led numberplate lights

  1. Pedro20001

    Led number plate lights, keep failing

    Hi all, having trouble with led number plate lights failing. Over the last year I must have had 5 start to flicker then fail. Its a 2021 t6.1 with barn doors. Any advice is very welcome!
  2. J

    Bulb indicator light on dashboard lit after removal of the ceiling light [Resolved]

    Hello, On our 2016 T6, we have just removed the roof and therefore the 2 ceiling lights (we will replace this with LED ceiling lights which will be connected to the secondary battery). The problem is that since we disconnected these ceiling lights, on the dashboard there is the "bulb"...
  3. cy294

    Can number-plate light affect headlight?

    Evening all, Discovered today that the one of the rear licence plate unit is not working 100 % as it showed up a warning light on the dash. The bulb which is in an aftermarket unit is the led type and as it seems to be on its way out, would this affect the auto light function? As it seemed...
  4. Texxaco

    T6 tailgate number plate LED’s

    Is it possible to swap out the T6 tailgate number plate lights for LED’s Is this something that can be swapped out? I have noticed it can be done on the barn door version but can’t find LED upgrades for the tailgate version. Thanks
  5. Carl1974

    Rear led license bulbs replacement issue.

    Good evening all, can I ask if anyone has had an issue with replacement rear license bulbs, I have replaced the standard ones for led. However I have had 2 sets that I have fitted in 12 months but they either flicker or when you tighten them in they go off. I have just fitted another new set...
  6. Littleblackflash

    ‘Light Out’ warning on after tailgate conversion.

    I've converted my barn doors to a tailgate with LED lights. But I have a orange warning for bulb out on the instruments. VCDS scan showed no fault codes. If I go into 17-Instruments and go into measured values, what should I be looking for? The only concern I've found is "Status on input...
  7. Ads_Essex

    Part number for numberplate light

    Morning all, Is anyone able to confirm if part number 3AF943021A is correct for a T6 tailgate numberplate light please. Thanks in advance. Adam.