off-centre steering

  1. L

    My T6 is pulling to the left

    hi I recently had my T6 4 wheel aligned etc but its still badly pulling to the left, its that severe I cant take my hands off the wheel has I'm constantly pulling down right on the wheel. its been in to local garage had a rear spring (cracked) replaced and all was checked i.e. the usual...
  2. Fromow

    Alignment frustration.

    Advice needed please. So I bought a 2019 T30 4motion van a couple of months ago (second hand from VW) and ask them to check the tracking as the steering wheel was slightly off centre before I collected it, got the van but the steering wheel was now facing the other way, didn't think to much of...
  3. K

    Steering Wheel Off Centre After New Clutch And Driveshaft

    Hi everyone, Just had a new dmf and driveshaft fitted and my once perfectly straight steering wheel is now off centre! Reading around this I suspect the reason is that the sub-frame was not aligned properly upon refitting using the correct pins. My question is, can I just get wheel alignment...
  4. T

    Caravelle T6 Alignment Issues

    Hi Guys New to the forum but have been reading it quite a lot since being interested in buying a Caravelle.. I wanted to post on this site as i have read about many issues with certain characteristics of the T6, the alignment issue. My story is that i purchased a brand new T6 Caravelle a...
  5. S

    Pulling To The Left

    Hi, I have a 2019 T6 4 Motion with diff lock and heavy duty suspension that has pulled to the left since I drove out of the dealer. I've had it independently checked and its right side front camber is off and in the 'red'. VW Ireland haven't been able to locate the 'why' and just started...
  6. vandox

    Van Pulling To The Left

    Having lowered van approx 1 year ago, it pulls to the left. Its also been lazer aligned twice but is still the same. I know this has been a common issue but has anyone come up with a solution? If so please share as it annoys the crap out of me !! Thanks
  7. Stay Frosty

    Lowering And Wheel Alignment Issues?

    I know I shouldn't ask as ignorance is bliss but after reading a few threads and with barely a month to go until dropping my camper by 50mm and fitting 18" wheels I'm wondering if that will be the last time the wheels all point in the same direction? The van is a T6 T28 and sits miles in the air...
  8. vandox

    Pulling To Left

    Anyone else have issues with van pulling to the left ? Been laser aligned etc and tyres pressures all good. Lowered on coilovers on 20's! Tried all kinds, any ideas? Would vw honour warranty as suspension not original along with wheels
  9. Dellmassive

    Tpi - Vehicle Pulls Slightly To One Side

    Heres another Sunday special for you all : TPI - Vehicle pulls slightly to one side Technical product information Transaction No.: 2005793/9 Vehicle pulls slightly to one side Release date: 04-Aug-2016 Customer statement / workshop findings Vehicle pulls slightly to the right or left...
  10. J

    Pulling To Left

    Hi all, I've had an issue with my T6 and previous T5.1 when lowered and running on 20" wheels, the bus pulls to the left causing me to hold the steering to the right. Felt fine abroad driving on the right(obviously different camber) Geometry done and set as close to even as poss due to no camber...
  11. A

    Van Pulling To The Right With Suspension And 20' Wheels, Can You Help?

    Hi Bought a brand new T6 Kombi and had it lowered by 40mm and 20' wheels put on it. I have had the tracking done etc at the time of fitting at Wessex Vans unfortunately it pulls to the right. Took it back and they re did it, still pulls to the right especially on the motorway and under...
  12. 3shedz

    Steering Wheel To The Right

    Hi all My steering wheel is slightly to the right when in a straight line if I loose it pulls to the left. Had the vans alignment done twice now as it's driving me nuts. But still to the right . Any ideas or a fix?
  13. Montecha

    DSG Gearbox weep - would they remove steering?

    Hi At my 20K inspection the dealer notice a weep from the DSG housing. So booked it to be fixed and the dealer description is as follows: 'Investigate oil leak from engine /gearbox bell housing area. Removed gearbox and traced fault to oil seeping past flywheel bolts. Removed and replaced...
  14. W

    Has the t6 got over light steering?

    Hi. I went out on a test drive of a 2016 t6 shuttle automatic. I found the van to have over light steering which was a bit off putting and the gear change was sort of slow. I had the feeling that I was not really in control of the driving. My question to the forum is. Can anything be done to add...
  15. julian dumelow

    pull to the left

    Have a T6 Kombi, 2016, 12,000 miles, just purchased at great expense from a VW dealer. Mostly fine, but it pulls to the left, slightly, so I checked tyre pressures (all were wrong, but correcting them made no difference). It's very annoying, and it's minimal, but it gently 'wanders' over to the...
  16. K

    T6 Kombi DSG 4Motion (RHD) pulling slightly to the left

    Hi I read a post on the forum about this previously, but I can no longer find it. My T6 Transporter is a year old now, but after getting wheel alignment done twice, I am still convinced that the vehicle pulls slightly to the left. I have tested it on long trips, and obviously been cognisant...