1. P

    Reimo Roof Add-on Gutter Channels To Prevent Wet Seats!

    I anticipation I'd bought a set of these for my camper, but found that Hillside had already fitted a set as standard! Reimo/SCA Elevating Roof Gutter Channels, Rain Channels, Window Gutter Channel | eBay So I have a new, unused set up for grabs, PM me your postal address if you want them. Free...
  2. ausyray

    How to keep the van cool overnight when it's raining...

    With two adults and a large greyhound we find the van can get a bit stuffy overnight. We normally put an external cover over the front and open up the front windows and then open the sliding window too but, what to do when it's raining? How do other people keep fresh air into the back of the...
  3. R

    Rain Closing

    Got my cable through today and have made a few tweaks so far but I can't seem to get rain closing working.... Has anyone managed this yet?