic sign recognition retrofit?

    vw t 6.1 traffic sign recognition some who have done it?
  15. M

    Tailgate replacement: adding wiper + HRW

    Hi there just joined on here not the best at all this but here goes, I have a T6 panel van that's been hit in the tailgate and I would like to change it to glass and add a wiper and heated glass could someone tell me the cost off this please or point me in the right direction I have the tailgate...
  16. gerry

    Retrofitted discover media doesn’t power off

    Hello I have a discover media retrofit that works well but the station is always powered even after removing the ignition key even by pressing the on button can we solve this problem so that the set turns off vcds encoding or you have to modify the - connector, 8-pin - T8f- 17 - Terminal 31 18 -...
  17. A

    Adding Heated Rear Window

    Hi, i have just had a heated rear screen fitted. To my tailgate. Have any of you guys got part numbers of any relays and switches or anything that i will need, any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  18. D

    T6.1 startline Retrofit front fogs

    Looking for some advice please. I have a T6.1 startline and want to fit factory fit front front lights. Has anyone done this and can offer advice? Is there a wiring kit with switch available for the 6.1 or can I use a T6 kit? I’ll buy the fog lights from VW Thanks
  19. F2JON

    T6-t6.1 Fog light wiring

    Is there anyone out there who can or knows anyone that can wire up my t6.1 front foglights? I’ve just had a t6.1 facelift on my 2016 t6, my original van didn’t have fog lights at all, I bought my facelift from travelinlite who assured me everything was supplied to fit the fog lights including...
  20. B

    T5 Dash swap: heater/air-con help needed

    Hello this is my first thread asking for some help along the way please guys gals I’m doing something that I’m not sure if someone’s already done or not i have a 2008 T5 2.5 swapping the interior dash out, crash bar, steering column, heater blower/heater matrix/ aircon unit, door cards and...