mud flaps

  1. TheDig

    For Sale VW OEM Rear Mud Flaps

    Pair of VW rear mud flaps that were fitted at VW at my request, I didn’t like the look, they were removed immediately not driven anywhere, as new. Come with fittings. £50.00 Ono. Collection ideally. .
  2. Rattlehead

    Sold Travelin lite mud flaps

    New, unused mud flaps for tailgate van, bought from travelinlite before deciding to go with oem mud flaps. £20 + postage
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    Front mud flaps
  4. AEFF3A6C-5694-485C-BCF9-1AAAF397759F.jpeg


    Rear mud flaps
  5. Shaun Witts

    Front mud flaps (not OEM) rusting door

    I have some of the moulded mud flaps that seem to fit well and are attached by just the one screw (if I remember correctly). However I was quite disappointed to spot a small area of rust on the bottom of my door and can see how that has been caused by the tight clearance between the plastic mud...
  6. Ed Webb

    Sold Genuine T6 Tailgate Rear Mudflaps

    Bought in error. Part number 7F0.075.101 Everything present in box, although box is slightly tatty. £20. Collection from Forumfest is preferred to save faffing with another box and packaging etc.
  7. j4ckal

    Best place to buy genuine/oem mud flaps?

    Just wondering where the best place to source a set of genuine mudflaps (barndoor) would be? I've found some on ebay but they are around half the price of the genuine ones van-x sell so wondering just how genuine they are? Is it a case of main dealer/tps if possible? Or are the aftermarket...
  8. G

    For Sale Front mudguards

    Set of front mudguards bought from custom vw’s brand new with fitting kit. £20
  9. needsmust

    Big bottom, Big bottom,

    Talk about mudflaps, my girl’s got ’em, Big bottom drive me out of my mind, How can I leave this be-hind? Should I spec mudflaps?
  10. shylock

    Mud flaps for barn doors

    Fitted these rear mudflaps yesterday,got them off e bay, great fit and not half way up the rear bumper,easy fit,they are smaller than OEM flaps but hey,I like them . They came with fronts as well but I didn't fit them because I had genuine fronts already fitted but I will take some pics of the...
  11. Killo


    Hi has anybody bought mats from customveedubs at Nottingham. I ordered complete set 2nd May and not heard anything since, I’ve sent 3 emails and pm’d him but still nothing, anybody else had problems.
  12. LPollard

    CustomVeeDubs Barn Door Mudguards not fitting

    HELP, I have purchased a set of mudguards from customveedubs fitted the front no issues but the rear ones oh my god i spent hours this afternoon trying to fit them without success. It does say in the description that a slight modification is required but its very unclear as to what requires...
  13. Vkerr

    Touch Up paint

    so ordered new mudflaps online which look much better than the original, but looking ideas of what to do with the screw holes which will be left after I remove the old ones. Do I just carefully fill the hole then touch it up and give it a buff up.
  14. T

    Rear Mudflap Removal?

    Hi, Anyone know how to remove the rear mudflaps? I have taken out the 2 screws and it has 2 plugs into the bumper. I have tried to pry them off, but they won't budge. Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. K

    Wheel Spacers And Mudflaps

    I know mudflaps have been covered in some depth elsewhere on the forum but I cant find any specific reference to any thay have been fitted with wheel spacers. I have 25mm on the front and 30mm spacers on the back and just wondered if anyone has any experience or recommendations for the best ones...
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