1. Andyman

    Power-Closing Sliding-Door Problem

    Hi wonder if anyone can assist or point in right direction twin electric doors on caravelle for no reason they’ve started playing up, if I pull handle inside or outside or use the key to close them, they roll forward, almost close make a big click noise and reopen fully they will keep doing...
  2. rear right door.mov

    rear right door.mov

    Power sliding door problem
  3. Pauly

    T6 Electric Tailgate Wiring Diagram 2018

    Electrically Operated Rear Lid Circuit Diagram Also includes associated power latching for tailgate VIP Membership is required to download this document
  4. Ned Kelly

    Electric Tailgate Sensitivity

    My tailgate electric tailgate seems to want to auto close on its own even in the slightest breeze or when someone moves around in the van. Is there a way of adjusting the sensitivity to stop it auto closing and scaring the life out of my Wife. nevertheless, It is funny to watch.
  5. Dannyb6467

    T6.1 power tailgate - internal release switch??

    Evening folks. Can the electric tailgate be opened from the inside but from the back? Not using the drivers door mounted switch or key fob? If not, can a switch be put into the card and does anyone have experience of what wires to splice into? TIA Danny
  6. S

    Power-closing door suddenly stopped working

    So my 67-plate T6 has an electric side door which has been working perfectly until yesterday when, suddenly, it had stopped working. I unlocked the van with the fob & pressed the button to open the side door... Nothing. Tried pulling & releasing the handle... Nothing. Got in the van, started the...
  7. tonybb66

    Slider door not opening on key fob

    When I press the unlock on the fob all doors open apart from the slider and it can take up to 6 presses or a lock and unlock to get the slider to open, never had this problem in 12 months owning it and it has started about 3 weeks ago, I am handyman and the amount of times I have to go back and...
  8. N58amx

    Help identify this part

    Hi all My mate has found this rolling around in the back of his new pv Part number 7LA843959A Had a good look on google with no luck!! any ideas all thanks nick
  9. Tsixty

    Electric sliders not working [Resolved]

    As title really; went out to put something in the van and neither electric sliders working. Unlocked OK, interior lights came on. Didn't attempt to start as had to jump straight onto a work call but need to go out in a couple of hours so we will see then. Just wondered, do the electric sliders...
  10. J

    T6.1 retrofit tailgate power-closing

    Hello all, I’ve got a T6.1 with soft close sliding doors, and was wondering if any of you clever people have done an electric tailgate conversion, if so be very grateful for information on how and where you sourced the kit from and cost Cheers Neil
  11. Lukavell

    Electric Sliding Door part

    I'm an oaf and often get called Wreck It Ralph. Anyway, the latest thing I broke is the part pictured on my right hand side sliding door. I only knocked it gently whilst trying to retrieve a bottle of wine without disturbing my boy's sleep but knocked the castor out of the upper door runner...
  12. C

    Fitting an electric tailgate?

    Hi everyone I’ve just bought an electric tailgate to replace my barn doors but have been told that I won’t be able to get it working due to my van not having a module or something? Van is a t6 highline dsg if that’s makes any difference, If anyone can give me any advice it would be greatly...
  13. Ned Kelly

    Disable Electric Tailgate

    Hi I'm looking to disable the electric tailgate. just when camping I find if its left open and the van is rocked it can trigger an auto close, I have a rear tailgate tent and wouldn't want it coming down during the night. I thought that a 13 pin plug fitted in the Tow electrics socket might do...
  14. toptetra

    6.1 OEM bike rack - electric tailgate

    Waiting for my 6.1 shuttle and need some advice on bike carriers, please. My spec includes an electric tailgate, which I've not had before. I can see the "Version 2" OEM rack is meant to be suitable, but do I need to get the uprated struts? Does the electric tailgate even use the same struts...
  15. D

    Tailgate showing as always open.

    Dear all First time post, could anyone give me any guidance on my t6 2016 plate mfd display indicating that the tailgate is not closed despite being shut. The audio beeping is every time I hit a bump and driving me crazy. I can’t find any adjustment and if a new Microswitch is needed is this an...
  16. lembot

    Electric sliding door wet?

    With all this rain we've had recently my van door has developed a fault. Basically if it rains heavily the orange door switch in cab flashes and the door won't open electronically via the key fob or dash button. Has anyone else experienced this before?
  17. Deaky

    Calling all owners with Electric Tailgate.

    I'm just trying to piece together the last part of my retrofit. The parking sensors..... They are connected now but don't seem to be communicating with the tailgate module. I'd be eternally grateful if anybody with factory fitted electric tailgate and access to VCDS could provide me with the...
  18. 1460aaron

    For Sale VW T6/T5 Transporter Automatic Tailgate Lift - Autocool Automatic Axial Door

    VW T6/T5 Automatic Tailgate Lift - Autocool Automatic Axial Door £400 - Location - Derby This was removed from my 2017 Transporter as is was no longer required. It was an upgrade for a disabled customer who previously owned the van. The lift was in full working order when removed from the...
  19. D

    Leisure Battery Wiring

    Hi guys. I'm looking to install a leisure battery under the passenger seat (non conversion, but to run usb and lighting etc). I believe my high line already has the wiring in place?? (See pic) is anyone able to shed any light on this? I cannot find any threads about it. Does it contain an...
  20. N

    Can I beef up the Electric Tailgate to carry more weight?

    Is it possible to beef the electric tailgate up so it can carry more weight? I’ve retro fitted the Cali tailgate panel with the chair storage inside, and the tailgate can’t hold the extra weight.