For Sale Vango Air (bed Double) Self inflating Airbed

    Clearing out a few bits, since we've had the Poptop, we no longer use the Ikea fold out bed which the self inflating airbed use to sit onto of! Really is a great bit of kit. Comes with a material bag for carrying. NO MARKS OR STAINS they're here for 145 quid -...
  2. dandan88

    New mattress

    New mattress! Very comfy
  3. P

    Forty Winks mattress stowage

    Hi all. Have a FW Mattress which is great. Has anyone found anything that it stores inside perfectly when it’s in the back of the van. My van is a work van too and I want/need to keep the mattress clean but always have it in there. Have bought a plastic mattress cover from Amazon but it’s too...
  4. Lanks2324

    Sold Unused / New Top of The Pop 75 SIM

    Outdoor Revolution Top of The Pop 75 , self inflating mattress , Length 180cm Width 100cm Depth 7.5cm Open to offers
  5. RodT69

    Self inflating air bed

    Hi all, Could anyone send a link or recommend a self inflating mattress, topper or bed that fits nicely in the Campervan please? I’ve just bought a berghaus one and it doesn’t fit right. Tia
  6. T

    Upgrading Reimo roof mattress

    Hello everyone.just joined and hopping someone can help me . I have at6 with Reimo roof and bed , i am trying to find out if you can put a duvely mattress topper 50 mm up top and leave it there with the roof down duvely said you can't .
  7. S

    For Sale Caravelle / California/ Camper Luxury Mattress

    SteeFree memory mattress Paid nearly £300 for it with P&P Slept on once for about 6 hours! This version comes with a zip up cloth storage bag. These are considered top of the range. Very comfortable but no longer have the van. Ideally collect Wirral area or I do travel to Manchester &...
  8. S

    Mattress Topper RIB 120cm?

    Hi there, Anyone found a good mattress topper or inflatable mattress for an uncomfortable 120cm wide RIB bed please?
  9. T

    For Sale kampa high rise double 10 inflatable matress

    Used once while we waited for our van to be converted very comfortable In mint condition £90 collection only
  10. T6 owner

    Sold Vango Shangri-La II 10cm Double Self-Inflating Mat

    Vango Shangri-La II 10cm Double Self-Inflating Mat For Sale. It's been slept on for 2 nights twice. Both times it was covered with a bed sheet, so it's like new. Comes in original storage bag and can be posted via courier. An amazing mattress that fits on your Kombi Bed. I converting to a...
  11. Deanfitz82

    Mattress for Skyline Aurora

    Hi guys hope all’s well just a quick one my vans in getting a skyline Aurora roof fitted just wondering what’s people’s opinion on mattress’s do I have to go with the skyline £80 one or is there others available any help is appreciated
  12. J

    Newbie - beyond excitement! Advice on mattress topper please

    Hi all We have just bought our first campervan which we collect in September and I am beyond excitement. We have gone with a Camper King St Tropez conversion which works well for us as we hired one recently and it was perfect. However the one thing we decided we definitely needed was a mattress...
  13. S

    Sold Self Inflating Matress

    Outwell 7.5cm single self inflating mattress X2. Bought in a rush for a camping trip a few weeks ago but a single is too narrow for me and wifey has decided to join the nipper on the rib. So one has been slept on one night the other for about 20 minutes . Both in very good condition and work...
  14. Spark’s

    Which poptop mattress?

    Just to say hello to everyone and ask for some advice. Just bought our first campervan after years of camping. Really love it. We have done a couple of trips and feel we need a tad more comfort as were getting on a bit (60’s). We will be off two Europe next year for a month, three adults and two...
  15. T

    M1 Fabworx RIB Bed Topper 112cm

    Hello - we've recently bought a T6 Conversion with an M1 Fabworx RIB bed and I'm looking for a mattress topper similar to the Altair one - has anyone found anything that folds up in the same way to the Altair one. I know Duvalay will make to size but they are v expensive and don't fold. Thank you!
  16. S

    Mattress Topper - Stee Free

    I'm looking for a mattress topper for our 130cm wide bed. Has anyone used STee FRee any feedback on the product. It looks pretty comfortable and folds up well OR any other toppers to recommend? Thanks!
  17. W

    Cooling mattress topper

    Hi, we have just taken the plunge and bought our first campervan :). I want to get a mattress topper for the rock and roll bed, but I can’t sleep on memory foam as I get too hot (at home I have had normal memory foam and special ’cooling’ memory foam mattresses but still get too hot), has...
  18. 3crispies

    Futon style matress

    Looks like with all whats going on in the world next year we will be camping in the UK. We normally travel abroad and camp but will be looking at making a frame/multiflex arrangement. Have anyone used a comfortable futon rollable mattress on something like this. Dont want to go rock and roll had...
  19. DarrenTT

    Best Rib mattress topper

    Vans in the converters having a full conversion. I’m having a rib double seat fitted. Has anyone any good recommendations for a decent topper to get a good nights sleep?
  20. Blitz

    Vango's Shangri-La 10 Double Sleeping Mat

    Hi I'm sure some folks at the last meet where talking about these, specifically the Gin ladies. Are they the Dogs dangles? Or the usual hype? Not cheap for a Yorkshire man to stomach so all opinions welcome before I consider putting it on my bucket list. (Hopefully doing a two week Euro trip...