night heater

  1. K

    Heater exhaust melting undertray - ideas?

    Hopefully the pictures show the problem easily enough. A metallic scrape as I was coming off my driveway eventually lead me to look under the van. The diesel heater exhaust has heated up so much that the heat has melted the undertray through which it extends. It's a new undertray after the old...
  2. F

    London Based Diesel Heater Fitter

    Hi all... looking for recs on a fitter for Mv Airo 2KW diesel heater in or around London. Willing to travel for the right place. TIA
  3. C

    Night-heater not working off grid [Resolved]

    Hello newbie here had my t6 for a couple of years and have used my webasto heater a couple of times only on electric hook up, tried to use it off grid and can’t seem to get it started. When I try to turn it on on the smart control it doesn’t turn on and seems to have no power am I missing...
  4. P

    Factory Diesel heater turns off early.

    Hi, we have a brand new T6.1 campervan with a VW factory fitted auxiliary diesel heater. We went on our first trip overnight last week and were using the heater for about 1.5 hours during the evening (on a low setting) and then during the night we woke up cold so turned it on. It stayed on for...
  5. M

    Night-heater - electric??

    Hi all, Just after some advice if possible. We’ve been away this weekend for the first time in our T6. It was a little chilly even with a thick duvet so we’re thinking of looking at heating. I’d like to consider electrical heater options rather than diesel fuelled. Does anyone have any...
  6. Driftwood

    New to Campervans after twenty years with Motorhomes.

    Just introducing myself to the forum. I have purchased a T6 (2016) newly converted by a professional converter near Solihull. I already have my first problem in that the fuel gauge is not working properly after the diesel heater was installed. I am not a mechanic but after scouting around on the...
  7. C

    Leisure battery and heater under driver seat??

    Hi all. I’m planning out where to put my leisure battery, split charger etc but want to fit a night heater with the hot air vent coming up through the driver seat base. Will I fit everything under the seat or do I need to relocate the electrics to make way? Thanks.
  8. V

    OEM Parking Heater - Will it see me through the night?

    Hi all, some advice would be great. I have a new van on order and speced with factory parking heater however someone has mentioned this will not be any good for sleeping in the van because the heater will only stay on for a maximum of 2 hours, is this true? Thanks to anyone that can help.
  9. J

    Night heater power - leisure or main battery?

    Hi, I have a multivan with factory fitted auxilary/second battery and webasto heater. Unfortunatelly my dealer does not know if the main battery is disconnected (or will be disconnected when some threshold voltage is reached) during camping with heater on. I would like to know if I can be sure...
  10. Dannyb6467

    Heater inlet from outside to inside of van. Is there a suitable place?

    Afternoon all, I want to run an external mounted diesel heater (Chinese brand) from outside the van, but duct the hot ait into the inside of the van. Is there an obvious place to put the inlet? Reasons being I use the heater in the garage and also want to use the heater as an odd night away set...
  11. 3crispies

    Autotherm Planar code fault

    Fitted new heater at weekend and wont fire up just shows code 15 (under voltage) and display on controller of 10.8v. Charged battery and tested at terminals at 13.2v have an extension for controller so now have 2 sets of the planar fiddly plugs. Has anyone had issues with these 4 pin plugs. Been...
  12. S

    Eberspacher Night Heater + Beach console retrofit

    Hello, please can anyone help me with details of what would be involved in fitting a secondhand Beach overhead Heater Control Unit (near the cab centre lighting) and Eberspacher night heater into my T6 Caravelle? Many thanks for any advice.
  13. K

    Drilling for diesel heater fuel pipe.

    Hi everyone hope you can help! I installed a Chinese diesel heater under the drivers seat of my 2016 T6 last year and just ran it of a separate fuel tank. I wanting now to drop the fuel tank and connect it straight to the tank but was wondering where is the best place to drill for the fuel line...
  14. R

    Eberspächer D2 desperately wanted

    Hi My mate is desperate to get a diesel heater fitted the Eberspächer is his choice. Anyone recommend a fitter who has them in stock. He’s in the Yorkshire area but will travel. Thanks
  15. 3crispies

    Heater outlet quandary

    Looking at fitting on rear panel on seat base the heater outlet but both supplied and various suppliers all seem to do similar. Would like to keep these panels but only alternative position on drivers base is forward of handbrake on the side.....
  16. ma77y

    Wanted OEM Diesel heater bracket

    After a decent condition oem diesel heater chassis bracket. Dealer quoted me £110 but I thought id ask on here first before i willingly become a victim of daylight robbery. Cheers
  17. Skyliner33

    California Webasto B-pillar night heater retrofit.

    In relation to this: does anyone know what controllers and other things I would need to get the heater working? Thanks
  18. E

    For Sale genuine California Webasto diesel parking heater, vented step, b pillar posts

    basically started accumulating parts a few years back to retro fit this to a panel van using genuine parts. genuine Webasto air top. with bracket drivers vented step ( cold air intake) B pillar post with outlet vents b pillar ducting pretty much everything you need to retro fit the heater with...
  19. Skyliner33

    Which heater to choose for an install in the OEM ducting?

    I'm planning for the future when I get up to installing a heater. As far as I can think there are 4 main choices, in the poll. So I'm looking for recommendations. I wasnt to happy with the control module of the last one and would have likes a remote turn on, but it was rather expensive. So...
  20. Poetpaul

    Is this heater too good to be true?

    VEVOR Diesel Heater kit Has anyone tried one of these heaters? unbelievably cheap, is it too good to be true?