1. timthetinyhorse

    Reflex silver - is it a lacquer finish?

    Hi All, Quick and likely very simple question that i think the answer is a yes........Is the reflex silver finish lacquered? Going to sand back and paint a small rust area on the sliding door but wanted to make sure on the finish. Im no stranger to painting in small areas on previous old...
  2. O

    Solar panel removal: paint suggestions?

    My panel gave up the ghost after three years and i bought renogy to replace it. Rather than glue (sikaflex) over existing i decided to remove. Mechanically by hand as its the only way. See the picture; i got frustrated at one point and had a little tug. So now i want some paint suggestions...
  3. S

    Paint code for metallic black roof on edition models?

    Good afternoon all, Have van booked in for pop top and looking to get it colour coded. So far however I have been unsuccessful in finding the colour code for the roof. Van is a 2018 edition model with the metallic black roof. Does anyone happen to know what the code is and would be willing to...
  4. JonnyTee

    Paint code location….?

    Afternoon, been searching the older posts on this topic and I seem to have abit of an issue finding out my Vans paint code, Followed earlier advice… on a sticker in the van handbook pack….. the van doesn’t have one, Possibly a sticker on the drivers door shuts….. only sticker is the tyre...
  5. timthetinyhorse

    Rust and damage to sliding door roller guide

    So the middle roller on my sliding door appears to have been missing for a long long time (i haven't had the van long and have a replacement roller) however im a bit worried that the guide is starting to show rust where the roller should run and has just been grinding metal on metal. Any advice...
  6. andy greenwood

    washing and full detailing after spraying

    long story but I had my sliding door resprayed 4 weeks ago, there seems to be conflicting information on the internet as to when you can wash it and give it a good detailing. I think after a month I should be ok to now snow foam it and wash it , I wanted to fully detail it though...
  7. Wiltshirejay

    Buying advice - respray

    Hello we have found a t6 that we want to buy but something is setting alarm bells off slightly. it’s been re painted from the original colour about 6 months ago, however online reg checks still state the original colour. I’ve asked the owner and he hasn’t changed the V5 to the new colour...
  8. Vanlady

    interior grey colour code?

    I have a T32 TSI Kombi Highline BMT Window van 2018 petrol 1984cc and the rear interior needs touching-up with a grey paint for hardboard. I have tried various paints and mixing black and white to no avail! Can anyone tell me what the paint code is and where I can buy it please?
  9. Gav s

    Blackberry paint touch up issues

    Guys, I have T6 Caravelle in Blackberry. Issue is the official VW and aftermarket touch up paints appear miles different to the real colour; it is loads lighter and appears more pearlescent even after a good shake. I attach a couple of images which were difficult to take with reflection and...
  10. Captain Backfire

    For Sale Brake Caliper Paint

    Neon orange, Brand new, unopened £10 Collection from my home in Hampshire or can post for £3 extra
  11. C

    Paint enhancement question

    Hello, if I were to pay to get my van paint machine polished and waxed, dare I ask if anyone knows roughly how much it costs?.. basically the vans black and there's some minor swirls everywhere, and it's already annoying me. I'm in Swindon if anyone is near Wiltshire and knows or can recommend...
  12. W

    Help with DIY Painting

    I’ve just undercoated my spoiler using a spray gun. Nice finish. tried the Candy White from two cans and I’ve finished up with blotchy shiny in places, full in others. What’s the next step before I laquer it ?
  13. T5SUG

    Paintworx Loughborough

    Just had my sportline splitter painted and fitted by these guys. The splitter was delivered to them by Transporter HQ via DHL. They sent me an email with picture confirming it had arrived all ok. I gave them the paint code and they kept me updated by email and telephone of the progress and then...
  14. C

    Clay bar and detailing

    So, as the delivery date grows ever closer for my Kombi in blackberry (first week in September), I have started wasting spending my hard-earned on cleaning and detailing products. So far I have bought- micro-fibre wash mitt Demon shine snow foam Demon shine tyre shine Armor-all wheel seal...
  15. N

    Wing Mirror Scuff

    Hi, this morning found my wing mirror has a black scuff mark. I think it's been caught by a passing van and the black mark is off there mirror. Tried to polish it off, on the recommendation of a neighbour but to no good. Does anyone have a guaranteed way of removing the mark please.
  16. andy greenwood

    How To Slightly Lift The Sliding Door ? ( Its Manual, Not Electric)

    Our van has been to Vw cleckheaton twice due to the sliding door scraping the paintwork, the problem has not been fixed and I can't be arsed taking it back to them again to be honest , I'd rather fix it myself if possible. Can anyone please inform me how to raise it slightly to stop it scraping?
  17. S

    Re Spray cost?

    Need a bit of advice gents Any idea how much a good quality re spay on a lwb would be ????
  18. Milarepa

    New Paintwork

    Evening all. Lovely old Redline Campers, have told me they would like to take our van back to repaint some panels that they thought, just before delivery, could have been better painted, (they offered to keep the van until this was rectified but we needed to collect the van ). I would like to...
  19. P

    Bike Rack - powder-coated black

    Hey all, not sure if anyone else has considered this but basically I think the new rack looks a bit cheap and dodgy, however if powder coated it could be improved? Any ideas on the cost of powder coating plus recommended places? Also i'd like a spoiler and would not mind having the rack on...
  20. JordanGT

    Custom Air-Brush Work

    New bonnet installed, many thanks to Sam Hubbard at AP Customs for the artwork.