1. RichDavies82

    East Midlands Transporters

    Give East Midlands Transporters a follow on Instagram. Big things are to come…!
  2. Sackmycook

    Show us your Tours de France, Yorkshire, Britain photos or Milk Race for the older contingent

    Tour de Yorkshire Sportive 2017 and Tour de France 2014 near Ripon.
  3. FYPO

    For Sale Canon 70d + Lenses and Accessories

    Just seeing if there is any interest over here before I head to the dreaded EvilBay Got the following camera equipment for sale all is in very good condition if you'd like any more info or pictures let me know and I'll get them up. Description Condition Canon 70d Body & 18-55mm IS Lens...
  4. Farnorthsurfer

    Show us Your Surf Boards

    My T6 is in large part there to support my sport habits of windsurfing, SUP and cycling. LWB is the way to go for windsurfing. Pretty sure I am not the only one on here with the same plan. So show us your favourite stick. Just a couple of mine, JP Foil board 135 with AFS W85 Foil, Starboard...
  5. M

    Anyone Need Anything Photoshopping?

    I need to stop 'shopping my own van or it's going to cost me too much money :eek: :rofl: So does anybody need a wheel colour change? tints? I get the odd 10 minutes in work so feel free :thumbsup:
  6. J8usx

    Mallory Park T6’s

    Loads of T6’s parked on outside of start finish straight today. Looking good!
  7. Dannywilds

    Sunset Side Panel

    Just took a pic of the sunset reflecting off my side panel! Anyone want to join me??
  8. Z

    Our Old Classics

    @catfood12 when you getting that NOS bottle fitted to the van :eek:
  9. Sjacko20

    Mucky Monday.

    Show how worthwhile all the hard work cleaning over the weekend was after one day on the road:
  10. Loz

    Vr Goggles

    I am after some advice on VR Goggles. Questions: 1. what happens if you wear reading glasses, can they be focused? 2. do any have HDMI in? The reason why I ask is that Mrs Loz has a Canon 5D mk IV and does a lot of video with it but the view screen is small and difficult to see in sunlight. We...
  11. Deaky

    So I'm There, Browsing Facebook.........

    When I come across a couple of pictures of my van on the T5Forum FB page :geek: Taken when I was onsite on Friday last week. The caption read "When your busy working and some b*****d turns up in this. Curtain fitting is the trade to be in" The bloke went on to tell everyone how much I paid...
  12. Ghost


    Hi all, I been reading a few of the old threads/ posts, and can see some members have interests in photography. Along will all the stunning photos of scenic views posted, im surprise we not got a stand alone thread to share / discuss all aspects of photography. Please share your hints and...
  13. Ghost

    ISS and Space-related discussion

    The ISS will be passing over the UK tonight at 20:02 It will look like a bright star moving quickly from West to East. T - 10 minutes
  14. S

    Show Us Your Motorbikes

    Here's my road bike. Not quite what you meant I guess but fits nicely into the back of the van....
  15. DaveBos

    Show Us Your Road Bikes

    Here’s mine, a 2013 Giant TCR composite 3, with a few upgrades, similar colour scheme to the T6 as well. Bike is significantly better than me, but I like it. Don’t use it a great deal, but I’m making an effort this year to go out every week, signed up for a 77mile sportive in August, Tour de...
  16. MotoPL

    Icy Van!

    The van cleverly protected itself from heading out onto icy roads this morning
  17. Ed Webb

    Work van Wednesday

    A thread where the thug vans can show off their skills. It may or may not take off but here goes anyway.
  18. Buggirl

    Shiny Saturday!

    as we all love showing off pics of our T6s, I thought we should have one for a Saturday and show off our freshly detailed/polished pride and joys! Remember, it has to be a pic of when you have just stood back to admire your hours of pampering your Bus/van:
  19. Floor Fit

    My Sunshine pic !

    Wish I could spend all day in the sun !
  20. lough90

    Taken in the mirror Thursday