night heater

  1. AdL

    No air.. Getting at the Night-Heater

    Having had our van for just a couple of months I turned on the heater for the first time in anger the first time this week. Lots of air blowing noises, a very slight smell of diesel, no warnings or errors shown on the controller - but NO heat. The heater seems to be underneath the floor below...
  2. Steved55

    Fitting diesel heater in a bi turbo - any pitfalls?

    I've offered to help a friend of a friend install a planar heater in his t6 - I've put a planar in my old t5, dropping the tank to fit the pick up pipe, and in my current t6 shuttle by teeing into the auxiliary heater feed pipe - but I've learnt that his van is a bi turbo. Does this make any...
  3. J

    Wiring harness for addition heater.

    First post so go easy on me! Just bought myself a 67 reg Ex AA T6. Having a little rummage around before I start converting and I've found a wiring harness under the seat. Most of the wiring is for the tow bar and im happy I know what it all does, the second part is basically and ignition live...
  4. Strettyp

    Diesel heater - home installation

    With my gas bill coming in at an eye-watering amount last week, I am looking at ways to reduce the cost of heating the house, have got a newish energy efficient boiler, have dropped the temp on it to 17.5 and reduced the time slot it's on for etc Has anyone attempted to do this at home, mainly...
  5. S

    Night heater - questions on this fitout

    Hi all just bought. 2018 Danbury surf kingthere was no night heater but was agreed it would get 1 fitted, after all we stay in the Highlands Bit dubious on how this has been fitted There is onboard water tank right behind the drivers seat And the heater is approx 3.5" away from it and it gets...
  6. marsie

    night heater installer - Yorkshire

    Hi all, I am looking to get a night heater fitted to my T6 before a week away to scotland in may. Can anyone recommend an supplier/installer ideally around sheffield/rotherham area Willing to travel a bit further if necessary but would rather go to a recommended fitter Thanks Paul
  7. I

    AutoTerm diesel heater issue [Resolved]

    Hi Being new to my camper van it has a new conversion but I'm struggling to start my autoterm heater to start when I press the button to start it comes up on screen no signal I've tried trouble shooting and YouTube but I'm getting no where any body have any ideas would be great.
  8. L

    Loosing faith in my Webasto

    Only owned my webasto for a few years and it it lets me down each year when needed. Got another fault code come up H02, can smell and hear the diesel going through but not igniting!!! Does anyone know any good Webasto engineers near the Romford area please?
  9. M

    Diesel Water Heater leak

    I have a diesel heater in my van which we haven’t used for about 4 weeks, turned it on last night and water started leaking from the front of the heater into the van, any ideas?
  10. C

    Webasto Airtop 2000STC Error H06

    Hey there, has anyone ever tripped there Webasto Heater whilst it was in? Stupidly I knocked my isolator when the heater was on and it’s giving me the error code H06, has anyone tripped there’s before and do they have any solution to this? Fuse is fine, didn’t smell any fumes or nothing.
  11. B

    Night heater; which battery ?

    I’m fitting a Eberspatcher Diesel Heater. Which battery is better to connect the electrical power to, the starter battery or the leisure battery. The instructions I have found, suggest the starter batter. What are pros and cons. ?
  12. C

    Eberspacher fault

    Hello. Anyone know if this is a common fault? Is it easy to fix or could it be suggesting something more sinister….? H1 Fuel supply or Pump
  13. T

    Quietest diesel heater?

    Hi all, please can I ask for your advice on the quietest diesel heater, both inside and outside the vehicle, for my T6 panel van undergoing conversion to a camper. I'm planning to fit it underneath the vehicle below the driver's seat with the air outlet in a panel fitted in the driver's seat...
  14. JonriceT6

    Keeping warm in winter

    Hi. Just wanted to know if you guys go away in the winter months, what do you do to keep warm in the van. Apart from the diesel heater , have any of you used heated blankets when on hookup? Or tried a different type of heater like an oil filled one to keep on all night? Is there any tips on...
  15. 3crispies

    For Sale Diesel heater tank stand pipe new

    Planar stand pipe brand new £15
  16. G

    Move night heater to external position?

    Evening My van has a Eberspächer heater fitted under the drivers seat, will it be an expensive job to have it moved and mounted externally underneath the van? SWB T32 4 motion) I’m thinking of mounting the Alpine sub kit under the drivers seat, and want to keep the single passenger seat area...
  17. I

    is a night-heater and Solar an expensive addition?

    Hi being new I think I've found the campervan that's suits me how ever I'd like to have a night heater and solar panel fitted are these expensive to have fitted.
  18. M

    Can you fix rear seatbelt with rear heater?

    I am looking to purchase a T6.1. I haven’t yet been to see it in person yet (hopefully next week I’ll get around to it), but would need to fit a 2+1 seat arrangement in the rear, a non-original Kombi so to speak. It’s a SWB, and has had a factory fitted heater installed in the rear. The floor is...
  19. Luton1971

    Diesel leak after fill up [Resolved]

    Hi all. I’ve have my t6.1 for less than a week, today I filled it up for the first time and as I was paying for the fuel I looked back at the van and noticed the usual aircon water dripping but further back was another leak I could see. So when I got back to the van to look the second leak was...