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  1. T

    For Sale 2014 Range Rover Vouge SE

    Photos will be added shortly from my phone. Not a T6 I know but my dad is selling this to buy a T6 (or swap) hence the plate which won't be included £33,000 ono Range Rover Vogue SE 4.4l diesel 339bhp Just under 50,000 miles Owned since 2017, one previous owner 12 months MOT Full service...
  2. timthetinyhorse

    Sold Range Rover 20” supercharged wheels

    Selling my RR Supercharged wheels, I bought these and refurbished them myself but I have decided to go a different direction with my van so after all the hard work I’m selling. Finished with 5 coats of high build primer, 5 coats of Ford high sparkle silver giving a really nice metallic finish...
  3. A

    Land Rover steels

    hey, I've ordered a set of the white discovery steels for my t6. Will I need a set of spigots, if so, can you tell me which to get, please? thanks
  4. A


    I am buying a T6.1 camper and looking to fit a set of Land Ricer wheels and tyres, they are 255/55 X 20 , can someone please tell me if these will fit and if it will effect speedometer readings, if so by how much.The camper is not lowered. Thanks for your help in anticipation.
  5. K

    2020 RR Velar seats: power feed?

    Hi, I have a beautiful pair of Velar seats I want to get into the T6..... and really would just like to connect up the motors so I can adjust (not worried so much about the heated side just yet!!) them when in......... However, I am struggling to find which are the power feeds or at least I...
  6. T5_bignluebus

    Sold Range Rover Space Saver Wheels. £285

    Anyone interested in a set of four Range Rover Space Saver Wheels? Asking £285 ovno - Collection from Les-tah.
  7. D

    Help please - will these Defender wheels fit?

    Hi everyone, Had a quick search but can't see specific info, soooo Currently running Nexen 255/35 ZR20 97Y 's, but fed up with punctures / cracked wheels on these delightful Scottish roads. Considering putting 18" Defender wheels on, these are currently fitted with Goodyear 255/70R18 116H ATV...
  8. marsie

    Sold 18" defender steels with 235 55 18 grabber £600

    For Sale 4 x new defender steel wheels with general grabber at3 tyres New take off wheels with a couple of small marks from tyre fitting. Tyres done less than 1000 miles so as new condition . Fit with standard bolts. Have also got 4 genuine vw centre caps which can be modified to fit Only for...
  9. marsie

    Sold Banded 19" range rover space savers £1000

    Set of 4 banded range rover 19" steels with 255/50/19 (107h) Dunlop winter sport 3d runflat tyres. Tyres have approx 4-5mm even wear Complete with centre caps (black) These were brand new space savers bought from landrover and sent to Duchy for banding approx 3 years ago. They were powder...
  10. C

    Sold 20" Wheels and Tyres

    Set of 20" Land Rover Rims and Tyres, just taken of a t32. I've reverted back to std wheels 275/40 R20 Tyres fitted Full set of wheels nuts and lock nuts Used, but clean with little use, when weather improves I will clean again Offer around £500 Happy to discuss shared delivery, ie part way from...
  11. R

    For Sale Disco sport 18” black alloy wheels

    18” gloss black from the wife’s 2017 disco sport. Matching Pirelli tyres, 2 need changing 2 ok tread. £300 or sensible offer
  12. J

    Changing Wheels from 20" to smaller

    This has probably been covered but I have a new T6 (first post on the forum!) with 20" Land Rover wheels. I would quite like to change to a more normal diameter wheel 16/17. What do I need to worry about? Can I just buy some 16" wheels and stick them on or is it not that simple? Image...
  13. T

    Sold 20 inch range rover alloy with 3 tyres

    Had the wheels of someone running them on a t5 who had them on the van when they purchased a conversion from a place in wales was going to get them refurbed as one had a punctured tyre.. so have 4 wheels 3 tyres but decided against it as i dont actually like them anymore.. paid 250 for them a...
  14. amandalou

    Can anyone identify the make of my 20" alloys please?

    Hello, I have recently bought a T28 but am unable to identify the 20" wheels? I'll be changing them soon for something a bit more forgiving, if anyone's interested.
  15. P

    For Sale Set of 4 18" Range-Rover wheels, Pontefract/Selby

    My lad has recently changed wheels on his T5 and has his 18" Range-Rovers for sale. These aren't pristine but they do look nice on the van. The tyres have legal tread but they're a few years old and at least one has a slow puncture (about 2 weeks). You could use them but I'd probably replace...
  16. R

    For Sale Range Rover black 20” alloys with tyres spares or repair

    Selling my old Range Rover wheels I was running. Selling as spares or repair as one of the wheels has a chunk missing. Thought I would Chuck them on here before I eBay them in singles 3 tyres are very good and not that old 255 35 20 102 £250ono collected from shropshire
  17. 308mate

    Range Rover seat in to T6

    Compared to a lot else, they seem good value second hand and they’re comfortable. Only one armrest though. I’m assumining there’s a reason it’s not more common, I can’t be the first person to think of it? o_O
  18. Tourershine

    Found 19" Banded RR's

    Round and round we go from point A, right round to point A (only those that know me well, will know what that means) Aaaanyway... I'm getting that itch to go back onto 19s and no matter how much I try and find a replacement I actually like, the pull is constantly towards another set of banded...
  19. t6blo

    Land Rover / Range Rover Alloy Wheels

    Please post pics of your transporter wearing RR / LR alloys. Please also post wheel specs......
  20. Jayjmac

    Sold Range Rover banded steels

    As the title says.. I have my RRs coming back from Jaime mid week they have been fully colour changed to Dutchy chrome the most popular colour. they are 9 and 9.5 widths. I run air and they have to be one of the most offset and width perfect wheels I have ever run. They just fit per As you...