1. L

    New van: ply-line or leave bare?

    Morning all hope to pick up a new 6.1 next week. The dealer has said do I want it ply lined ? i plan to get it insulated and carpeted straight away. So is it best to buy it with out ply lining ? it’s a panel van lwb. Not a kombi cheers
  2. Bigsidavies

    Ply floor lining thickness.

    Has anyone used 9mm ply to line their floor for a camper conversion I’ve put down 9mm batons and dodo mat in between which works out same overall height. mum about to cover in 6mm dodo liner before I ply line. I’ve put down my original 9mm Floor and there doesn’t seem to be any movement. I’m...
  3. Farnorthsurfer

    Clear varnish for finishing birch ply

    My furniture is slowly coming together and I am using quality 15mm Birch ply instead of laminate. This is going to be dyed blue and I need to finish this to protect it. I am looking for a quality crystal clear finish and don’t want the slight yellowing that you get with polyurethane solvent...
  4. C

    universal floor swb DXF

    Just tried to find a DXF file for the universal floor for a T6.1 (T6) on the vw bodybuilder site. MOst things can just be downloaded but this file asks for a password. Anyone know where I can get a DXF of the SWB floor so I can CNC a hexa ply floor.
  5. Leighjcj

    Best place for ply lining kits?

    Hey all, I’m well underway with the sound deadening and insulation so I’m now looking to buy a ply lining kit. I’ve read through quite a few posts on thickness/fitting/quality etc. Some really useful info which will no doubt help me massively My question now is where have you guys purchased...
  6. R

    Screwing the ply floor down

    Got 9mm battons and 12mm ply floor. What size screws are best and any type? I know its common sense but just want to be double sure. Thanks
  7. S

    For Sale 12 mm ply floor and wheel arch boxes , with an Altro floor SWB

    Hi Chaps i have a perfectly good 12 mm floor with wheel arch boxes and a wood effect altro floor all for £80 collect from shrewsbury or oswerstry The floor just needs a mop
  8. bodillc

    For Sale Single piece floor and altro vinyl for sale

    new SWB 2019 Transporter, brand new freshly varnished single piece 12mm ply floor from Infinity customs ( paid £156 ) and a piece of Altro industrial slate grey contrax anti slip vinyl; still wrapped in its postal tube ( paid £108) excluding shipping . Both unused and brand new .... Expecting...
  9. Paynewright

    Plywood recommendation

    I’ve been searching and searching and cannot really find a recommendation of what paneling ply and where to get it from. Van is a SWB window van with 8 seats. I was going to buy 6mm pre cut panels off ebay to carpet and replace the wetabix OEM panels. Have read many horror stories and been...
  10. J

    For Sale 3.6mm plyworx one piece headliner

    Selling a one piece plyworx 3.6mm headliner covered in Harrison’s trim grey suede liner - 4 cut outs for spotlights and clip holes. Was going in my swb T6 kombi - but change of plan ( Mrs has now allowed me to get poptop lol ) £75. Collection or could deliver short distance - observing...
  11. R

    Ply supplier recommendations?

    Hi guys, looking for recommendations for ply boards and the 12mm ply flooring. I've heard of people before getting dodgy fitting ply floors so just want to get a decent one. Thanks
  12. fezza68

    For Sale VW Ply Logo

    Dont know if anyone would be interested in this?..
  13. G

    Wanted Standard Sliding Door Panel

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of where I can get the standard wooden panel? For the passenger side of a kombi sliding door. Or does anyone have one they could send me? thanks
  14. OllieGBR

    Glue, Screw Or Both?

    After adding the foil insulation, (into the gaps) I'm going to be securing the three piece 12mm flooring. I was just going to screw it into the 9mm ply I've glued in, however I've ready that many people glue and screw. Gluing seams so final, if you want to make any changes it's not coming back...
  15. M

    The Next Question Is For The Best Cut Panel Suppliers Please

    There's a lot of companies out there so a recommendation for the best cut panel suppliers please
  16. D

    Ply Flooring Recommendations

    Hi all I’m looking for recommendations for companies to supply a plywood floor for a T6, based in the northeast, already wasted money buying a very poor fitting one off eBay, I’ve seen a few camper conversion companies doing some really good ones but they don’t post and are to far away.. any...
  17. CJ_T6-red

    For Sale Ply Floor For Swb T6

    For sale a 12mm ply floor for a SWB T6. Was fitted but realised with the floating floor I put under it, it was too tall. Had to get the 9mm. Has been trimmed to fit with the carpeting and has light dried glue on it. £20. Location Basingstoke. Collection only.
  18. OllieGBR

    Hidden Clips And Punching Holes Through Carpet

    Afternoon all I’m assuming if using 5mm ply that I’ll need different hidden clips? I’ve tried the OEM and it’s just not going to work. Assume these from Kiravans will do the trick; Long Panel Fixing Clips - Light Grey (Pack of 25) How are you making the hole through the carpet? Just a big...
  19. OllieGBR

    Wanted Lwb Combi Panels I Can Use For Ply Templates

    I believe I can use the OEM Combi panels as a template to make my own ply panels. I have a 2016 LWB, willing to travel if required.
  20. OllieGBR

    Pre-cut Ply and Hidden Clips

    I thought I could make my own templates for the ply, however this is a little more difficult in practice. Who do you recommend for the supply of ply panels and hidden clips? I’ve already carpeted (I was initially planning to carpet over the ply), so want a panel with the clip locations pre...