1. Dibsta

    Wanted Multiflex Board

    Hi all Looking for an OEM multiflex board if anyone is selling one
  2. Vinci

    Multiflex style board supports

    Does anyone know of a uk manufacturer or supplier of supports that sit on rails and with a T piece on top to spread the load…..plenty from EU, but like to use uk based outfits if possible. Thank you
  3. landy

    Sold Genuine OEM Multiflex Board/Shelf/Bed board 7E8886611C

    OEM multiflex board, ideal for caravelle or multivan wanting to extend triple bench into a bed without the need for the middle two single seats. Also great space saver in the boot! Original part number 7E8.886.611.C J44...
  4. U

    Sold Multiflex Board

    T5/T6 Caravelle Multiflex Board; The Space Saver from SteeFree for sale. Unused but assembled so can no longer be classed as new. Bought from SteeFree in September for £465, offers welcome. Product link; Multiflexboard for VW T5/T6 Caravelle; Multivan; The Space Saver
  5. B

    Sold OEM Multiflex Board

    Selling our Multiflex Board (Genuine OEM) bought from VW June 21. Used once while camping and found we needed something different. Is in great condition though has some small marks to each side edge from transport. Photos with ruler for scale below; Paid over £700 for it and am looking for...
  6. P

    Caravelle with OEM Multiflex

    Hi all, Seems to be hard to find images of a Caravelle / Multivan with the OEM Multiflex board set up for sleeping. As it stands (without the board) I know I can fold the triple bench flat and the captains chairs too and then put a SIM or similar on top. If I have the multiflex board, will...
  7. M

    Found OEM Multiflex Board

    Hey anyone wanting to sell an OEM multiflex board, please let me know.
  8. H0ME

    Multiflex board - carpeting? Anyone done it.

    I have one of the non OEM multiflex boards. I don’t like the rubber top. Has anyone carpeted the top? The whole thing? I’m surprised they don’t come with better padding on the gop. Only the hard rubber.
  9. Eli

    Sold Multiflex board legs

    Selling my bed board legs, can of spray glue and 4.5 sqm of OEM caprice smooth vinyl. Board legs £70 Vinyl £40 There is also an a piece of 18mm Birch plywood which has been routed to shape but that’s too big to post and that’s FOC
  10. Eli

    Found OEM Multi Board & Mattress

    Looking for an OEM multiflex board. If anyone is selling one or knows of of where to buy please
  11. H

    DIY multiflex board

    Home made tables from 18mm ply for the caravelle conversion finished. Used star nuts and coach bolts to attach the multiflex board, which means it can double up as an external table with some angled screw in legs.
  12. P

    Found OEM multiflex board

    Hi all just looking at getting a multiflex board as I'm having my van converted at the moment and need one for the sleeping configuration. Thought it was worth a ask as I would like an original one.
  13. S

    securing a load on top of the multiflexboard.. any ideas?

    hello, we have a lwb with caravelle rails and vw sliding seat/bed.. we also have a pullout under the mf board for storage. when we travel the kids like to have the seat slid all the way fwd so that they are close to us like in a car. This means that we no longer have the back of the seat...
  14. coopso

    Yet another...?...Where to buy OEM multiflex thread...?

    Disclaimer: I'm fully aware you can buy aftermarket non-OEM versions and also that there are millions of other ways to crack this nut. Has anyone successfully bought the OEM mutliflex board from either a VW dealer or anywhere else? Part number includes "886 611", and I am after the one which...
  15. Skyliner33

    Sold Genuine VW Multiflex board and mattress.

    Genuine VW Multiflex board and mattress. Used for about 4 weekends, so it really looks like new condition. £600. From VW they are more than this for the multiflex board alone, and also used on eBay are more than this. (eBay is £690 + £70 delivery from Poland for used board)
  16. U

    Covering my multiflex board

    I'd like to cover my multiflex board with something like the Alcantara type material I see people using on panels when re trimming for audio etc. Does anyone have any recommendations for what to use and adhesive. I hate the laminate top and nothing stays put it just slides all over the place...
  17. M

    Bed in SWB Caravelle Executive too long

    I’ve just bought a SWB Caravelle Executive and the rock ‘n roll bed is 6’8”. This leaves no room to stand at the end of the bed when extended. Is this normal or have I been given a bed which should have been in a LWB?
  18. JTT6

    Rear storage / bed for caravelle converted LWB Kombi

    I'm about to have my LWB T32 Kombi converted to Caravelle rails with a triple bench seat. It has got me thinking about the best way to make the most of the rear space behind the seats. Currently thinking about building a box out of phenolic ply, with a large lockable drawer and a double skin...
  19. D

    Multiflex board for cheap

    Hi all, newbie here, I am getting my new t6 caravelle hopefully tomorrow & im considering a multiflex board but dont want to pay silly money, anyone have 1 for sale please? Many thanks Donna
  20. 4

    Caravelle Rear Shelf (Multiflex Board)

    I've jumped in and found my first T6 Caravelle, I think it would be useful to have a rear shelf, I don't necessarily need the Multiflex board as I don't have a sleep back bench. Ideally I'm after one that attaches to the rails, flips up, very stable and robust and is carpeted. I'm hoping the...