1. Deanfitz82

    Mattress for Skyline Aurora

    Hi guys hope all’s well just a quick one my vans in getting a skyline Aurora roof fitted just wondering what’s people’s opinion on mattress’s do I have to go with the skyline £80 one or is there others available any help is appreciated
  2. J

    Newbie - beyond excitement! Advice on mattress topper please

    Hi all We have just bought our first campervan which we collect in September and I am beyond excitement. We have gone with a Camper King St Tropez conversion which works well for us as we hired one recently and it was perfect. However the one thing we decided we definitely needed was a mattress...
  3. S

    Sold Self Inflating Matress

    Outwell 7.5cm single self inflating mattress X2. Bought in a rush for a camping trip a few weeks ago but a single is too narrow for me and wifey has decided to join the nipper on the rib. So one has been slept on one night the other for about 20 minutes . Both in very good condition and work...
  4. S

    Mattress Topper - Stee Free

    I'm looking for a mattress topper for our 130cm wide bed. Has anyone used STee FRee any feedback on the product. It looks pretty comfortable and folds up well OR any other toppers to recommend? Thanks!
  5. W

    Cooling mattress topper

    Hi, we have just taken the plunge and bought our first campervan :). I want to get a mattress topper for the rock and roll bed, but I can’t sleep on memory foam as I get too hot (at home I have had normal memory foam and special ’cooling’ memory foam mattresses but still get too hot), has...
  6. 3crispies

    Futon style matress

    Looks like with all whats going on in the world next year we will be camping in the UK. We normally travel abroad and camp but will be looking at making a frame/multiflex arrangement. Have anyone used a comfortable futon rollable mattress on something like this. Dont want to go rock and roll had...
  7. DarrenTT

    Best Rib mattress topper

    Vans in the converters having a full conversion. I’m having a rib double seat fitted. Has anyone any good recommendations for a decent topper to get a good nights sleep?
  8. Blitz

    Vango's Shangri-La 10 Double Sleeping Mat

    Hi I'm sure some folks at the last meet where talking about these, specifically the Gin ladies. Are they the Dogs dangles? Or the usual hype? Not cheap for a Yorkshire man to stomach so all opinions welcome before I consider putting it on my bucket list. (Hopefully doing a two week Euro trip...
  9. Carl1974

    Duvalay - which one to go for?

    Hi all, I’m looking to purchase the duvalay as it seems the better option I hope, there are various ones but what is the best go fo for.
  10. M


    Wonder if anyone can help. I've built a sofa bed for the van and need a couple of mattresses or cushions for it. Wondering if anyone can recommend any shops or sites that can do custom sizes that won't break the bank. Although I do want them to be comfy so if i need spend then so be it!
  11. VanMan48

    Exped Megamat self-inflating mattress

    Hi guys Looking at mattress options for a 3 seat Cali Beach and and getting drawn towards the SIM route, particularly the Exped Megamat ones...
  12. sportsman

    Fortywinks Mattress

    Hello all I have just got a forty winks bed fitted in my kombi and I am wondering what mattresses people are using on them I have seen a few posts on mattress but I am after peoples opinions on folk who have actually got the forty winks one please if possible, I currently have the Vango...
  13. R

    Hilo mattress

    Hi , looking for a mattress to fit a lwb Hilo pop top. Any suggestions, as they don’t appear to do one. Thanks Richard
  14. 3crispies

    bed foam

    looking at making our cushions for rear, can source Simora cloth from Harrisons/AC trim etc but any recommendations on the foam, dont want it too hard/soft etc.
  15. Paynewright

    Mattress Idea!!

    Had a really good chat with @VanDamMan today regarding his basic slidepod bed and storage unit (no power, cooker or sink) at Caffeine & Machine. Been mulling ideas for self build as the cost of the Slidepods basic unit is > £1k. Metal frame and base board easy enough (dust off my welding...
  16. N

    Mattress Ideas For Bespoke Bed/seat?

    For those who don't have a Rib/Rock & Roll style bed, what do you use a mattress? I have a box that acts a seat during the day but slides out to be a bed at night. I need something that can partly roll away, or fold and then be sat on when the bed is in seat mode. It can't be too thick as...
  17. N

    Mattress Topper Advice?

    Okay, the bed in my T6 is slowly killing me. Well, I am exegerating. But let's say it gives me a pain in my back which when the longer than 1-2 night trips come up is going to kill me ;) I have a mattress topper but it obviously isn't doing the job. Just looking for what other people have used...
  18. RedUn

    Kombi Day Van Ideas

    Evening! So after fiddling a lot with the van this year its time to start prepping properly for day van usage :thumbsup: I'm still reading a lot at the moment to work out my plans of what to do and what to avoid but while I do that I thought I'd put something on here... So my question is...
  19. goldeneye243

    Mattress For Pop Top

    Booked in for conversion with a skyline roof and I am thinking about what mattress to go for. Would this one fit OK at 132cm wide? Shangri-La 10 Double
  20. Craig Alexander

    Hilo Sport Lwb Mattress??

    hi, looking for a mattress for my lwb Hilo sport roof, one I can hopefully leave up there, any ideas on what to go for? Cheers in advance.