1. M

    Engine will not start.

    Help. Currently in the process of converting my van. Van was last used on Tuesday. Went to it yesterday evening and unlocked it ok - key into ignition van started then died two seconds later.....noticed no dash lights at all, tried again nothing! Central Locking works, but nothing apart from...
  2. Pauly

    T6.1 VW T6.1 Relay Locations 05/2019

    Relay Chart/Listing For All Relay Locations - In Engine Compartment, Adjacent Fuseholder SA In Dashboard, Integral To Fuseholder SC Under Left Seat, Integral To Fuseholder SH VIP Membership is required to download this document Below is a sample image of part of the document
  3. Daviesmd

    Help Wiring A Relay For The Fuel Pump

    hi I am in the process of installing a tracker in the van and it comes with a relay to disable the fuel pump. Has anyone wired this in and if so how do I do it?!
  4. S

    Piggy back fuse issue

    Morning all, Help required..... Trying to use a piggy back fuse from the dash fuse box to operate a relay when the ignition is on. When I fit the piggy back fuse I get a 'Key Not Found' message on the dash display. Van starts fine but warning reappears when turned off. When I replace the...
  5. Loz

    T6 T6 Relay Locations 2017-01-24

    This document details of the locations and names for all of the relays on the T6 models.