1. z1ts

    For Sale Plywood Van Shelving/Racking - £50

    For sale is my second hand plywood shelving/racking system from a T6 panel van (works with a Kombi too) 980mm long 390mm deep 1205mm high £50 Collection from Bristol or I can deliver for an agreed price as I roam the country quite a bit for my day job!
  2. M

    What are these and how do I remove them?

    So I've been having fun removing the very well installed Edstrom racking from my ex fleet T6 and have come across some fixings I've not seen before. They've been used to attach a fairly hefty metal bracket that holds the racking in situ. How on earth do I remove it? TIA!
  3. F

    For Sale Metal racking from ex RAC VW t6

    Carefully dissembled and put aside for conversion. Genuine e in pretty good condition. Looking for a quick sale due to lack of space in the garage…
  4. K

    Sold BOTT LWB Kombi Racking System

    Having taken delivery of a LWB Kombi, my colleague had a BOTT system fitted a few years ago but this doesn’t work for me. This has been removed in three sections with all the parts kept and everything in good working order. This will need to be collection only from the Bristol area (though I do...
  5. Mrcl

    T5.1 Racking

    Hi all! My first thread on here but been trawling through this site for years, so hopefully doesn’t flop! We (me & dad) have built bespoke racking in the cargo area and thought I would share as I can’t really find much about this on here or other forums, mainly just the premade stuff (correct...
  6. T5.1 auto

    Sold Sortimo Van Racking

    This racking came out of a VW Transporter SWB Kombi, this will also fit a SWB panel van on the nearside It has only be used for demonstration purposes and is in good condition, approx 2 years old Consists of :- Folding bench with vice Lift Flap for wheel arch storage Pro safe Lashing System...
  7. T

    Dewalt Van Racking System

    Hi all, Does anyone have the Dewalt Van Rack setup installed in a LWB T6? Thanks.
  8. D

    Internal Shelving And Lighting Upgrade

    So had a good day on the van today have fitted the rear bulkhead behind the seats so I could then fit the rear shelving and also upgraded the interior lighting to brighten it up in the back a bit, just got to get some rubber lining for the shelving and add a few extras bits and then I can start...
  9. E

    Panel Van Racking For Work Van

    Hello, My new 204 t6 DSG t32 panel van will be born in October. I am going to use it as a proper workhorse van. I'm struggling to find decent racking ideas other than the chesp mdf versions off of eBay. Please can anyone point me towards more decent versions or ideas or share any you have...
  10. Devizeswolves


    Bit boring I’m afraid, owner of a 67 plate T6 panel van, LWB, Highline in Grey! That being said there is a list as long as my arm of mods I want to do The first and most important from my business POV was the racking, just want to get the styling right now!