1. L

    Sold T6.1 LWB kombi rear OEM roof panels (free)

    Removed from new kombi - free. London (SW)
  2. TheDig

    Sold VW SWB KOMBI Carpeted Ply Lined Boards

    I have a full set of dark grey carpet lined ply boards, that have been cut to fit the rear of a Kombi with twin sliding doors, cut outs for rear seat belts and rear hatch door button, wheel arches. includes rear side doors, hatch and both rear side walls. They were removed this Summer when I had...
  3. N

    Wanted Full height rear quarter ply panels

    Hi, Looking for anyone in the north east that may have some full height rear qtr ply panels I can use as a template? Just checking before I go ahead and spend £100 online! Happy to pay cash or beers! Need to have fixing holes in them.
  4. 7

    ply lining ?

    Bit of a tall order but.... The ply lining was fitted to my van with self tappers. It looks awful. I am planing on fitting it back with the original plastic style clips but the ply does not have the holes for the clips. Is there anywhere that I could get the hole measurements from ? Thanks in...
  5. R

    Sold Ply Lining - Free

    Ply lining parts for a SWB T6 or T6.1 with single slider. Free to collect, will be going to the tip in about a week if no takers. Sections include: - Full drivers side panel and wheel arch cover - Passenger side rear panel and wheel arch cover - Sliding door top section panel (with the plastic...
  6. J

    Anyone oiled their ply panels or used oak faced ply?

    I'm looking for alternatives to carpet lining my rear panels, I want something more practical as we are regularly carrying bikes and other dirty stuff. I was thinking of using either oak faced ply or just oiling the standard ply panels, but carpeting the metal areas. Has anyone done this or...
  7. T

    Wanted T6 kombi roof panels SWB

    Hi, looking for VW OEM roof panels for my T6 SWB kombi. Must be in good condition as I'm only getting them to replace a current panel which has silicone on it. In the Devon / Cornwall area- what's available or does someone have panels lying around after a conversion? Thanks
  8. K

    Sold LWB OEM Kombi Panels Including Roof Panels

    Since buying and fitting plywood in the Kombi, I now have these lying around. The NS rear has a hole cut out when the racking was fitted (not that it was needed but we didn’t know this at the time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Free for collection in Bristol.
  9. F

    FREE LWB ply floor

    Giving away the flooring provided by the dealership. Only a few months old. Some scuffs etc but structurally fine. Pick up from Peckham in South East London. DM for details.
  10. MikeT6

    For Sale 12mm 2-piece Ply Floor for Conversion (New)

    T6 Kombi Twin Slider 12mm Ply Wood 2 piece Flooring Purchased new from Custom Design Shop for £135. Decided I’m not converting my van now so must make some room and move these on. £100 cash on collection from Southampton. Let me know if you have any questions. Mike
  11. T

    Builders’ Van - leave ply or replace?

    Hello everyone. I’m Mike, from Fife. I've had the romantic idea of buying a T6 for a long time, to use as a daily driver, and a vehicle for days out etc. I’ve finally bought a bog standard 18 plate T6 panel van, low mileage. It’s been ‘kind of’ looked after. It’s you usual basic Startline...
  12. P

    Factory panels or new ply

    Hi Guys, I just received my new VW T6.1. It is my first transporter and I already love it! The goal is to sound deaden and isolate the rear, then carpet the sides and ceiling. The van came with 12mm plywood with some holes in it to secure cargo. This is not ideal to carpet. So my plan is to...
  13. H

    Wanted Ply Lining

    Ply lining for Swb and floor if possible in the West midlands will collect
  14. S

    Is 6mm ply suitable for flooring?

    Hello all. I have a T28 6.1 It already had 6mm ply flooring down (looks CNC cut) when I bought it. I will be bolting the units to the flooring. I have two options, use the 6mm ply, and add 9mm ply batons glued under the 6mm ply (between the metal grooves) for extra strength where the units...
  15. Skyliner33

    Installed Caravelle/California rails? Source of ply floor.

    Im getting some Cali rails installed, but am looking for a ply floor to fit. Because the ply floor sites higher to match the rails then it needs to be a little bigger in certain parts. So, I am asking if anyone has seen a ply floor for sale that is specifically for this height and will fit...
  16. Skyliner33

    Source for a 12mm ply LWB floor at California/Caravelle height.

    I am due to fit some California rails into my van. However finding a suitable ply floor to fit at the correct height and have the slots cut in in the right place for the rails is proving beyond me. I have been told it needs to be cut slightly bigger than the standard floor as it sites a bit...
  17. F

    Panel size in square metres

    Morning all, I need to order some trim for ply panels but I am currently away from home (and van). Does anyone know what the square meterage of the ply panels are minus the two full height rear quarters (already trimmed these), so, lower sliding door panel, lower driver side front quater...
  18. I

    Single piece ply flooring - Hampshire

    Hi All - Does anyone know a Southampton / Hampshire based provider of a pre-cut 12mm LWB Ply floor please?
  19. Dmw916

    FREE P/V plywood lining kit

    Hi all I've made new plywood panels for my swb t6 and have the old plylining kit that would be ok for a work van or would clean up free if anyone wants to collect from Manchester.
  20. timthetinyhorse

    New ply for carpet lining

    I have ordered all of the materials to fit my windows and then insulate and carpet my T6 SWB. At the moment it still has the basic ply from when it was a hire van with the box arch covers etc. Can anyone tell me where i can get good quality ply lining from that isnt going to break the banks and...