1. andrewyzfr6

    Electric side door fault- soft opening not working

    Hi I’ve got a 2020 t6.1 with ten electric sliding side doors Offside door isn’t working properly- won’t open with handles or on key- but only as you turn ignition on and push button on dash at same time. The button also flashes, then stays lit up constantly The exterior handle dose not work at...
  2. A

    Power-Closing Sliding Door bouncing

    Hello All, Tried to see if this had been resolved elsewhere. Sliding door is bouncing back and not shutting. If we try 3-4 times it finally does and sometimes with an extra push. - Also, when hitting "unlock" on key fob, cannot hear any movement in the sliding door, not sure if it normally...
  3. J

    Bumpy roads causing slider locks to cycle

    Hi all. Just registered and hoping that someone can help with an issue that has started with my van. I've had a look at previous posts, but can't see any that have the exact same set of symptoms - hopefully, I'm not replicating something that's already been covered. The van is a 2018 - T32 H-LN...
  4. VioletVW

    Recall - fuse for electric slider on my May 2022 kombi.

    My van was in with VW Swansea earlier today for a front assist fault. When I arrived they mentioned that there is a new recall on vans made at the certain time. The recall is due to the wrong size fuse being used. I can't quite remember exactly but the fuse is linked to the sliding door...
  5. Caravelle Dan

    Wanted 7H0959991 Power-Closing Door Sender Unit

    Hi, I'm looking for an electric door sender unit. Ideally looking for a new unit but would consider secondhand if it's a known good unit. Thanks.
  6. S

    Transporter T6.1 electric sliding door does not open first attempt

    Guys, see these videos, any ideas? Takes 2 goes to open the sliding door with the remote or lever pull. Even the dealer doesn't know the cause. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiQCKt8EzLsSgtcqOxH5veQhMlG0Tg?e=KOQOm5 https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiQCKt8EzLsSgtcrjruP2iJkv5yIiw?e=Sgt4HG...
  7. T

    Power-closing door problems

    Hi help needed with power sliding doors. I’ve checked all forums without being able to the fault. Van: T6.1, 2020, Combi. NS door, dash light flashing. Checked the 1.27 ohms on the trap sensor strip ok. Changed over the control units between doors, not the issue. Cleaned rails, no good. When I...
  8. Luki

    T6.1 closing tailgate with key fob

    Hi everybody Can anyone help with programing: 1.Closing tailgate with key fob 2.Opening/closing tailgate with key fob without unlocking the whole car . ??? So far I manage to program openig with key fob and activating switch in the driver door ( only opening) , get rid of buzzer and lights...
  9. Yackers777

    Caravelle sliding door

    Hi Can anyone tell me if all Caravelle’s have electric sliding doors ? It’s a 2012 if this helps Thanks
  10. n10n

    Power-closing door problem

    Yesterday my electric slider (ie it has both slider motor and soft close) refused to work with button blinking. I had OBDeleven with me and got the following code: I was able to operate the door manually though so not a real issue although the door is pretty heavy to use with motors...
  11. roadtripper

    Disabling Electric Tailgate Auto\Pressure Sensitive close

    This has been a concern of mine for some time and rather than continue to accidentally hijack this thread I thought I'd start a new one. The problem The short summary is that I have an electric powered tailgate on my T6.1 and, as can be seen in my avatar, I also have a rear kitchen and rig...
  12. z1ts

    Retrofit help please [Powered Tailgate + Reverse Cam]

    Hello all I possibly, maybe, could be having a T6.1 built for me around week 40 2023 (ish) that I ordered in Sep 2021 Due to wanting to add a couple of bits to it post-order (things I couldn't retrofit), I've 'lost' some other bits I originally ordered on it:- electric tailgate rear parking...
  13. williecba

    Electric Tailgate, Tailgate Soft Close, Electric Sliding Door. Problems? Try this.

    So that members searching “electric tailgate” electric tailgate soft close” or alternatively “electric sliding doors” problems can easily find this I’ve started a new post. I have had the soft close fail on my electric tailgate many times. One time the mechanism had loads of rubble grit in it...
  14. nimrod

    tailgate rising to half height [Resolved]

    I tow a caravan with my T6, Kombi 2018, after opening the tailgate whilst still plugged in (which stops electric opening), the door now only rises to half height on opening with the door handle, I never use the key fob (never really needed to) as I just walk to the door and pull handle. reading...
  15. Blasam

    Power Sliding doors & a RIB

    Good Morning All, Long time lurker and new 17’ T6 owner. I’ve jumped in the back this morning to start investigating what’s what as I plan to start building a camper and I’ve run into my first head scratching moment! When I was viewing the van, I seen it had power sliding & latching doors...
  16. P

    Electric sliding door grinding noise

    Hi, I’ve searched and cant find any thread with same issue. Apologies if I’ve missed one. i have T6 kombi with electric sliding doors. The drivers side one makes awful ’grinding’ noise mainly at point of opening when door starts to come out and round. To a lesser extent when closing. it...
  17. Garyde

    Electric Sliding Side Doors Problems...help!

    Hi All, having a bit of a weird intermittent issue with my kombi and hoping someone can advise. I've done a trawl through the forum and whilst I can find lots of power sliding door issues, none appear to be the same as the issue I am experiencing. My Kombi has twin power sliding doors and...
  18. callikev27

    Power Sliding Door Issues

    Hi there, I recently joined the forum in the hope I'd be able for solve a bit of a head scratcher that I’m having trouble figuring out. It may be something simple I’m missing but I’m struggling at the moment and I've yet to find a post with a similar fault. Hoping that there's an electrical...
  19. FerrisBFW

    Servicing automatic doors?

    Evening all. Not sure where to post this. My new/old Caravelle’s automatic door all work… mostly.. The drivers side sometimes tries to close and the opens again. If you gently help it, it normally closes second time. Does anyone know how to service and and what grease/lube to use? Mark
  20. Whitey87

    Any Welsh Members?

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to say a quick hi. Just bought a ‘16 T6 from Broadway Van Centre in Pontypridd. No conversion on it, but it’s carpeted out. Planning on using it as a vehicle for the business (photography and a bit of engineering), and then sleeping in it on the odd photography weekend...