1. FerrisBFW

    Servicing automatic doors?

    Evening all. Not sure where to post this. My new/old Caravelle’s automatic door all work… mostly.. The drivers side sometimes tries to close and the opens again. If you gently help it, it normally closes second time. Does anyone know how to service and and what grease/lube to use? Mark
  2. A

    67 plate T6 electric tailgate no longer closing

    Hello I have a 67 plate T6 with power assisted tailgate and soft close latch. The tailgate was working fine but I noticed that the latch wasn't pulling it in. No water leak through the seal and no noise coming in it just looks that it's not fully closed compared to a regular tailgate. I read...
  3. J

    T6.1 Electric tailgate not closing

    Having issues with the electric tailgate on my 2022 LWB kombi, read other threads but they all seem to be the power latching not working. My tail gate opens every time on the button but 95% of the time the electric close won’t work but if you pull it down manually which is a pain to try and do...
  4. ei-aprilia

    Electric tailgate rams

    Does anyone know if the electric tailgate rams are serviceable? One of mine has started making a clicking type noise , there's no issue with it going up or down however. My van is still under warranty but any time I've dealt with the dealers around here it's a drawn out , costly (travel to and...
  5. DTT6

    Loud buzz from power latch motor when opening sliding door - fixed

    So I have trawled this site and internet but haven’t been lucky to find my issue discussed - Opening my offside sliding door via fob, button or handle I hear a loud buzzing sound for approx 2 seconds whilst the door opens. Its coming from the power latch /pillar area. Locking/closing no...
  6. Yackers777

    Tailgate not pulling closed on power-closing latch

    Hi Me again sorry !! Recently bought a t6 caravelle but noticed the tailgate not closing properly, still moves a good few mm when shut, at first I thought it was just a worn catch but then I looked on the forum and seen some have power latch soft close, is there any way I can tell if it’s got it...
  7. The Van Cave

    Sold 2015 140PS DSG SWB Kombi. £26,500 + VAT

    Huge spec 65 Plate 2015 140 DSG SWB Kombi for sale. Base Van Spec Euro 5 140 DSG With 85k miles. Acapulco Blue. Full VW Service History. Cambelt and Water Pump Changed. DSG With Paddle Shift. Genuine VW LED Headlights. Genuine VW LED Rear Lights. Electric Single Sliding Door. Power Latching...
  8. Woodman

    power sliding door fault 6.1 [Resolved]

    Hi all, not long after I insulated my van last year, I had an issue with the internal door handle not operating the door yet the key and outside handle were fine. It turned out that I may have dislodged the connector onto the switch that the handle operates. Well its happenned again, so me...
  9. F

    Hi from Brisbane, Thanks for giving me a membership. I have an automatic sliding door problem on my 2017 VW Multivan.

    Thanks for giving me a membership. I have an automatic sliding door problem on my 2017 Multivan. From the fob and center console only the soft close motor activated, but not the sliding action. No sound coming from the motor either. Checked fuses under bonnet, under seats, in the center column...
  10. M

    Power sliding door retrofit.

    Cancelled my Kombi order due to no build progress after 9 months and ordered a van from Van Haven who had one in stock. It's currently being converted from a PV into a very special Kombi. The only option I had on the original Kombi order that the PV hasn't got it electric sliding doors, has...
  11. mattbryson

    T6 Retro fit OEM electric tailgate open/close switch

    I know this has been discussed various times - and I've seen some good posts on wiring up a momentary switch into the power latching switch, but I have a few questions... I've got a Kombi with the electric opening tailgate (not just power latching), but has no way to open it from the inside...
  12. B

    T6.1 electric sliding doors opening slightly when car is locked.

    I think our car has some electrical gremlins. It has the known issued with the electric tailgate not closing fully. We have noticed that when we lock the car and leave it and it is sometimes opening the side electric doors slightly. It has done it with both doors but mainly the drivers side...
  13. D

    NW England - Retrofit power tailgate

    Hi… This one is far beyond my skill set. Can anyone suggest anywhere in NW England that could do this for me? Thanks Alan
  14. Sunshine_GB

    Auto doors carpet rubbing paintwork?

    Hello After some advise, I had the interior of my van fitted out a good few months back and all of a sudden the carpet is rubbing on the paintwork both sides. I don’t recall this being an initial issue, but only starting noticing it as it was rubbing the shine on the paintwork. Does anyone...
  15. R

    Part number - Roller-guide for slider

    Hi all, does anyone know the part number for the hinge at the bottom of the sliding door which has the roller fitted to it, or the best place to buy one? Passenger side roller has come off and the door keep jamming when closing. It’s an electric door if that makes as difference. TIA
  16. D

    T5.1 Power sliding door button flashing?

    Hi everyone. New to the forum but hoping there’s someone with knowledge of the auto sliding doors here. I have a t5.1 high line with auto sliding doors and recently the offside door power button flashes intermittently when driving as if to warn it’s open. It sometimes fails to open then if...
  17. S

    Electric Sliding door issues

    So my 67-plate T6 has an electric side door which has been working perfectly until yesterday when, suddenly, it had stopped working. I unlocked the van with the fob & pressed the button to open the side door... Nothing. Tried pulling & releasing the handle... Nothing. Got in the van, started the...
  18. mattbryson

    Power-closing tailgate button

    Hi all, I have a powered opening tailgate with the button on the tailgate door to close it. This works, but not when the boot is closed. The manual says there is a child lock for the boot that disables it... But I cant find this anywhere! Any ideas? Matt
  19. B

    T6.1 tailgate open / close using key-fob??

    Sorry very new to the world of the T6.1 so would be grateful if people can clear up the mystery that several dealers have caused me. When initially looking for a van (brand new transporter/shuttle SE LWB) some dealers told me that the electric tail gate both opens and closes from the key fob...
  20. H

    T5.1 Automatic sliding doors failing

    Morning, driver side door opens on handle, at second attempt, slides all the way open and then closes straight away. It takes me standing against it to stop it. Will not close on fob. UNless bizarrely you close the left had door, then it closes! Passenger side door was working okay, but now...