leisure battery

  1. M

    Leisure battery charging

    Checked the leisure battery earlier today via the usb sockets. They were reading 11.9v. Thought it wise to hook up and put some charge into the leisure battery. It's been on for the best part of the day and now reads 12.9v. Maybe a daft question, but when is there enough juice in the battery so...
  2. D

    13pin towbar used to charge leisure battery?

    Hi all, First post and excited to finally join the T6 community rather than lurking in the background! Just bought a T6.0 with Westfalia towbar installed. Is there any way to power a leisure battery from the towbar electrics? I've read on this thread from @catfood12 that there's additional...
  3. W

    Basic no-leisure battery setup

    Hi all, Does anybody have advice for (or against!) a simple kombi day van setup where there are lights, 12v and USB ports in the back of the van running from the engine battery? I'm looking to avoid a full leisure battery setup as it's unlikely we will need it. We will take a 12v fridge when...
  4. H

    Storing leisure battery

    Hi guys, we're looking at using the space under our front seats to store our leisure batteries. We have space under the driver seat but have a double passenger seat (which we are keeping) which appears to be boxed in underneath. Has anyone stored batteries under their double seats and how have...
  5. K

    Leisure battery installation under lhd kiravans driver swivel

    Hi guys, I am looking to install a 110amp battery underneath my lhd kiravans driver seat swivel. Do you guys have any tips for this and more importantly, is this possible to do in regards to the wires underneath the drivers seat?
  6. Nq_Dude

    Leisure Battery Box

    Wanted a leisure batteary but didn’t want it under the front seats so made this to fit under the right hand side rear seat of a Kombi. Also includes a Midi\Maxi fuse box and a Renogy DC DC charger. Vanarchy Newquay done a great job carpeting before it gets installed. Was not able to find...
  7. IestynD

    Leisure Battery - Is it faulty? BM2

    Hi all, I use BM2 to monitor my starter and my leisure battery (2 seperate BM2s). I checked the starter battery the day after we'd had a 1 night camping trip and it showed 7% - almost flat!! Which is odd as the battery is less than a year old and clearly we had driven home from the camping...
  8. Mbr_tattoist

    Leisure Battery under swivel?

    On removing the seat and putting swivel vase onto base the leisure battery sits too high is it just a case of re locating the battery or adding two Rectangular tube spacers I between base and swivel ??? Any ideas or help grately appreciated
  9. K

    T6 low battery after only a couple of days

    Hi, I've been having various problems with my starter battery over the past year and am not sure what to do next. The 2016 van was converted and a VSR was installed by the chap who did the conversion, which I've come to realise isn't suitable for a van with a Euro 6 engine. I replaced the...
  10. JamesD

    Problems with leisure battery

    Hi All. First shout for help. My van is two months old and I have a problem with power from my leisure battery. The scenario is that while I was driving home one day and had put the system in to power the fridge. When I got home the fridge was off and the system looked as though it was flat...
  11. J

    Sold SOLD used AGM battery to a good home (pick-up only)

    leisure/deep cycle AGM battery 105Ah 2 yo, still some life in it, but not 100% not needed anymore as I upgraded to lithium (pickup from Nailsea (South of Bristol)).
  12. G

    Leisure battery only 2 days use ?

    Hi I’ve got a T6 van and was converted approx 2 years ago with a decent size leisure battery. The van has not been used that many times, however I did a test the other day , I fully charged the battery up for 48 hours, the battery was showing a full charge, I switched the fridge on with nothing...
  13. JTT6

    Charging an EcoFlow Delta

    Evening all, I am looking at 240v power options for the van, and rather than a traditional split charge/leisure battery, I have been looking at removable batteries like the Ecoflow Delta / Goal Zero Yeti 1000x. I'm a photographer so having power I can take out of the van on shoots would be...
  14. Chris Joyce

    Victron DC-DC charger settings.

    Good afternoon guys. I posted a while ago regarding some issues with my charger/battery and I’m still trying to resolve them. would anyone be kind enough to post the settings used for a victron 12-12-30 dc/dc non insulated charger with a 110 agm battery. I’m struggling with getting charge and...
  15. A

    Repositioning electric modules under drivers seat.

    Hi guys, How do you remove the module in the picture. Cannot seem to see a screw or clip that will take it out. Has circuit board inside so want to make sure do correctly to position leisure battery.
  16. slocumjoseph

    Two BM-2 battery monitors on one van?

    I’m thinking of buying a BM2 bluetooth battery monitor for my T6 starter battery. It seems like a good idea to also install one on the leisure battery but as both will be in bluetooth range is it possible for the software on the phone to give separate readings?
  17. Pepédub

    Electrics for U Shaped Layout in LWB T6

    Hi everyone! I'm begining my conversion on my van and have decided on the U shaped Layout. Probably from van furniture or similar. But the question is where is the best positions for the leisure battery, split charge, hookup, consumer unit and 12v fusebox with this layout? Considering I want to...
  18. I

    Can I lay AGM gel battery on its side?

  19. S

    Battery Under Seat Mount

    Hi I am looking for a battery fixing system. I see that CJL leisure have one on ebay for an under seat battery & split charge system tray for VW T5 T6 campervan conversion , but it is for a 110aH AGM type. I am looking for something similar to this but for a lithium battery that needs to be...
  20. Chris Joyce

    Vircton smart charging help

    Some advice please on my viltron smart non isolated charger. I have this installer about a year now and its always been working fine , keeping the leisure battery topped up. As we are going away next week I decided to run the fridge and check its working ok, we last used it in November and...