rear air conditioner

  1. sam wildcat

    Shuttle rear-heater display not working.

    Any ideas rear display not working so no heating in back i have check the fuses under the gear stick I have pressed the rear button on main heater took display out and no wires broken thanks san Took display moved plug in and out it lights up and starts the heater then goes...
  2. J

    T6.1 rear wheel arch cover

    I have just received a new T6.1 with rear heater assembly. I had no idea it would be so large. any guidance where I can buy the same or similar moulding to go the opposite side of the van to make the back look symmetrical? I will be insulating and lining. I think it will look horrible as it...
  3. VioletVW

    Rear air con - worth it?

    Another question. Does anyone have the app extra option of a electronically controllled separate air con control for the rear? Just wondering if it's worth the extra £300. I'm thinking it may keep the kids from complaining they're too cold or too warm.
  4. B

    Caravelle rear AC

    I've just bought a T6 Caravelle SE 2017 plate and am in the process of changing the floor for a vinyl finish ( kids, dogs and sand don't mix well with the present carpet) have also removed most of the panels to add in some extra sound proofing and thought as I was this far I could look at...
  5. M

    Retrofitting rear AC to SWB T6 Shuttle

    Hi I have recently bought a SWB 2016 T6 Shuttle and didn't realise it didn't have AC in the rear. I have it in the front but would like it in the back as well. Is this something that is possible? Has anyone attempted it?
  6. Duggers83

    Removing rear AC unit from Shuttle

    Hi, I would like to remove the rear AC unit from my '17 Shuttle. Can anyone provide advice on this subject OR recommend who I could speak to or the work, please? After speaking with a few garages, unfortunately, it doesn't sound straightforward. Many thanks, Ben
  7. F

    Fault Code 9480753 - Heater And Air Conditioning

    Hello all, I have had this fault reappear after reset with carista. i havent found any info on it except that it appears after use of the air con system. The front AC works fine but i have yet to try the rear system and listen for any changes. Would anyone have a bit more info on the fault...
  8. T5SUG

    Does my Caravelle have rear Air-Con?

    Have a 66 plate SE spec Caravelle with air con. My question is does the air con not get through to the rear vents in the back? Is the seperate rear heater not connected to the air con in the cab ? Kids have been moaning there is no air in the back
  9. ehuplad

    Kombi Rear Aircon - Fitted ?

    Hi All, Just picked up my Van yesterday and I am completely confused with my Aircon. I ordered the 'Climatic Cab and Passenger Compartment A/C (Semi-A (KH3)' There are vents for the 2nd row Kombi seats but I can't get them to work. I read something on the forum a while ago but can't find it. VW...
  10. Jez

    Wanted - VIN No. for T6 Transporter LWB TD400 with REAR Airconditioner

    I am trying to track down a VIN No. for a T6 TD400 LWB with a factory REAR Air Conditioner. Can anyone supply me their VIN No. please. My Compressor has packed it in and I want to put a bigger one in now so I can get a rear aricon installed later (I don't even know if they are bigger, but they...