1. B

    Sold Porsche 981 cayman s

    Hi all , just thought I’d put this up on here in case anyone was interested . porsche 981 cayman s 29k 3 owners inc me Full Porsche history 27 months Porsche warranty Massive spec Pdk Sport chrono Sports exhaust PASM PTV Extended leather 20” Carrara wheels ( PS4’s NO tyres ) Sports design wheel...
  2. J

    Porsche brake calipers

    Hi, I have a T32 and im wanting to install Porsche brake calipers to the front..does anyone know of a company that make adaptors for a T32 to suit Porsche brembo calipers?
  3. B

    For Sale Porsche seats

    Hi all , just putting these up here if anyone fancies putting these into their van ... maybe a long shot but no harm in trying . 2014 Porsche Cayman s 981 sports plus heated seats . Mint condition. Came out of my car when I bought the Porsche carbon buckets 2k collection only from totton ...
  4. T

    Porsche lobster claws

    I’m sure I’ve seen Porsche lobster claws on a t5 before but can’t find a picture anywhere. Has it been done before? The rears are 19 11j et 67 will they fit with adapters? Fronts will fit fine. Many thanks
  5. J88arv

    Aftermarket Big Brake upgrade thoughts..

    Hi all, been looking around and love the big brakes on the t6, my brakes are shot so thought I may aswell go the whole hog once this bloody lockdown is finished. So my questions: Can any fit? Seen a set of rs3 brand new ones on eBay back and front if not what do people recommend is it really...
  6. Berger

    The Berger Van So Far

    Starting to come together a bit now, it’s a high line lwb 150dsg so far has it lowered on raceline eibach springs 50mm and added the Porsche wheels with h&r adapters I went for 265/40/20 tyres, also added a mk7 style dsg steering wheel last night will add pics later
  7. RyanGerry

    Porsche Rims

    Really like the look of these anyone using or used them?
  8. D

    Porsche Cayenne Techno Alloys

    Hi does anyone know how to find out the load rating on Porsche Cayenne techno alloys to go on VW T6 transporter T32 ? Much appreciated
  9. Samgough

    18 x 10 et 47 on rear???

    Hey all just purchased some Porsche wheels 18 x 8.5 et 52 front plus 30mm adapter plates. ( 215/35/18) 18 x 10 et 47 on the rear with 15mm adapter plates ( 225/40/18) I'm intending too lower it at some point but I'm yet too know a exact height yet. My question is can you see them rubbing...