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  1. R

    For Sale Range Rover black 20” alloys with tyres spares or repair

    Selling my old Range Rover wheels I was running. Selling as spares or repair as one of the wheels has a chunk missing. Thought I would Chuck them on here before I eBay them in singles 3 tyres are very good and not that old 255 35 20 102 £250ono collected from shropshire
  2. Steve1978

    Range Rover seat in to T6 - complete!

    Just wanted to post this as I looked everywhere for some guidance and could not find much help. So basically, I’m not very good at the doing “stuff” in general. So if I can do it anyone can! I bought a 2008 RR sport seat for £56. Take you old drivers seat off leaving the box on. But some 500 or...
  3. Tourershine

    Found 19" Banded RR's

    Round and round we go from point A, right round to point A (only those that know me well, will know what that means) Aaaanyway... I'm getting that itch to go back onto 19s and no matter how much I try and find a replacement I actually like, the pull is constantly towards another set of banded...
  4. Jayjmac

    Sold Range Rover banded steels

    As the title says.. I have my RRs coming back from Jaime mid week they have been fully colour changed to Dutchy chrome the most popular colour. they are 9 and 9.5 widths. I run air and they have to be one of the most offset and width perfect wheels I have ever run. They just fit per As you...
  5. Andysmee

    VW centre caps for Land Rover / Range Rover wheels

    I didn't get a reply to my posts about centre caps for Land Rover wheels, so I'm improvising my own. The donor wheels take 63mm caps with a 51mm inner diameter (the parts that clicks into place) with a depth of 3mm on the clips. The VW centre caps that I can find are 63mm with a 56mm inner...
  6. Andysmee

    Load rating on Land Rover/Range Rover wheels - SOLVED

    Because the interweb doesn't appear to have a single source of truth about JLR rims, I've grabbed a couple of sources to try and write it down. So the Land Rover Discovery is the heaviest Land Rover, and hence the highest load ratings of the LR/RR wheels, at 940kg. The Range Rover Sport...
  7. D

    Wheel bolt spec. for Range Rover / BMW alloys

    I have purchased a set of 20” Kahn alloys for when my new van arrives. They are off of a Range Rover/ BMW . I have already purchased the required spigot rings, and I understand I will have to also buy new wheel bolts. my question is, all the sites I look at reference Ran
  8. Q

    Land Rover Alloys

    Hi there all does any have or know if Land Rover discovery alloys L322 fit on a T6. Would they need spacers cheers
  9. 4ndy

    Found Wanted 19" banded Range Rover space savers

    I'm looking for a set of Range Rover Space savers. Any available???
  10. M

    For Sale 21" Wheels & Michelin Tyres

    Having now sold my 2018 Caravelle I've have for sale a set of Range Rover Sport wheels which I had painted (not powder coated) in a gunmetal grey metallic. They're fitted with a matching set of Michelin Pilot Sport 2's 265R21/35 XL, load index 101Y. The tyres have done less than 1,000 miles...
  11. B

    19” Tyre Recommendations

    Thinking fronts 19’s With a 255/45/19 tyres on a 8.5j and the rears 9.5j. But not sure on size. Reason for the bigger profile is purely for comfort as it’ll be my work van. Can anyone advise me on the rear tyre size. As I want to keep the profile wall looking the same all round. I’ve come up...
  12. dgpunsh59

    Land Rover Alloys On T6

    Hi Guys. Looking to buy Land Rover Range Rover L322 18" Alloy wheels for my 2019 T6, will they fit? If they do, where will I get the spacers/adapters and spigot ring adapter? Thanks. Dave
  13. markob

    Wanted Range Rover Snowflake 19" Wheels

    Anyone selling a set of Range Rover Snowflakes in 19" ? Black would be great too!
  14. S

    Range Rover (replica?) 20” Alloys And Spacer

    Hey all, So I bought some Range Rover (replica I believe) alloys from eBay. They came with the spigots but not bolts. I bought a set of Transporter to RR alloys spacers and bolts set (15mm front, 20mm rear). The first issue I had was that the collars that came with the bolts don’t fit into the...
  15. S

    Tyres And Lowering On Range Rover Sport 20"

    Hey, Im literally clueless in this! I just got myself some black range rover sport alloys 20x9.5 and need to buy tyres for them. what would be best for these? Plus, I would also love to have the van lowered a little but I am going to using this as a camper so not sure how low to go really and...
  16. W

    Vw T6 With 19" Range Rover Alloys, Which Tyres Needed?

    Hi everyone, I have a 2015 VW T6 Shuttle and have bought 19 Range rover wheels, which I have load rate checked and they are fine. I have no idea which tyres to put on these wheels, does anyone have any ideas please? FYI, I have 5 kids, which we use the vehicle for, so this is a...
  17. Ragadyman

    Stormer 20” Alloys

    So I like the look of the Range Rover Stormer 20” alloys for my T6.Being a factory wheel I’m guessing built better than an aftermarket item. What tyres would you recommend? I was thinking 275/35/20 so the Speedo still was reading correctly?? But are concerned about rubbing. I want to lower the...
  18. Fidget

    Finally Took Some Pics Of Mine.

  19. Cupajoe

    Range Rover Space Savers What Wheel Bolts

    Hi all I have just received some banded 19 inch Range Rover steels can anyone advise on what wheel bolts I need? Will my original bolts work from the factory highline alloy wheels? I also need the correct spigot anyone have any links? Thanks Ash
  20. G

    Range Rover Conversion Kit.

    Hi guys, I’ve just bought a set of 19” Range Rover wheels. I’d like to know if I need bolts and spigot rings or Bolts and spacers to fit them. They are 9j with a 53mm offset. Thanks Gaz.