1. Jeidmaster

    Radar - upgrade cruise control to city braking?

    My 2018 highline van is fitted with the radar on the front grill which and I just assumed it was for adaptive cruise control. I’ve tested the cruise control and it has buttons on steering wheel to set clear and turn on, off and while it works it certainly doesn’t slow down when catching up with...
  2. T

    Multi functional steering wheel retrofit

    Hello, I have a T6 2016 with a plastic steering wheel and cruise control and board computer through the wiper and direction switch, now I want to place an mfsw does anyone have a manual for this?
  3. CamperBadger

    Aftermarket Reverse-sensors only beep, no visual

    Hi all, I have reversing sensors fitted by previous owner. They beep and that's about it. If I were to upgrade my stereo, would it be possible to also get some sort of graphical display as well as the beep? LB
  4. Mikerl8797978

    T6.1 Black door cards

    Hi. I know this has been discussed a million times but does anyone have the part numbers for the black caravelle or shuttle door cards for a t6.1 2020? Thanks in advance!
  5. Parvus

    Upgrade help - switching T6 to T6.1 rear lights? (Halogen)

    Hi, Looking to replace my 2018 T6 rear lights (halogen) with OEM T6.1 rear lights (halogen), does anyone know if it’s a straight swap (e.g. matching connectors, no coding etc…)? I’m not looking for the LED conversion just a straight swap if possible. Anyone have experience/knowledge? Tried...
  6. C

    VW t6.1 startline auto headlight retrofit question

    Hi, I want to retrofit the auto headlights feature to my t6.1 startline. From reading the only other post I can find in this forum about it, it seems the people who have tried just changing the headlight switching module (like you needed to do on the t6) to one which includes the auto function...
  7. G

    LED / Xenon headlight level-sensor cable route

    Hello everyone has anyone retrofitted Xenon or LED headlights to their vans and have fitted the front and rear level sensors plus associated wiring. The real level sensor does the cable for this run under the van from rear to front or does it enter the van via a grommet somewhere and travel...
  8. P

    Retrofit heater rear window and wiper

    Hi all, Apologies if this has already been covered but I have searched the forum and cannot find the information I am looking for. I am about to convert a 2013 T5 from barn doors to tailgate. The tailgate is from a sportline and has a heated window and wiper I would like to use. I understand...
  9. L

    Folding mirror retrofit help

    Hi, I have a 66 ref T6. It’s an ex RAC van and came with power folding mirrors with the switch on the drivers door. I’ve just been through the coding for auto folding on lock using Vcds, but it hasn’t worked. I’ve tried it a few times but they don’t fold on locking. It’s done something as now...
  10. Bondyt6

    Genuine folding mirrors

    Hi all I have a T6 with heated electric mirrors, does anybody know what genuine parts are required to convert these to power folding, I know the switch on door card needs added, and I'm guess new bases with motors+control modules etc? If anybody had the part numbers would be great. Thanks Phil
  11. M

    Retrofit ACC

    My van has a front sensor so would like to try and enable the adaptive cruise control. Could anyone recommend a obd2 /vag(?) Interface that I can use to change the settings, preferably cheaper the better lol
  12. Iany1954

    66 plate auto folding mirror conversion

    I’m thinking of converting my van to have auto folding mirrors. They presently fold on the drivers door switch only. I’m familiar with the possible options for achieving this but need confirmation of the MY number. I think (being 66 registered 26/9/2016) it’s MY17 and requires hardware. Can...
  13. JamesWebb

    Sold High Beam Assist rimless mirror for a T6 (NOT 6.1) . . .

    Hi there, I have a rimless mirror (7E0 857 511 G 9B9) for a T6 (and not a T6.1!) which I bought new, by mistake, for my T6.1. It won't work in the 6.1 because of the different can-bus protocols in the two variants - but it will work if you have a T6! Included is the bezel with the hole for the...
  14. S

    Retrofit modification master-thread

    Hi guys Can we pull together a list of available retrofit mods availability and bricks including weather it needs coding or not and if it’s a DIY job or not I know of a company that does a load of stuff retrofits they did my virtual cockpit not cheap close to £2k but a drive in drive out about...
  15. F

    Fitting a rear wiper unit to the tailgate

    Hi All, I'm currently looking at a basic startline model van with a tailgate, however would want to convert this to having a rear window and also adding a rear window wiper (not currently on the van). Whilst id have no problem at putting the window in, can anyone please advise if fitting and...
  16. Samfisher

    Startline MFSW retrofit

    Hi I want to fit a MFSW to my T6, its a startline and wondered if it is possible? I have purchased a Golf Mk 8 wheel and have read some threads about fitting but as of yet nothing I have used VCDS to tell the BCM it has a MFSW and have moved the horn wire over into the Bus wires spare slot but...
  17. JamesWebb

    T6.1 HBA retrofit . . . ?

    Hi there, Can you help with this? I purchased a HBA retrofit kit, not realising it was for a T6, whereas I have a 2021 T6.1 - my bad! :eek: I've had a quick look on the forums for help but can't find any specific 6.1 instructions re wiring and coding. So, would you happen to know . . . a) if...
  18. R

    Sunglass holder retrofit

    Hi all So I bought the sunglasses holder from a reputable uk based VW enthusiasts outlet, and proceeded to install said sunglasses holder, that apparently takes just 5 minutes to fit. I discovered that there’s a steel fitting/bracket right behind the headlining recess, which I wasn’t expecting...
  19. bullracing

    Crafter: Retrofitting a right hand drivers arm rest

    Just retrofitted a drivers right hand arm rest. Not as easy as I thought. Remove the seat fabric and the foam. Your see the lumber support handle. Undo the lumber support, notch out the hole above the lumber support and move the lumber support handle up to that hole. Purchase a set of T5 arm...
  20. Dayoster

    For Sale T6 High Beam Assist Retrofit Kit

    Im putting a High Beam Retrofit kit together including everything needed to do the conversion on the T6. All parts brand new and genuine. Highline rimless mirror (looks amazing). New mirror cap for the bottom (with the hole for the camera) Additional 2x can wires for connecting to canbus...