night heater

  1. T

    For Sale Eberspacher 701 controller

    Eberspacher 701 controller this is the diagnostic model £50
  2. shaiboyuk

    Diesel heater exhaust routing

    Hi all, Currently installing underslung diesel heater, and all going well, but can't find the best routing for the exhaust. Seen some routing it to the centre of van, using the vans existing exhaust channel, but worried fumes will come into van somewhere (of course will install Carbon Monoxide...
  3. ausT6

    T6F Australia

    Saying hi. Hope Aussies are allowed here. All looks good.
  4. A

    Diesel Leak?

    Hi Everyone, This morning I came out to use my van and noticed a diesel leak (I think) from the passenger side near the ad blue tank/diesel tank. Upon investigation underneath I spotted what appears to be a small gauge plastic blue pipe that has detached from a clamp on a wider rubber pipe (Pic...
  5. B

    Webasto air top 2000 stc external bracket drawing.

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I have just bought a 2016 vw Multivan that I plan to use as a weekend camper. Some of my planned modifications are to install a webasto diesel heater under the car. I am trying to find measurements and drawings, possibly a 3D drawing, for the...
  6. R

    Diesel heater installer - Midlands

    has anyone got any recommendations for. Diesel heater installs in the midlands
  7. B

    Diesel heater blowing but no heat

    No heat from my diesel heater it is running. but not getting any heat any advice would be appreciated.
  8. J

    Night-heater stopped working

    I have a heater under neath the drivers seat that warms on the back of the van. The van is brought from a deal that had custom built it. The controls are camper king. I'll attach photo. I used the heater last night and now when I try to turn the heater on it tries to start for about a minute...
  9. Belly

    Night-heater without a leisure battery?

    Looking to have a night heater fitted, I see it's advisable to power via a leisure battery which I don't have, for the same price as a leisure battery fitment I could buy a portable power bank which gives me a few more options. My question is would this be OK for my needs for the odd overnight...
  10. G

    Powering a camper from a power pack without a leisure battery?

    I’ve only recently bought a Transporter and am now considering the power side of things. I like the look of portable power packs and am wondering if these can be a true leisure battery replacement. Onboard they seem to have many options with regards to outputs, 12V DC, 230V AC and USB A/C. I’ll...
  11. Q

    Diesel hob/heater produces noticeable sweet smell when running however the CO monitor does not go off...

    I finally got one and have installed it successfully. I have tested the co2 monitor with the test button and it beeps as expected. I also inadvertently found out that it works in a real situation when I braked a couple of times when driving and some exhaust fumes must have come in through my...
  12. Skyliner33

    Moving night heater hot air inlet.

    Recently I had a diesel heater fitted to my van. To cut a long story short I was talked out of having it fitted under the drivers seat and so it was fitted coming up through the floor behind the drivers seat. It's further back than I imagined and will get in the way of the furniture units. So...
  13. bmc054

    Night heater - how long to warm van?

    Could anyone tell me how long these take to actually heat the cab etc ? My T6 seems to take forever to warm up on these chilly mornings ,I’m thinking of having one fitted anyway and this could speed up my decision I also like the idea of switching it on remotely so the vans toasty on my early...
  14. Adam Lucas

    modem for diesel heater

    Hi All , I already have a Autoterm heater fitted but would now like a modem so I can operate from my phone. Is there a how to guide to installing (I’ve had a brief look on Y/T but no luck ) and can anyone recommend somewhere to purchase this from ? Thanks
  15. Leigh-r

    T6.1 Cali Night Heater settings

    Hi. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue? I can’t select the heat setting that I want in heat continuously mode. (Up and down don’t do anything) To change the level I have to adjust the level in heat immediately then go back into heat continuously for it to change. I’ve pulled the...
  16. limekilnlee

    Night-heater leaking fuel from side connection

    Hi i am looking for some advice i got a Ebersatcher night heater fitted by a local Company in April 22 my van has been in for service at VW today and the fuel tank is leaking as they have drilled a hole in the side of the tank and fuel is leaking from there. VW are saying this should of been...
  17. The Flying Scotsman

    Fitting a drivers swivel seat with diesel heater below

    I’m hoping to fit the above but wondering about a few things. It’s 2 captains chairs I have. I would just want it to spin so the back of the seat is next to the door. I have the kitchen behind the seat. I know you have to get the kit to move the hand brake. But wondered if anyone has done this...
  18. CampsieCamper

    Driving With Diesel Heater on?

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked / answered - couldn't find a specific thread. I have recently bought a converted T6.1 which has an Autoterm heater. Can this be used when driving to get some heat to the rear passengers as it takes a while for the engine heat to get the chill off?
  19. Skyliner33

    Heater outlet position, floor, drivers seat or b pillar?

    Trying to come decide on the best place for the night heater outlet. 1. Under the seat and out through the seat base back. 2. Straight up through the floor behind the seat/in front of the units. 3. OEM b pillar outlet. Would be particularly interested to see pics of the ones vertically up...
  20. D

    Night heater installer - Warrington / St Helens

    Any local folk to Warrington or St Helens can fit me a heater in? Let down at last minute (heater in hand)