1. Skyliner33

    Need help finding a ply floor

    As the title says, I need help finding a 12mm 1 piece ply floor for a LWB single slider. I have tried all my local converters. Only 1 gave any replies, the rest either ignored text messages, answerphone messages or emails. One even has surned their phone lines off so you can only email and they...
  2. S

    Wanted Ply roof panels

    Hi all, I’m in need of front & back roof panels grey ply. As close as possible to Wirral . TIA
  3. Skyliner33

    1 Piece ply floor, help finding needed as search skills have failed me

    Ok, I can remember on here a discussion about a 1 piece ply floor and on @Eli recommendation finding a place in cheshire that supplied these CNC cut. However I now seem to have deleted the bookmark for the website and I cant find it using the forum search of google. Can anyone recommend me a...

    FREE Ply lining, lwb, twin slider, FREE

    Ply lining, lwb, twin slider, very good condition. Collection from OX7 Free, collection only
  5. A

    Different grade birch ply for DIY units...

    Hi everyone. I'm going to take on the challenge of making some units for the t6. I can't get my head around the cost of pre made. Anyway, I've had a look at birch ply and it seems there are a few different grades which determines the quality (and of course the price!). I'm thinking to just...
  6. D

    Phenolic ply around Essex

    I’m struggling to find a supplier of the Hexagonal pattern phenolic plywood. Anyone know of a source around the Essex area? TIA
  7. monkey66

    sourcing coloured formica birch ply

    Anyone got a supplier for single sheets of 12mm or 15mm formica or similar coloured birch ply, for creating units & table top etc? This place looks great in terms of range of colours on offer, but seems to be a minimum order of 3 sheets: Morland Shop Morland Shop by Colour - Unicolour - The...
  8. Vdubster

    Rear Quarter Ply panel fitment problem - No holes?

    im got a T6 2018 Swb Van and have fit all my carpeted panels apart from teh 2 x rear quarters, for some reason i dont have any holes for the top halves of the boards? is this normal? am i supposed to drill the holes? i definitely have the right kit for the right van and every other panel is now...
  9. R

    Laser Engraving Lightweight Ply

    I'm about to make some storage boxes for my camper in lightweight ply that matches the units. I have access to a flatbed laser cutter/engraver and was wondering if anyone had successfully laser engraved a design onto lightweight ply?
  10. P

    After a grooved plywood for interior furniture

    We've seen a style of plywood we really like, but I can't seem to find anywhere that sells it. Has anyone seen this or anything similar in the UK? Many thanks
  11. N

    Seal the Ply Floor?

    I'm about to lay the 12mm ply floor in my conversion and was wondering if anyone seals the edges of the ply with varnish or something similar before putting flooring down. Might be a bit of extra protection incase of spillages, wet boots etc?
  12. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove plylining and door lining cards on a T6

    It may sound simple, but this is the first step in some other guides I'm going to post about removing barn doors, and there are a couple of nuggets of knowledge to share here. How to remove ply-lining The plylining is screwed onto the van using screws, so you just remove with a screwdriver...
  13. A

    Ply lining same from T5.1 to T6.1?

    I’ve got a lwb t5.1 kombi 2010 with twin sliders, now just ordered a new T6.1 same spec lwb twin sliders. Can I use my internal panels to make the ply ones for my new van? Are they the same shape or are they different?
  14. L

    New van: ply-line or leave bare?

    Morning all hope to pick up a new 6.1 next week. The dealer has said do I want it ply lined ? i plan to get it insulated and carpeted straight away. So is it best to buy it with out ply lining ? it’s a panel van lwb. Not a kombi cheers
  15. Bigsidavies

    Ply floor lining thickness.

    Has anyone used 9mm ply to line their floor for a camper conversion I’ve put down 9mm batons and dodo mat in between which works out same overall height. mum about to cover in 6mm dodo liner before I ply line. I’ve put down my original 9mm Floor and there doesn’t seem to be any movement. I’m...
  16. Farnorthsurfer

    Clear varnish for finishing birch ply

    My furniture is slowly coming together and I am using quality 15mm Birch ply instead of laminate. This is going to be dyed blue and I need to finish this to protect it. I am looking for a quality crystal clear finish and don’t want the slight yellowing that you get with polyurethane solvent...
  17. C

    universal floor swb DXF

    Just tried to find a DXF file for the universal floor for a T6.1 (T6) on the vw bodybuilder site. MOst things can just be downloaded but this file asks for a password. Anyone know where I can get a DXF of the SWB floor so I can CNC a hexa ply floor.
  18. Leighjcj

    Best place for ply lining kits?

    Hey all, I’m well underway with the sound deadening and insulation so I’m now looking to buy a ply lining kit. I’ve read through quite a few posts on thickness/fitting/quality etc. Some really useful info which will no doubt help me massively My question now is where have you guys purchased...
  19. cbrblade

    Ply Lining sizing - 3.6mm or 6mm?

    Just about to order some ply panels what size is best for carpet 3.6mm or 6mm
  20. R

    Screwing the ply floor down

    Got 9mm battons and 12mm ply floor. What size screws are best and any type? I know its common sense but just want to be double sure. Thanks