1. M

    What Have You Made Today?

    Here is my homemade awning canopy. The parts were about £40 and it cost me £30 to get it stitched up; my sewing machine wasn't up to the task. Could of probably bought one cheaper, but wanted to make it myself. It can be hung vertically or at an angle following the tie down straps. It may need a...
  2. Gavinda

    Modded H7's

    Finally got my modded H7's fitted in the van today. I've fitted 3" projector lenses in to the low and high beam positions with H1 LED bulbs, also got rid of some chrome while I was in there. Beam cut off is very sharp, due to the shutter the low beam can also be used for high beam. Just waiting...
  3. Jonnydub

    Show us your day van conversions!

    Looking for inspiration and ingenious ideas to make a great day van. Own a shuttle so particularly interested in any shuttle ideas but keen to see all vans and how you’ve made them your own. Will upload some pics with how I’m getting on
  4. Minimucks

    Smooth tailgate.

    Has anyone gone old school and smoothed off the tailgate VW badge? It seems everyone debadges the transporter/TDI badges and changes the backing colour etc on the round VW emblem. I'm aiming to achieve a sleek/stealth look on my van and am debating whether or not to waste some hard earned cash...
  5. Alan Walsh

    Modified H4 Headlamps by EMTuning

    Got my headlights back from EMTuning, mostly fitted, just a few tweaks left to do next weekend (wife permitting!) New indicators fitted as the old ones part failed a couple of times.
  6. Daneeyre

    What Have You Done To Your Van Today?

    As I was at 'work' today and it was a bit on the slow side I decided to respray the roof to follow the lines of the bonnet and bumper that I did Saturday. Still need to burnish it but it sprayed really well and looks good already.