leisure battery

  1. L

    Leisure Battery Dead?

    OK guys, having more battery issues. Went away this weekend and tried to put the heating on at night. Low battery alarm registered on the heater. Checked the BM monitor and the victron and it looks like the battery can't hold a charge. Only the fridge was on. This is what the BM normally...
  2. M

    Where do you guys buy your leisure batteries from?

    Hi all, After a year of lockdown and me being rubbish at keeping it topped up my leisure battery has died. It was fitted by the company who did the conversion for me so I haven't had to source one myself before. Are there any companies you guys can recommend who are helpful, knowledgeable and...
  3. IanW72

    Leisure battery fitting near Sheffield?

    Hi all. Just starting out on a day van/part time camper journey. Have built some prototypes of removable bed/bench set up for my T6 Shuttle. Looking at getting a leisure battery fitted and possibly a solar panel on the roof. I’m no electrician so hoping for any recommendations for someone local...
  4. B

    Newbie - flat battery and high pitched noise

    Evening all We had our newly converted camper arrive around 2 weeks ago. We haven't had a chance to get out in it yet, no user manuals arrived from the converter yet so we are not familiar with how to navigate the kit onboard. Tonight the battery is entirely flat, had to jump it, and there is...
  5. P

    Leisure Battery relocation.

    Hi All. I am considering moving my leisure battery from underneath my drivers seat and moving it into the back, possibly under my newly installed rib seat/bed or maybe into the conversion furniture to free up space under my drivers seat. do I need to move the ctek250 as well? Or am I ok...
  6. Jonnydub

    Wiring shuttle lights and 12v sockets to leisure battery

    Hi all, on the road down converting my shuttle to day van and was looking for some lighting advice. Was thinking about running my rear lights and sockets off the leisure battery (under the drivers with diesel heater) and replacing the bulbs to LEDs. With there being so many lights and sockets...
  7. Vinci

    Loose leisure battery

    Should a leisure battery and gubbins under a passenger seat be secured? Having some work done, so first time exposed since conversion, and electrician not impressed with what he has found. Have asked for photos.
  8. B

    Leisure battery vs standard battery

    Quick question, I have checked the existing battery in my camper and it looks like a standard battery and not a leisure battery. I have added another battery to it for extra life, should these be vented or can standard batteries be sealed and therefore no vent req? (Camper king conversion and...
  9. moodsterT6

    Charging Starter and Leisure batteries with same charger - Victron

    Hi, Inspired by @Deaky build post, I was planning on installing a Victron IP65 Smart charger next to the Starter Battery and a 2nd one to charge the Leisure batter (110AH AGM). I've discovered the CTEK D250SE will still charge the leisure battery as long as the volts on the starter battery are...
  10. Sooty6.1

    OK to leave leisure battery on permanent trickle charge between trips?

    Hi, I’d be grateful for some advice please. My husband used to deal with all the technical stuff when we had a motorhome, but he passed away suddenly in 2019 and I’m mustering up the courage to embark on some solo travel in a T6.1 which is shortly to be converted. Basically, in between trips my...
  11. D

    Leisure battery charging when van not in use.

    Well which one? I need it to be fully automatic, so when I plug in the hook up that’s it, I don’t want to have it on display or have to rummage it in cupboard to to turn the thing on or to the right settings. All suggestions are welcome, I’m not having much luck in my search. Cheers.
  12. S

    Which leisure battery?

    Anyone have experience of this battery? 12V 130AH Leoch Adventurer AGM Leisure Battery (LAGM130) NCC Class A - Alpha Batteries (alpha-batteries.co.uk) If not then /i think ill go with one I've seem @travelvolts recommend on other posts; 12V 110AH Xtreme AGM Leisure Battery (XR1750) NCC Class...
  13. A

    OEM leisure battery not charging [Resolved]

    Hi All, I recently wired an aftermarket stereo and power amp (nothing huge) to the OEM leisure battery, in the case of the stereo to stop it power cycling on stop-start. The devices all work fine but the battery doesn't seem to be charging, I'm pretty sure all the wiring has gone back correctly...
  14. A

    Starter battery charger question

    Hi all, hoping someone in the know could help me here. I have a leisure battery under my drivers seat that has power cables coming from the starter battery running through a Victron b2b charger for charging whilst I driving. I also have electric hook up with the mains going to a consumer unit...
  15. B

    Ultramax lifepo4 battery 100ah

    Does anyone have any experience of the above? Looking to get a 100ah for my camper van , I have a ctek 20 amp dc-dc charger and also a victron 15amp charger . Can you charge the battery at these currents straight out the box ? Or is it maximum of 10amps ? Also does the fact it doesn’t have over...
  16. Briston

    Has anyone fitted a yellow-top Optima battery?

    Has anyone fitted a optima yellow top battery under a single passenger seat, would like to use it but it will have to be laying down. they are a strange shape with round cells but bloody good batteries,i used these alot on my fishing boats. Any advice welcome cheers Bri
  17. Leighjcj

    What battery cable length?

    Can anyone give me an idea of what length of cable is needed to reach from the starter battery to a leisure battery mounted under drivers seat please? :)
  18. L

    Do Leisure Battery need to be coded into vcds ?

    Hi all, Im looking to change my leisure batteries on T6 calif 2016. (I have don't check what model are installed currently) Do I need to code them into vcds ? Can I upgrade to 100ah for exemple without risk for battery charger? Some advices ? I saw only one battery information into vcds so...
  19. Theduke

    Big Wave Campers... window leaking, leisure-battery loose..

    Hi Only had our camper since July. Needed to get to leisure battery to add a meter to check charge %. And noticed that although the battery is behind a fixed lower cupboard (accessed via screws) it’s not fixed down and can slide on the floor. Is this normal for a conversion company to do this...
  20. K

    Battery Clamp Recommendation Please

    The wiring to my leisure battery is starting to look like spaghetti junction. It's awkward to access and sooner or later I'm going to be removing and replacing connections. I've been looking at these Battery Terminal Clamp I'm a bit concerned that they seem designed wrongly, upside down if you...