leisure battery

  1. Briston

    Has anyone fitted a yellow-top Optima battery?

    Has anyone fitted a optima yellow top battery under a single passenger seat, would like to use it but it will have to be laying down. they are a strange shape with round cells but bloody good batteries,i used these alot on my fishing boats. Any advice welcome cheers Bri
  2. Leighjcj

    What battery cable length?

    Can anyone give me an idea of what length of cable is needed to reach from the starter battery to a leisure battery mounted under drivers seat please? :)
  3. L

    Do Leisure Battery need to be coded into vcds ?

    Hi all, Im looking to change my leisure batteries on T6 calif 2016. (I have don't check what model are installed currently) Do I need to code them into vcds ? Can I upgrade to 100ah for exemple without risk for battery charger? Some advices ? I saw only one battery information into vcds so...
  4. Theduke

    Big Wave Campers... window leaking, leisure-battery loose..

    Hi Only had our camper since July. Needed to get to leisure battery to add a meter to check charge %. And noticed that although the battery is behind a fixed lower cupboard (accessed via screws) it’s not fixed down and can slide on the floor. Is this normal for a conversion company to do this...
  5. K

    Battery Clamp Recommendation Please

    The wiring to my leisure battery is starting to look like spaghetti junction. It's awkward to access and sooner or later I'm going to be removing and replacing connections. I've been looking at these Battery Terminal Clamp I'm a bit concerned that they seem designed wrongly, upside down if you...
  6. phoenixfc7

    Main battery dead despite ctek and solar

    Main battery is completely flat, I am perplexed as I have a ctek and a solar panel so how has it run flat? I’m going to try jump start it tomorrow. Set up is 140 solar with Victron MPPT15/75 a ctek 250se and a agm leisure battery. I thought the starter battery would be charged first. Any ideas...
  7. M

    Leisure battery info for a newbie like me!

    Hi - some basic questions from a new member about a leisure battery please. We’re thinking of having a leisure battery installed as we will be wild camping only without the ability to hook up to mains power. We’re getting increasingly confused by what the company who is going to be installing...
  8. flo.flowers

    For Sale LiFOS 105 lithium battery

    Never installed, charged once, box, manual, terminals & bolts, £800.00, collection from MK40. Regards, flo
  9. D

    Is my leisure battery on its way out , victron mppt

    Hi after reading lots on here i had the 150w panel and victron smart solar mppt 75/15 installed After a weekend away and thinking the battery was fully charged, it appears to be draining really quick, it seems to be constantly in bulk and charges to a decent level but drops to a really low level...
  10. A

    Leoch Adventurer 130Ah vs Xtreme 110Ah

    I’m seeing both of these batteries for £159.99. Obviously the 130Ah sounds better in terms of battery capacity, but the 110A Leoch Xtreme battery seems to be what loads of you on the forum have. As far as I can tell, the ability to start the van from the leisure battery is the only advantage...
  11. D

    T6.1 factory split-charge options

    I am in the process of orderi a new T6.1. weighing up cost of having a factory split charge fitted or going down the aftermarket route. after people’s experiences and advice please. Not ensurely sure what you get with the factory option.
  12. D

    Leisure Battery practically dead, but why?

    So went out to the van today after a week of not driving it to find the leisure battery was practically dead. (120 agm) Sitting at 11.5v. Managed to get it onto the battery charger and is now charging. My question is what could have possibly drained it, and have I done any lasting damage to it...
  13. Alanmh

    Dead Leisure Battery?

    So after a long day out in overcast weather yesterday, the leisure battery was only at about 95% cahege according to the Victron smart shunt. This morning I was awaken at about 7am by the fridge doing its start then stop low battery voltage thing.ao I looked at the Victron to find it saying...
  14. Dellmassive

    Sold Transporter OEM AUX Battery tray for under bench seat

    Transporter OEM AUX Battery tray for under bench seat £25 ** ** i also have a second one for the other side of the double bench (for a twin battery setup under the double bench collection Ilford Essex.
  15. K

    CRX50 fridge killing battery after 2 hours

    Hi I’ve just bought a new T32 camper fitted with a 90amp (I think) leisure battery. On 12v fridge only lasts for about 2 hours and doesn’t cool that well plugged in at 240v. Does anyone have experience on this as I’ve been told it’s perfectly normal and 2 hours is all we should get on leisure...
  16. C

    Huge leisure battery

    Hi all, hoping to purchase a new agm leisure battery to fit under drivers seat. Anyone any recommendations as to a good quality battery for off grid so around 200ah that would fit. Most I've seen seem to be just too big to fit underneath, would welcome any help, thanks
  17. P

    Agm or gel? I dont want to go lithium

    So I need to replace my leisure battery. I want to maintain the height of 240mm to top of posts but can go bigger on battery length and width. I dont know whether to go agm or gel. I currently have 110ah sealed lead acid. I was going to go bigger to like 200ah as we never really use hookup. We...
  18. Stay Frosty

    Tragic leisure battery loss...

    Well loss of plot anyway. Straight away I have to confess I did used to be an electrician... ok, an average electrician but when it comes to leisure battery upkeep on a T6 I've found it far easier so far to put my fingers in my ears and go la, la, la than try and understand what is going on...
  19. T

    Leisure battery recommendations

    Evening, After around 2.5 years our leisure battery is dying and now struggling to hold charge for more than a few hours once fridge is on etc Current battery is the one in link below, it’s lasted around 2.5 yrs of abuse Thinking just getting the same again unless anyone has any other...
  20. MikeMc88

    Which cable to run from Leisure Battery to fuse box in rear cupboard?

    I am looking to put my fuse box in the rear cupboard and need to know which size cable to use? to run from battery under driver seat to cupboards at the rear of the van. Will a fused 6mm cable be enough?