night heater

  1. B


    Night heaters - Eber, Planar, Webasto, Chinese etc........ they all burn burn a fuel to release heat. Is there not a way to harness the heat from a gas hob to warm the van? I realise it's not remotely, or thermostatically controlled, but heat output is all about energy released, so some sort of...
  2. J

    Sold Drivers T6 door step with vent

    Brand new still in wrapping - bought to use when fitting night heater but decided not to use in the end. £40 + p&p or can collect from Grimsby area.
  3. D

    anyone put diesel heater inside the van?

    and if so, where?
  4. G

    Night Heater help - Loud buzzing noise from Fuel Sender/Diesel Tank

    Hi all, I'm having some trouble with my underslung diesel heater installation on my T6 and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've placed the diesel pick up line in the sender unit (not 100% sure where the "loose" end needed to go), I've attached an image looking from above. Van starts...
  5. Bobbych

    Chinese diesel heater install

    I have just started the installation of my Chinese Deisel Heater on my T6.1. I have tested this in my workshop and it worked a treat. All of the under body plastic covers are off and my 80L Fuel tank is dropped. Tomorrow I will fit the fuel pickup pipe. If anyone has any questions while the tank...
  6. O

    Fuel tank drop and adblue

    Finally got empty tank and want to drop to attach heater fuel line. Just about to loosen tank straps, but must i do anything special with adblue, or will inlet just wiggle past? Hoping so.
  7. S

    California night heater exhaust

    Hi, I am retro fitting a night heater using the eberspacher underfloor mount and using the eberspacher solid exhaust pipe, Has anyone got any pictures of how close the exhaust pipe runs to the Aircon pipe work just wondering if my exhaust will be to close to these pipes. Regards Stuart
  8. B

    Help with diesel heater exhaust v gas drop out location

    Hi, This is my first post on the forum, so before I jump into my question, I should mention that this is also my first attempt at a full camper conversion to my T6 T28 bamboo garden green 12 month old van. As the title suggests I am fitting an Eberspächer diesel heater under the van in the...
  9. oldiebut goodie

    Sold Oem Heater Bracket,exhaust,ducts

    PROVISIONALLY SOLD Used VW heater bracket complete with exhaust,silencer,intake pipe, ducting to B-pillar and ducting to offside step ( this piece has been repaired but is solid and usable ) The OEM ducting is designed for 90mm inlet and outlet heaters. The bracket is designed with rubber...
  10. Garny999

    T6.1 Passenger Side Undertray Stuff.

    Hello, I was about to venture into fitting a diesel heater under my passenger seat. I had a sneak peek at the access from underneath (undertray)for mounting the unit and running the ducting. The question I ask is....does anyone know what this lot is and is this also on a T6. I am thinking that...
  11. G

    Diesel Heater Location

    hi all I have T6 euro 6 van, is it possible to locate a planar diesel heater underneath the van on the passenger side, I'm hoping to fit underslung water tanks on the drivers side were the heater is usually located. Thanks
  12. IestynD

    My T5.1 Kombi - build thread.

    I thought it was time I updated this thread, I'll reference this thread in a number of other forum sections, for example the recommend a business one and maybe later the suspension one. So, if you have stumbled upon this from another a link... welcome, wherever I’ve put a link I’ve started that...
  13. mommabear

    For Sale Diesel Heater And Solar Package Deal.

    Hi Everyone Were currently running our 'Four seasons' Heater and Solar package at the moment. A Planar Autoterm fully programmable Diesel heater and Solar panel kit - fully fitted and ready to rock at £1050.00 Cant go wrong with that! Matt Momma Bears
  14. K

    Proprex Heater Unit Underbody - Where To Put Inlet/outlets?

    I have a underslung tank(gas) and underslung proprex heater on my T6 SWB, I have a battery under my drivers seat (to the back of the seat). Has anyone run a proprex heater? or a diesel heater and cut the holes. I think I need about 70mm holes for 100mm square fittings. Unit is mounted...
  15. G

    O/S Step with Vent for Night Heater and Courtesy Light part-number?

    Hi, can anybody help me out? Trying to find the step with the night heater vent and the courtesy light. Does anybody know of a part number or does someone have a reg I can give TPS for the part please. thanks in advance!
  16. bullracing

    Pop Top Heating

    How have people gone about heating their pop tops? I am half way through mounting mine to have a specific duct up into the top with a selectable switch so I can turn it off when the pop top is down. It would be good to share some ideas on what others are also doing or have done. I will try...
  17. OllieGBR

    Planar Diesel Heater Fitting

    Has anyone fitted one of these units? Searched the forum and can't find any reference. I'd like to mount it under chassis, just not sure what the options are and it's raining outside:whistle:
  18. OllieGBR

    Gas Vs Diesel Heater

    I have a dilemma; I was all set for an induction hob with an under chassis mounted diesel heater, however the hob draws a significant amount of power, (300-2000W) which will deplete my [yet to be purchased] leisure battery very quickly when not on electrical hook up. If I'm reverting to gas for...
  19. U

    Auxiliary Heater

    I am about to drop the fuel tank to install a pick up pipe for an auxiliary heater. When it comes to reinstalling the tank and I have re connected the fuel lines, do I need to bleed the system or will it self bleed. I have a 2017 150hp thanks
  20. Farnorthsurfer

    Noob Heater Question

    sorry seems like a daft Q If I fit a diesel air heater externally under the drivers seat I assume I put the plastic panel back on the underside? If so where does the wee exhaust go? Lots of heater installation photos looked at but not yet worked out how the undertray goes back on along with the...