1. Dellmassive

    Sold Karcher KHB 5 Multi-Jet 18V Cordless Handheld Pressure Washer 2 x 2.6Ah + more

    Karcher KHB 5 Multi-Jet 18V Cordless Handheld Pressure Washer 2 x 2.6Ah standard KHB 5 kit. PLUS: extra second battery ( brand new ) extra fast charger extra bucket pickup hose. . +++++++++++++++++++ decided to sell this kit as its not getting any use. basically brand new, only been...
  2. Skyliner33

    Karcher just gave up the ghost.

    OK, my Karcher has just packed up. Its not the fuse and I can't think of a simple fix. Its not great anyway (K3 total control iirc), and always had a bit of a smell when using it. So now I am thinking of options and would like advice. I could upgrade the Karcher top a K4 or K5. This would...
  3. Steve H

    Karcher... Grrr..

    I'm grumpy now.. Few hours spare, thought I'd give the old girl a bath and got the Karcher out. Set all the bits out on the kitchen drainer and hooked the Karch up. Decided to give it a zap with the pressure washer before doing the snow foam bit, and as the van dripped, came inside to change...
  4. Dellmassive

    Snow Foam - How I Did It -

    Snow Foam - How I Did It - Its Friday, Its Sunny, Its time to wash the van ! Detailing is one of those catch 22 things for me, i wake up and say - today is the day!!!! I get all the kit out, . . . . get started . . . . . . . .And, Then get board half way through and wish i never started...
  5. Olly T6

    Snow Foam Lance

    which one would you guys recommend for a karcher k4, so many diff types online and heard the actual karcher branded one is pants
  6. Adam Lucas

    How You Wash Your Van?

    Ok people what do you do, wash at home with every product possible , go to the petrol station jet wash, drive through car wash etc Personally i won't be on my drive way waxing away , but could do with some tips on a quick wash at home in-between going somewhere to have it washed waxed...
  7. T6 Dave's Dad

    Portable Cleaning tool - Karcher Mobile Outdoor cleaner OC3

    Has anyone seen the Karcher Mobile Outdoor cleaner OC3? Battery powered, runs from an incorporated water tank and it may appeal to many as uses could include MTB washdown, dog washing after muddy walks, welly wash, with warm water could be a shower, and those are just immediate thoughts...
  8. Alan Croft

    Pressure washer advice

    Hi all, Been using my cheap and nasty power washer which hasn't a huge power output and was looking at something a little better. Argos have a nilfisk c120 at £99 and a nilfisk c125 at £139. Just wondered if anyone had used one of these and if they are any good. Was going to get a snowfoam...
  9. R

    Pressure Washers

    Not sure if anyone has asked this question but what type of Pressure washer is best. I need a good one to clean my Patio, the one I have is Black & Decker and getting a bit tired. I have been looking at getting a Karcher K4 but have been told NilFisk is another worth looking at. I might add I'm...
  10. Buggirl

    Detailing Routine

    Just been and brought the rest of what I need to start detailing the van!
  11. Walski

    A Good Snow Foam....

    one for @T6dder!!!!! Gave the van a good wash today inside and out post France trip and ahead of going in for the air ride...... This time next week folks, it'll look a whole lot different!! (And hopefully will go in that garage behind!!!)