leisure battery

  1. W

    Seat base bracket

    I have this spare seat base which has a bracket as shown in the pic. Anyone know what it’s for ? Came with a Rusty Lee swivel base if that’s a clue. Just looked at my seat and I don’t have the bracket.
  2. C

    T6.1 Mains Hook Up Not Charging Battery

    Hi All, I'm new to campervans and have had a T6.1 for about a year. I used it a lot last summer with no issues. However I have noticed that the leisure battery is no longer charging from the mains hook up. I have checked the cable and also used another but no change. I also checked the fuses on...
  3. J19WMK

    Wiring IGN Cable for DC to DC Charger - HELP

    Hi everyone, In the interest of saving myself some time and money; Can any help with “piggy-backing” a IGN cable for a DC to DC charger from the fuse box under the dash? Thanks
  4. J

    Leisure battery not charging via starter battery (T5)

    My starter battery (SB) is 3 months old; my leisure battery (LB) is less than 12 months old. Using a multimeter, the readings are as follows: SB voltage with engine off: 12.85 SB voltage with engine running: 14.15 LB voltage with engine off: 12.43 LB voltage with engine running: 12.43 Leisure...
  5. M

    Albright SU80 Contactor for Leisure Battery

    Really pleased to get my first 2018 T6 Kombi Edition 150hp DSG model in Sept 2022. :) I brought the van from a main dealer, and it had already had a partial conversation carried out by a specialist on the south coast, although the converter is no longer around. The van came with a 230v elec...
  6. N

    Positive Feed Routing

    Hi All, Looking for some advice on routing the positive cable from the main battery to the DC-DC charger and leisure batteries I am fitting in the rear of my T6.1. The easiest option is that I already have a second battery under the passenger seat, which is factory fitted to power the...
  7. Bargy62

    Sold 100Ah leisure battery

    I have just changed for lithium battery so this battery is up for grabs if anyone is interested DETAILS LX27MF 4 years old takes a charge but discharges fairly quick when not being charged It stays charged up when on 50w solar no load and fine on EHU the only reason I've changed it it won't do...
  8. RikParr73

    12v Erratic Voltage Issue

    Hi My Sargent EC50 control panel recently started alarming. When I checked the voltage indicator was showing 14.7 - hence the alarm. I took the seat out and put a meter on the battery and it was 12.8, however the voltage meter (as in the video) showed a different voltage. I've checked all...
  9. Dellmassive


    ++++++++ Dellmassive-camper-van-adventure Dellmassive-list-of-sale-items-garage-clear-out ++++++++ Renogy 12V 100AH LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE BATTERY W/ BLUETOOTH SKU: RBT100LFP12-BT-UK i paid £465 - selling for £365 collected or plus postage. ++++++++ its only had 2x cycles in one of my...
  10. J

    Leisure battery advice please

    My Alpha 110aH AGM low profile is not holding much charge now and flattens very quickly using low current draw equipment e.g caravan TV. Probably my own fault as a couple of times it completely discharged. To buy the same battery it is now £159.99 I was browsing as came across Lion...
  11. C

    Accessing OEM leisure battery under passenger seat

    Hi there, I've recently bought a 2017 t6 Transporter which has an OEM leisure battery installed underneath the passenger seat. Is there an easy way to get to the battery without taking the whole seat off? Thanks in advance!
  12. J

    California aux battery problems - Low and not charging

    Good day, My main car battery recently died so I ended up re-charging the battery with another boosting battery and cable. I was able to re-start the car, but since then the auxiliary battery constantly indicates low battery and no lights, nor fridge, nor electric roof top works. Even the...
  13. joshje

    LiFePO4 - maintaining the battery life

    I have a LiFePO4 lithium leisure battery, and I understand that it likes to be stored at ~50% charge. Our camper has solar + Victron MPPT, as well as a Victron DC-DC, and so our leisure battery is always at 100% (at least whenever I check it). Now that we’re approaching the winter season, and...
  14. alter

    leisure batteries on the control panel

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to check if the alternator of my 2017 Ocean is charging the leisure batteries correctly. If I turn on the control panel with the engine running, the indicated voltage does not rise, even when I turn on the refrigerator, for example .... I usually load the...
  15. T6DSGChris

    opinions on this battery

    hiya https://www.alpha-batteries.co.uk/leoch-160ah-agm-leisure-battery?gclid=Cj0KCQjw08aYBhDlARIsAA_gb0cQuziw_hIQAF8Zig9NtGZyFxubIoAvgHXn1viI3NXsinoWy6LGiisaAopPEALw_wcB whats our thoughts on this? layed on its side it should fit under the drivers seat... anyone had, used, theories on...
  16. J88arv

    Double swivel seat with LB??

    Hi all I have my battery etc under my double seat in the van. I’m wanting to put a swival bracket on however not sure if this is possible with what I’ve got under the seat. Any advice super welcome
  17. R

    Rear Parking Sensor Issue + Fast Blinking Indicators

    2019 T6 T30 with rear parking sensors only no camera I had a dual battery installed under the seat by a local 4wd company who do a lot of 12v installs in March this year and had no issues until end of July when it stopped charging. A few days after it had stopped charging a start/stop error...
  18. P

    Starting my LB electrics

    Hi all, I’m just starting a little list of what I think I need for my kombi, but will need to do it in stages ££ Renogy 50 amp DCC Charger with MPPT Renogy BT 2 Bluetooth adapter 5 meters 16mm cable from starter battery to charger 240 v battery charger which LB ?? I’m thinking 100amp , would...
  19. Gemini


    Hi , going to be fitting my lesuire battery set up next weekend, has anyone used one of these? https://www.alpha-batteries.co.uk/12v-100ah-ritar-agm-lead-carbon-ultra-deep-cycle-battery-dc12-100c/ Thanks Andy
  20. Cooper

    California with solar panel

    We fitted some solar panels and associated bits to our camper the other other day and just wanted to check I had it set up correctly…. Should I have the battery presets set to AGM spiral cell whatever that is? (See attached from the VictronConnect app)