number plate

  1. M

    Barn-door number plate unit gasket replacement

    Anyone found a replacement alternative for the gasket that goes around the edge? VW doesn't sell them separately and offer a complete unit instead which is odd.
  2. K

    Buying a Personalised Number Plate from DVLA

    I'm after confirmation of the process for putting a personalised plate onto my van. Nothing flash, a nod to my past but in the main it's to "de-age" the van. I've bought a number off the DVLA site. I've got email confirmation saying that I will get a V750. The plate can be fitted to my van...
  3. T6Mike

    Sold Registration T6 BXO

    I'm planning on selling my T6 plate, as I'm going to replace it with a more 'personal' plate I own. T6BXO. Always gets positive responses out and about, and plays on the word BOX, and any T6 plate with letters even remotely referencing a word are either gone or stratospheric in price. Not...
  4. tommycj

    For Sale Registration VW12ONY - £1500

    Hello I am selling the number plate VW12 ONY Great for someone who is called Tony! Open to offers, please drop me a line if of interest.
  5. M

    Number Plate Transfer Help

    Hoping for some advice from the T6 Collective. Has anyone sold a private plate and if so how and who too? It’s not a T6/VW plate but it’s 2 numbers and 3 letters. TIA
  6. J

    T6 tailgate number plate light removal

    How do These come out on a 2018 t6 tailgate t32 model No screws but don’t seem to want to budge with a trim tool either and don’t want to break them if fixed from rear or are they just stuck in and I just need to be more forceful. Trying to fit led bulbs to them I recently bought Thanks
  7. Leemondo12

    For Sale Road-legal + Show Number Plates

    Hi All, I work offshore on a 3/3 rota, when I am at home I make number plates as a little sideline. It’s all above board I am registered with the DVLA and all plates are fully legal. I can do 3D acrylic, gel domed and 4D domed. See pictures below. 3d 3mm gloss acrylic £25 a pair. 3d...
  8. TheBadger

    “UK” on Reg Plate Requirements

    So, I understand if you have a Union Flag and UK identifier on your registration plate, there is no need for a slap on white UK sticker. No quibble there. My query comes in two parts.. Is the registration plate Union Flag and UK identifier needed on BOTH front and back plates?? I.e. could the...
  9. T

    For Sale Registration XT61 XXX - *REDUCED to £250*

    Hi All, Unfortunately I have had to cancel my van order due to delays of delivery and the need for 2 vehicles :( I had bought this registration to put on my van but sadly it was not meant to be. Looking for £400 but open to sensible offers. Cheers t2k2
  10. L

    Glowing number plate led lights?

    I noticed last night that our number plate lights glow In the dark, they are on really dim, has anyone else had this problem?
  11. Murdoch

    In the hunt for a personal reg number?

    This caught my eye
  12. C

    For Sale Registration VW22 SEA - £525

    VW22 SEA - VW NUMBER PLATE PERFECT FOR VW CALIFORNIA BEACH/ COAST/ OCEAN Please Note this registration can only be assigned to a 22 Reg Vehicle or newer. This is a new registration and has never been assigned to a vehicle. Currently held on certificate which includes assignment fee. £525.
  13. z1ts

    For Sale Registration VW72 GNK

    Due to a change in circumstances this plate is now up for grabs! £500 ono
  14. Veedubd

    For Sale Registration HG11 LNE

    Hi all, had this plate on my previous Caddy Highline, received quite a few comments from passers by lol, on retention as i decided to put my own initials plate on the T6 instead. plate was valued at between 5-600 but not entirely sure, open to offers if anyone is interested, can include the...
  15. nigeltreves

    LED Numberplate bulbs

    Has anyone got any recommendations or a Link for LED number plate light bulbs?
  16. Paul22470

    Sold Registration VW61 JAY - £595

    Recently purchased a T6.1 Camper with the private plate VW61 JAY which I am selling for £595. I will put it on retention as soon as I have a buyer. Thanks Paul
  17. j4ckal

    Most reliable rear numberplate LED lights (barndoor)?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried a few of the different LED rear number plate bulb units for barn doors and if so which would they recommend? Currently got THQ supplied ones and to be honest they've never really worked from new. Been in and out a number of times, terminals cleaned, bent etc...
  18. z1ts

    For Sale TD1n BUS registrations

    Not exactly mine to sell, and I don't know how much anyone is into plates for their bus but the entire TD1n BUS suite of registrations are available to register pretty cheap on the DVLA website! DVLA Personalised Registrations
  19. C

    Sold TSI registration TSII BUS

    Thinking about selling this and going back to my other plate. TSII BUS so very apt for any TSI owners. Price will include the transfer fee. Currently still on the van but will transfer entitlement to new owner when sold. Looking for £400
  20. teamfly

    For Sale Registration A1 DUF

    Selling private reg number A1 DUF On retention cert £1700