number plate

  1. Andyman

    Found Private number

    hello and happy Sunday everyone Looking for an appropriate Reg plate for a T30
  2. MikeT6

    5 digit number-plate sizing

    Evening All, I’m contemplating purchasing a ‘T6’ 5 digit plate registration for my van. Those that have these already, did you go for custom sized plates and if so what size please? I’m looking to shorten them but not decrease the height of the plate. Anyone got any pics fitted front and...
  3. V

    T6.1 tailgate number-plate recess

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help from an owner, I would like to know the measurements between the two blue lines I've made on the picture below as I haven't taken delivery yet of my 6.1 (not due until December) and I've purchased a private number plate that would look better with a square ish...
  4. M

    For Sale Registration T5 CRR

    Not mine but for sale in Scorpion Motorsports in Radcliffe 0161 724 9518 when I took bike in for MOT. Give him a ring if interested as he’s open to offers. He’s had an op on his throat so speaks in a whisper
  5. T

    Private Reg - immediately or once registered?

    With a brand new van imminent I’m in need of some advice on wether to put the private plate straight on the new van at registration or do it after. The main question is, if I ever sell the van after putting the private reg straight on will I have to buy another plate to keep my own
  6. T6 dork

    Interesting registration numbers

    im going to start this thread off as I've seen over 1000 T6 numbers on the DVLA website around £250 all in.. T6O RYX almost T6 ORYX which would suit my Oryx white T6 = £250 T6 ORX ? = £250 T6 RXR T6 CXF T6 WRK = only use mine for work T6 VAX = car valeter , chimney sweeper ... ...
  7. Keredewor

    Registration T32 CAL

    Well I like it .. considering it’s a T32 4 Motion California ..
  8. Whiz


    Be interested to know if anyone has found that by having any Personalised plate has increased their Insurance Premium (ignoring any Admin Fee)? I had heard that it can add from a "Friend" - but looking for evidence! TIA, Paul
  9. Jlo

    3D & 4D plates illegal from Sep 2021?

    Just saw this post on a Facebook forum on upcoming changes to the BS AU 145e number plate standards, does anyone have any additional information or thoughts.
  10. F

    For Sale Registration T6 RUF

    Have the personal plate T6 RUF for sale. Currently on retention certificate as I am selling my donor vehicle. So, no further transfer fees to pay and can be transferred straight onto a recipient vehicle, or kept on a certificate until 2029. Ideal for Swamper, camper, 4motion, Christmas...
  11. P

    Private plate ideas

    I've been thinking for awhile about getting a private plate.....can't remember two registration plates! I know very frivolous. My initials are AH But I can't get Ec05se A I can get H but I don't really identify with my surname So I could get Ec05se O or Ec05se U Any thoughts
  12. moomin-j

    New "muddy" number plate?

    @Mud Digger @Mudbutty @muddslinger @Muddybigdogs @mudwader New number plate anyone?
  13. LambethBoy

    Registration T32 CAL

    Just seen this in DVLA auctions, might be good for someone. Number Plate T32 CAL
  14. spook

    Registration VW 1 1 OUE - Sale value?

    I purchased this number a 4 yrs ago ,time to let it go ,,What would BE A FAIR PRICE
  15. steven mitchell

    For Sale Registration T5 PWL

    hi guys selling a registration if anyone knows anyone after one T5 PWL
  16. teamfly

    Private reg value and sale ??

    Can anyone advise the best way for me to value and sell a private reg please ?? Inherited one and have no interest. Cheers
  17. Dannywilds

    Registration T6 0NLY

    saw this on Facebook and thought I would share if anybody is interested
  18. Spaghetti

    Registration “EV11 DUB”

    Noticed this on Twitter. May be useful for someone. ULTIMATE NUMBER FOR MODIFIED GOLF GTI R T5 T6 VW DUB, EVIL VOLKSWAGEN! | eBay
  19. S

    Embossed Plates.. whats the deal?

    I've started noticing number plates that appear to be in relief, whats going on? why?Is it a retro thing? I noticed there was a thing for reg plates that resembled german plates a few years ago, ( again why?) but whats this? I get everyone has the right to be different, but what is the history...
  20. KevinW

    Black/old Style Number Plates

    Hi all Anyone running black number plates with silver lettering like below or is it just a bit naughty?!? :whistle: