1. G

    Sold SOLD - Day van to camper conversion - simple bolt in van conversion

    For £300 Turn your day van into a camper - Easy bolt in interior for sale. Recently taken out of my van a bolt in conversion solution (no idea who made this as it came with the van from a trader) provides a 'booth seating' area with two bench seats (storage under), interior storage via a pull...
  2. Blasam

    Does anyone know the brand of this pod?

    Good evening all, I hope we’re all well. Whilst browsing for van shades I have come across a kitchen pod within their images I’m very much a fan of. Seems to be a fridge pod with a floating extension on the unit? Would allow for a full width bed which has piqued my interest. Does anyone...
  3. N

    Removable camper conversion

    Hi, I'm about to collect a T6 Kombi this week and need to sort some insurance. I'm planning on doing a self build camper conversion, but with parts of it being easily removable so I can re-fit the rear seats if needs be. Can anyone advise what the insurance implications, if any, of this might...
  4. B

    How do you use your rear kitchen/camper pod/boot system?

    I have a Kombi that I camp in with the kids, normal Kombi with some bits to help me camp in like front swivels and a slot together ply bed that goes in the back. Food and hot drinks are usually sorted from the boot and under the tailgate, and sometimes inside if the bed isn't assembled. But it's...
  5. S

    Sold Vangear Kombi Pod

    Vangear Kombi Pod little used due to change of plans for Van, condition like new as only used twice. In Black with CAN combination Sink/Hob. Side table extension £525.00. Very well built. Located in Somerset but can chat about delivery.
  6. UsedToBeAMazdaBongo

    Anyone have experience of Uberwagon multiplex pod?

    https://uberwagon.co.uk/mfp/?fbclid=IwAR2nY9Y9cGGYXzWKLbp0MR20D2Dm3Q5ihpUf1TJ1t09DrWwuETncC3QgyYQ The Uberwagon multiflex pod (with bed boards) looks just what I am after for my SWB 6.1 i ride/hike/surf so needed a flexible solution to store Bikes/ surfboards and kit on day trips. There is...
  7. Petros

    Sold Vangear Nano Pod, black with black top, RH sink and small clip on table.

    Bought in May 2022 and used once in my Caravelle. Cost £570, sensible offers.
  8. W

    Ovano, JC Vans, Slidepods, Plyguys, Steelpods, Fortywinks, Vanessa - Kombi dilemma!

    Hi all, Other half and I have been going around in circles evaluating all of the options out there to make a Kombi my versatile as a day van/camper. It's great having all of these options out there, but it makes narrowing them down to a decision that much more difficult. We had a camper but...
  9. Loz

    Another Pod

  10. Sackmycook

    Found Interior kitchen pod

    As per title.....
  11. explodingkitten

    Sold Van Furniture Kombi pods & two drawers - £450

    Hey all, For Sale my Kombi pod from Van Furniture - never used apart from being built and placed in the van. https://www.vanfurniture.co.uk/shop/swb-kombi-pod "Our new VW T5/T6 Kombi Pod, unique to Van Furniture. Designed to fit in a VW Kombi T5 / T6 where the rear seats fold flat, this creates...
  12. t6blo

    Sold Removable Kitchen Pod with CAN FL1323 Gas Hob & Sink

    Here is my DIY Removable Kitchen Pod with gas hob, sink, tap and pump, fresh and waste tanks, tambour door, USB ports, extinguisher and fire blanket. I will also include the gas regulator and genuine Campingaz 907 Cylinder that is about 3/4 full. I designed it to fit sideways and bolt down to...
  13. Loz


    https://www.egoe-nest.eu/en/nestbox/ Anyone seen these?
  14. JordanGT

    Slide Pod Spatter Guard

    So I noticed during the summer that when cooking on the Pod, I was getting spatter on my pillows etc So with the help of a sheet of Matt Black 5mm Perspex I have created this.
  15. S

    Wanted Cambee Kitchen Go Pod

    Maybe someone out there has one they no longer want? Willing to sell? Sadly currently unavailable from Cambee.
  16. J

    Removable Kitchen Pod In Kombi

    Hi, We have a fully converted Campervan, which is still a Kombi Van (as I do watersports and cycle etc). So it has a Reimo roof, lined, electrics, fronts seat that swivell round etc. We were advised to keep the Kombi seats, have a Kombi bed, and just just unclip the seats and move them back (as...