1. timthetinyhorse

    Materess that folds longways

    Hi All, Im currently changing the configuration of my van from Kombi bed and now building a slide out bed - current design is a 75cm base that then slides out another 75cm to form a double and i was wondering if anyone was aware of a materess that is 150cm x 190cm but that folds down the centre...
  2. S

    Mattress for SCA pop top

    I have a rear elevating SCA 193 pop-top on my new T6. It has the standard mattress which is only 30mm thick and I find a little uncomfortable. I have tried a 4mm foam yoga mat on top, which helps but I'd like something better. Does anyone know the max mattress thickness you can have and still...
  3. bblake

    Wanted Forty Winks SWB mattress

    Anyone looking to sell a Forty Winks SWB Kombi mattress?
  4. Petezum

    Wanted Inflatable mattress to fit Ovano

    Is anyone looking to sell an inflatable mattress that’s fits an Ovano or does anyone know which is best fit and where to buy? Ta
  5. T

    Found Forty Winks Mattress

    Wanted - Forty Winks Mattress before i bite the bullet and buy new
  6. claireblue

    Sold Infinity Kombi bed including matress £200

    Hi. For sale, Infinity Kombi bed. It can be used with a seat removed in a 2+1 as its hinged that way and has a stand. Only used a few times, few light scuffs just from carrying up and down stairs. Also including really comfy matress. (Fits perfectly in a kingsize duvet cover.) Here is a link...
  7. C

    For Sale Slidepod. SWB. £3250

    Virtually new Slidepod for sale due to changing van seating arrangement, means this will unfortunately no longer fit. Immaculate condition. Slidepod Complete with full width bed upgrade LED lighting Cutlery pouch Extra thick mattress Removable table Anti slip matting Double USB and...
  8. H

    Mattress washing

    Note to all - Don't wash then dry your pop top mattress cover in the dryer.... its shrunk
  9. A

    WestDubs Pop-Top - do you store mattress up there?

    Hi All I appreciate this is quite a basic request; but I have the West Dubs pop top with the hard top area for a mattress to go there. I purchased a mattress which fits that area great. I was told the mattress is fine to be kept there, but it felt odd to me. Do people do this? Or is it not...
  10. Belly

    Wanted Matress wanted (slidepod)

    Looking for a full size matress to fit on my newly fitted slidepod kitchen unit.. The Slidepod matress is silly money £400+ £60 delivery what's everyone using/recommend. ??
  11. tommy_t6.1

    Sold Fortywinks Premium Mattress

    Fortywinks premium tri-folding mattress. Bought April '22 and used for 5 camping trips, roughly 20 nights use in total. Its a fantastic mattress and is super comfy, and having the memory foam makes a world of difference. It's in perfect condition, no marks or anything. We are also a smoke free...
  12. tommy_t6.1

    Sold Vango Comfort 10 self inflating mattress

    Vango comfort 10 double inflating mattress for sale. Only used for one camping trip (4 nights) and haven't used it since. New they are £130, selling for £60 collected from Manchester.
  13. Jonesy68

    Inflatable sofa/bed any experiences of this?

    Looking to make better use of the awning space and thought this could be good. Anyone used one? £55 on Amazon at eh moment.
  14. M

    Where to store deflated air mattress?

    Hello all, I am looking advice on where people store their deflated air mattresses? They take up a lot of room rolled up. Have read that they can be stored in the pop top. Is this wise? And can you fit x2 up there deflated? Is there any risk of accidental self inflation if stored in...
  15. 8balladdict

    Sold Exploria Kombi Bed II with Custom Mattress

    Hi all, My van is currently being converted so I now have my Exploria Kombi bed for sale. It's a version 2 one so has upgraded treated European Ply. This Ply has a highly durable anti-slip hex pattern on top and a smooth underside. The Ply is finished in a nice mid-grey to match the panels and...
  16. Richie_duckdive

    Sold Ovano Switch XL SWB & Forty Winks Mattress

    We’re selling this brilliant Ovano Switch XL SWB as we’ve decided to take our van interior in a different direction. The unit has a few wear marks through use which you will see in the pics. The unit has only ever been used for leisure use so in good condition. Ovano kindly recently serviced it...
  17. 8

    Pop top 5cm mattress uncomfortable

    Hi, just putting it out there regarding mattresses for pop tops. I bought a 5cm self inflating double one that fits and can still close the roof for travelling but I find that it’s not that comfy. Is there anything good out there that anyone can recommend which also allows the roof to close when...
  18. dandan88

    Mattress storage

    Guys where do you all keep your bed mattresses when thare not being used? Do you just leave them in the van? Was concerned about it getting damp?? Cheers
  19. cy294

    Ikea Lycksele Murbo mattress

    Afternoon all, does anyone have experience of the IKEA Lycksele Murbo mattress? I've just bought one for our Kombi Nation bed, but as it isn't a tri-fold, wanted to know how fellow T6 owners store their IKEA mattress when the Kombi bed is folded away. Many thanks

    For Sale Vango Air (bed Double) Self inflating Airbed

    Clearing out a few bits, since we've had the Poptop, we no longer use the Ikea fold out bed which the self inflating airbed use to sit onto of! Really is a great bit of kit. Comes with a material bag for carrying. NO MARKS OR STAINS they're here for 145 quid -...