night heater

  1. G

    My Night-Heater diesel connection

    I decided to go for an autoterm diesel heater but wasn't looking forward to dropping the diesel tank. Someone suggested I could use a T-piece connected to the return pipe between the tank and adblue as the picture. It was so easy to fit the hardest part was attaching the rubber tube. Sofar...
  2. 3crispies

    Under seat heater vent options

    Due to change in circumstances now looks like I have to fit a chinese diesel heater under drivers seat, only issue is seat base trims with footwell leds. I am struggling to find a 60mm ID vent that will squeeze in the 75mm recess.
  3. Alan Ginger

    What Heating system would you install? The call goes out to a Heating Company

    Given that I ended up sitting in my pants in my van at 2am because my ( got to get this right ) Airtronic S2 D2L decided to go into full blast mode as the outside temperature had dropped below 5 degrees - What heating system would you recommend ? ( I can’t got through a winter in my pants at...
  4. 3crispies

    Night-heater tank temporary location

    Looking at fitting one of the chinese heaters but dont want hassle of dropping tank for now. Has anyone located the supplied tank out of the way, need something for wild camping over next bank holiday weekend, I know its hassle filling up but wonder if it will fit inside spare wheel itself or...
  5. Steeeeve

    Petrol night heater

    Anyone have any pros or cons on petrol heaters? Any difference in fitting process from diesel? Thanks
  6. Adam H

    Night heater vent help

    Hi Guys, Had an autoterm/planar heater installed and at the time the guy didnt have any angled vents to push the air around our kitchen unit. I've brought one which i actually think is a wrong one. But I cant get the current one off and didnt want to brute force it incase i broke it. How do...
  7. hatjoepeg

    Planar Pete

    Pete came to our house in Kent today and fitted a Planar diesel heater Great guy, cleared a light fault while he was with us (because he could!) and did a first rate neat job. Gave me a really clear lesson in operating it and programming etc and offers a full telephone back up.
  8. RedUn

    DayVan: Night Heater or Not?

    Currently about 75% through my day van build and I'm completely undecided on whether to install a diesel heater or not... Figured I'd put it to the forum to get some opinions... The setup is a fortywinks bed in the van and awning. We have a little one so mostly camping spring to autumn, no...
  9. M

    Planar Diesel Heater - Road Debris, Water Ingress and a Warning From History.

    Guys Recently had an issue with my Planar 2kw diesel heater PU27 Display kept showing the following error. Sometimes when you get this - its a case of checking two things 1) Has your leisure battery been low/ flat 2) Disconnect the control unit and re-connect it Putting these things...
  10. W

    Diesel heater feed hose question

    Hi all, Just about to install a 2kw mk Airo external diesel heater to our t6. Great heaters, had one on our previous T5. Question is regarding the pipe/hose used to go from the fuel tank to the pump and onto the heater itself. Why does the kit have short (6cm ish long) sections of 4.5mm ID...
  11. Pexell

    Which diesel heater is this?

    An aftermarket diesel heater with this control panel is installed in the van I have just bought. I'm still perplexed as to how to program it. Does anyone know the make so I can dig up the instructions? There are no clues on the heater itself or the panel. It might be a generic control panel...
  12. A

    Separate tank for diesel heater

    Heej guys, We are thinking of installing a diesel heater under our van. ( Planar 2d). But since we have a TSI petrol van, we don't have a diesel tank. So we could install a separate small diesel tank for the heater underneath the van. Since we don't have An adblue tank neither, i was maybe...
  13. Parvus

    Can I run the night-heater whilst in motion?

    Hi, Hopefully not a stupid Q, but I recently had a diesel heater installed and have been wondering... Is it okay to drive with the heater running? For example, I often preheat the van before a drive locally for a walk and would be nice to know if I need to turn it off then back on when I...
  14. M

    Do night-heaters admit fumes?

    Hi I’m trying to decide do I get a diesel heater in my Kombi or do they admit fumes, any other cheaper options
  15. K

    Insurefit - heater installation.

    Has anyone on the forum used InsureFit Blackburn to have a Diesel Heater fitted, can you recommend them? I am looking to get an eberspacher with B pillar installed by them - I just don’t know much about the company. Pictures below are from their Facebook page.
  16. Bobbych

    T6.1 Tank Removal How-To video (ready for Heater installation)

    I recently installed a Chinese Diesel heater under the floor under the drivers seat. I'm not a professional video maker but I did record it and posted it to YouTube Here is a link to the Fuel tank removal to install the fuel pick up line. Video=s to follow for heater installation. T6.1 Tank removal
  17. Nickdaw

    2kW or 4kW heater?

    Do I go for a 2kW or 4kW, my head is spinning trying to decide. I was always under the impression what will do more will do less, but you can not have more than it can do. So this is my logic the 4kW will heat up the van quicker so you don’t have to have it on as long. If you want it nice and...
  18. sippe

    Second-hand Petrol Night-Heater options

    Anyone an idea if there's second hand petrol options? (meaning are there 2nd hand older petrol cars where you can get one from?)
  19. J

    Fuel Gauge fault after fitting night-heater

    So over the weekend I dropped the tank to fit a dip tube/standpipe for my diesel heater. Put it all in no issues, bolted the tank back up. Started up the van several times and noticed that i had 100 extra miles of range. Thought my dip tube must be fouling the float arm so pulled it back to...
  20. rod_vw

    'Afterburner' control module for Chinese diesel heaters.

    I've just read about the Afterburner control module for Chinese diesel blown air heaters. Has anyone on this forum found and used these control modules on your heater? If so your experiences on here please.