1. W

    Ovano, JC Vans, Slidepods, Plyguys, Steelpods, Fortywinks, Vanessa - Kombi dilemma!

    Hi all, Other half and I have been going around in circles evaluating all of the options out there to make a Kombi my versatile as a day van/camper. It's great having all of these options out there, but it makes narrowing them down to a decision that much more difficult. We had a camper but...
  2. Loz

    Another Pod

  3. Sackmycook

    Found Interior kitchen pod

    As per title.....
  4. explodingkitten

    Sold Van Furniture Kombi pods & two drawers - £450

    Hey all, For Sale my Kombi pod from Van Furniture - never used apart from being built and placed in the van. https://www.vanfurniture.co.uk/shop/swb-kombi-pod "Our new VW T5/T6 Kombi Pod, unique to Van Furniture. Designed to fit in a VW Kombi T5 / T6 where the rear seats fold flat, this creates...
  5. t6blo

    Sold Removable Kitchen Pod with CAN FL1323 Gas Hob & Sink

    Here is my DIY Removable Kitchen Pod with gas hob, sink, tap and pump, fresh and waste tanks, tambour door, USB ports, extinguisher and fire blanket. I will also include the gas regulator and genuine Campingaz 907 Cylinder that is about 3/4 full. I designed it to fit sideways and bolt down to...
  6. Loz


    https://www.egoe-nest.eu/en/nestbox/ Anyone seen these?
  7. JordanGT

    Slide Pod Spatter Guard

    So I noticed during the summer that when cooking on the Pod, I was getting spatter on my pillows etc So with the help of a sheet of Matt Black 5mm Perspex I have created this.
  8. S

    Wanted Cambee Kitchen Go Pod

    Maybe someone out there has one they no longer want? Willing to sell? Sadly currently unavailable from Cambee.
  9. J

    Removable Kitchen Pod In Kombi

    Hi, We have a fully converted Campervan, which is still a Kombi Van (as I do watersports and cycle etc). So it has a Reimo roof, lined, electrics, fronts seat that swivell round etc. We were advised to keep the Kombi seats, have a Kombi bed, and just just unclip the seats and move them back (as...