leisure battery

  1. chearmstrong

    Solar panel not charging - advice wanted

    Hi, I have a PV Logic MPPT Pro Dual Batter Solar Charge Controller. It no longer seems to be charging the battery. I’ve connected to the unit via Bluetooth - it says there is no charge available and I’m not sure why. I have checked the wired connections etc. Any ideas on what to check? Is the...
  2. T

    Battery life - newbie query

    One the first trips in our new van will be a long weekend without EHU. My question is twofold. I have to use a CPAP machine at night and without hookup, i will need to find a suitable car charger to run it. So question part one - does the cigarette lighter power come from the main or leisure...
  3. C

    Van battery to leisure battery wiring gauge

    Hello T6 family, I hope someone out there may be able to help me. I am not bad at most aspects of converting but I am a complete retard when if comes to Auto Electrics. I am at the point where I have bought a 110ah Lifepo4 leisure battery and about to locate it under the drivers seat. Can any...
  4. P

    Leisure battery rewiring

    Has the wiring been altered in this van? Long story, sorry. Leisure battery under passenger seat has failed so thought time to upgrade to lithium and add a solar panel. Removing the seat and looking at the wiring I am confronted by what looks like to be a bit of a bodge job. At some point a...
  5. P

    Ryder TF1170, L/B & towbar

    Hi everyone. I've taken on a 2016 Caravelle with some conversion work already carried out. It has a towbar fitted and there is a Ryder TF1170 fitted under the passenger seat. Anyone familiar with this device can help me overcome my confusion, hopefully. The un-switched o/p (4) is connected to...
  6. A

    Battery size under seat base

    Hi, I'm about to convert my T6 with AGM leisure battery/charger etc fitted in the standard (captain) seatbase, and need to work out what size battery/batteries to order. Thinking about twin batteries - will have solar panel on the roof, and ctek 250 in the seat base with the battery. Does...
  7. H

    Move Leisure Battery For Rusty Lee Swivel

    Hi All I have a T6.1 and I ordered a factory leisure battery under the passenger seats. I want to put a Rusty Lee swivel in. Has anyone done this, did you put the battery underneath and did the wiring loom extend far enough. Or if there's any other suggestions I'd really appreciate it. Thanks guys
  8. K

    Wanted VW Genuine Aux Battery tray for twin bench

    A long shoit but does anyone have the genuine battery tray for under the twin front seat? Thanks
  9. C

    Bluetooth amplifier for rear speakers running from leisure battery

    Hi. Quite chuffed with this and wanted to share. I installed some rear speakers (Focal RCX-100 4” Coaxial) with a view to adding them to my head unit. After monitoring my starter battery, and seeing it sit at about 12.3-12.4V, I then wished I could run sound off the leisure battery to avoid...
  10. DCC

    Leisure battery mounted on its side

    Not long had my new van and after a bit of exploring silencing the odd squeak and rattle I have noticed the leisure battery the previous owner installed is laid on its side as you can see in the pic. Question I have is this a safe way of mounting it and if so when I need to replace do I need a...
  11. C

    Night-heater not working off grid [Resolved]

    Hello newbie here had my t6 for a couple of years and have used my webasto heater a couple of times only on electric hook up, tried to use it off grid and can’t seem to get it started. When I try to turn it on on the smart control it doesn’t turn on and seems to have no power am I missing...
  12. moodsterT6

    Battery post loose

    Hi, replaced my AGM battery with a Lithium one and the negative battery clamp didn’t want to tighten down on the post. The positive tightened properly but the negative one getting riding up the post as I tried to tighten it. It seems ok at the moment, I just tightened it enough so it couldn’t...
  13. damo1023

    Underseat install mk2 roamer

    So I figured out that I'd like to keep track of this as I go along. It's not a full build thread which I will probably tag this into. However I decided when I paid out last year to do a freshen up of my electric install. When I initially did the van last year I ran out of time and the most...
  14. N

    T6.1 Leisure Battery Under drivers seat

    Hi, I need to fit a leisure battery along with split charge, fuse box etc to my t6 kombi. I have bought all the kit from Rayne Automotive along with a battery plate from MVM. I’ve taken the drivers seat out and tried to suss it all out but it doesn’t look like it’ll fit. The plate doesn’t...
  15. N

    Leisure Battery vent pipe - grommet location

    Hi Im just in the process of fitting my leisure battery and wiring my lighting etc. I have just read an article ref venting the leisure battery is this something everyone has done as I have not done this in the past?
  16. JimDiesel

    Which way to go with solar and batteries….

    Hi all, I’ve had a scan and nothing really hits the spot in the previous threads that I can see but apologies if it exists… We got out van (2019 kombi Swb) at Xmas, it has OEM rear seat and fold out kombi nation bed behind. It also has 230v hook up, 100 Ah leisure battery under the passenger...
  17. ASW

    Leisure Battery - how long will it last?

    Hi as a new member I would like to ask some advice, roughly without electric hook up how long would a leisure battery run a dometic compressor fridge, also I have a T6, euro 6 model will this charge the leisure battery if the engine is idling?? Thanks
  18. RunDSG

    Renogy Battery Monitory - Shunt terminals are too big?!

    Hi all, I’ve read as much as I can find relevant to this problem and hoping for some expert advice. I’ve purchased a 500A Renogy Battery Monitor (I think you are all familiar). The installation is simple enough, except the bolts on the shunt are 10mm and all my accessories (negative terminal...
  19. M

    Leisure battery charging - what voltage means it’s full?

    Checked the leisure battery earlier today via the usb sockets. They were reading 11.9v. Thought it wise to hook up and put some charge into the leisure battery. It's been on for the best part of the day and now reads 12.9v. Maybe a daft question, but when is there enough juice in the battery so...
  20. D

    13pin towbar used to charge leisure battery?

    Hi all, First post and excited to finally join the T6 community rather than lurking in the background! Just bought a T6.0 with Westfalia towbar installed. Is there any way to power a leisure battery from the towbar electrics? I've read on this thread from @catfood12 that there's additional...