1. nomislotsirb

    Hexa/phonelic ply suppliers

    Can anyone suggest suppliers for 18mm hexa/phenolic ply please? Ideally close to, or would deliver to, Bristol. Having created a mock up of a kombi bed from offcuts, and various iterations of tweaks, I'm ready to fabricate the final version. Thought I'd hit the jackpot, only to find it only...
  2. VWT6.1 Eira

    Rear Quarter Panel

    Afternoon all, I am wondering if anyone has had the panel van without rear quarter panels fitted. (Photo of my van) I am thinking to be able to install these into the van i am doing to have to drill into the second lining. Has anyone does this before and provide advice. Last thing i want to...
  3. xtombx

    PLY Which one? (Marine, WBP, Structural, None Structural) Cor blimey

    Hi, im sorry if this has been asked a million times or is infact a pretty unimportant thing but I've searched and searched and scratched my head sore, its driving me mad now. I've finished lining the van and now im ready to sort the floor out. im going to 9mm baton, dodo super liner then 12mm...
  4. MurrayT6

    Sold Ply Guys Torridon & Clachan Kombi Units.

    Ply Guys Torridon & Clachan Kombi Units I got this used as a temporary set up in my T6 SWB (despite the fact I don't have a Kombi). I built my own U shape after this but have committed to a brand new Ply Guys install in a few weeks so this is for sale. The quality of the Ply Guys is unmatched...
  5. kombisnaps

    For Sale Barn door ply panel - handle side

    3.6mm ply panel for barn door - handle side with factory fixing holes. Note - fitment is for mechanical handle, won’t fit electronic interior handle. Looking for a tenner plus postage probably?
  6. P

    For Sale Hexagrip ply sheets

    I bought two 8x4 sheets of 15mm grey hexagrip ply to make a unit but didn't bother in the end. Just wondering if anyone is interested. Would be collection from Brighton only. £100 for both
  7. G

    Van floor - which thickness of ply?

    Van floor - I’m in the process of fitting Dodomat DEADN 2mm to the floor which will then be covered with Dodo Thermoliner 6mm. I‘ll then ply the top, would a 9mm hardwood ply be sufficient? That should raise the floor by 17mm and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen an aftermarket side step with a 17mm...
  8. C

    Treating plywood lining prior to carpeting.

    Hi, I have made up new plywood panels and am wondering if it's necessary to treat them in some way before attaching carpet? Any advice welcome.
  9. abunnyuk

    Shuttle Conversion - Asymmetric wheel arch metalwork

    I'm in the process of converting my shuttle and I've removed all of the rear trim and the HVAC. I've had half-height panels cut by Plyworx and I only noticed when fitting them that VW cut out sections of metal around the wheel arch, presumably for the HVAC, resulting in there being nothing to...
  10. piper1

    Wanted Floor template LWB T6

    looking for a 2017 T6 LWB plywood floor template, cheers.
  11. ToddiesT6

    For Sale Ply liner + floor (LWB T6)

    I’ve fitted a 1 piece 14mm floor & so don’t need the 3 piece 9mm floor I purchase or ply liner kit. We don’t smoke, but floor is marked as fitted for a month & measured for project, but entirely usable. Ply liner panels are entirely unmarked & still in packaging. Comes complete with screws etc...
  12. L

    Sold T6.1 LWB kombi rear OEM roof panels (free)

    Removed from new kombi - free. London (SW)
  13. TheDig

    Sold VW SWB KOMBI Carpeted Ply Lined Boards

    I have a full set of dark grey carpet lined ply boards, that have been cut to fit the rear of a Kombi with twin sliding doors, cut outs for rear seat belts and rear hatch door button, wheel arches. includes rear side doors, hatch and both rear side walls. They were removed this Summer when I had...
  14. N

    Wanted Full height rear quarter ply panels

    Hi, Looking for anyone in the north east that may have some full height rear qtr ply panels I can use as a template? Just checking before I go ahead and spend £100 online! Happy to pay cash or beers! Need to have fixing holes in them.
  15. 7

    ply lining ?

    Bit of a tall order but.... The ply lining was fitted to my van with self tappers. It looks awful. I am planing on fitting it back with the original plastic style clips but the ply does not have the holes for the clips. Is there anywhere that I could get the hole measurements from ? Thanks in...
  16. R

    Sold Ply Lining - Free

    Ply lining parts for a SWB T6 or T6.1 with single slider. Free to collect, will be going to the tip in about a week if no takers. Sections include: - Full drivers side panel and wheel arch cover - Passenger side rear panel and wheel arch cover - Sliding door top section panel (with the plastic...
  17. J

    Anyone oiled their ply panels or used oak faced ply?

    I'm looking for alternatives to carpet lining my rear panels, I want something more practical as we are regularly carrying bikes and other dirty stuff. I was thinking of using either oak faced ply or just oiling the standard ply panels, but carpeting the metal areas. Has anyone done this or...
  18. T

    Wanted T6 kombi roof panels SWB

    Hi, looking for VW OEM roof panels for my T6 SWB kombi. Must be in good condition as I'm only getting them to replace a current panel which has silicone on it. In the Devon / Cornwall area- what's available or does someone have panels lying around after a conversion? Thanks
  19. K

    Sold LWB OEM Kombi Panels Including Roof Panels

    Since buying and fitting plywood in the Kombi, I now have these lying around. The NS rear has a hole cut out when the racking was fitted (not that it was needed but we didn’t know this at the time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Free for collection in Bristol.
  20. F

    FREE LWB ply floor

    Giving away the flooring provided by the dealership. Only a few months old. Some scuffs etc but structurally fine. Pick up from Peckham in South East London. DM for details.