just kampers

  1. G

    JustKampers Door Store

    Just fitted JustKamper door storage...very happy ...Cheers.
  2. vwadventure

    Sold JustKampers Thermal Window Blinds

    Various items for sale due to van undergoing full conversion Justkampers thermal blinds for sliding door and opposite sliding door -£10. Collection or can post for £5 See my other posts for VW Kombi Rubber Floor for T6/T6.1 SWB twin slider. - £150 ONO collection only Two Rear...
  3. S

    JustKampers Insurance

    Just thought I’d give some feedback on this company here, thanks DXX What a disorganised shower, I’m struggling to contain my anger and frustration at the way this company is set up. It all comes down to setting an agreed value. Their online portal for this simply doesn’t work, it never...
  4. D

    JustKampers seat skins and swivel passenger base

    I'm looking to buy a set of seat skins for my van, and came across these on the JustKampers site: VW Transporter T5 T5.1 T6 T6.1 Classic GTI Style Red Plaid Car Seat Cover (Single & Double) However, the description states "they will not work with seats which have a swivel base". I've tried...
  5. Dahnhiller

    Just Kampers Sliding Door Storage

    So I've just seen that JK are doing a sliding door storage unit for £50 less than the Kiravans model. I'd be interested to know if anyone has fitted it yet, and if anyone knows what the difference is compared to the Kiravans model?
  6. B

    LED DRL bar not dimming

    Hey all I am new to this forum but I could do with some help if that's ok. I have just installed the lower grille DRLS to my T6 2015-19. I got the DRL kit from Justkampers (no instructions provided) and the wires from the canbus are red with in line fuse which I believe should be connected to...
  7. Ayjay

    Communications Issues - JustKampers

    I was wondering if anybody else has had communications issues with JustKampers Insurance. I recently renewed my policy and they claim to have sent the new policy documents to me by email 3 times now and none have arrived (and nor are they in Spam / Junk). The missing documents apparently gave...
  8. Eyres'ee

    Just Kampers Discount Card

    I have just been on the Just Kampers web site and they offer a club discount card. I look down the list and the T6 Forum is not listed. Does anyone know if this due to being refused or not tried? G Owners Club Discount Sign Up :: Just Kampers
  9. D

    Alternative to carpet or ply lining

    Recently bought a kombi and use it for a motorbike, mountain bikes, kids and dogs. I'd like to sound deaden, insulate and line the rear. But I'm a little concerned the carpet will get dirty, wet, smelly etc. I don't want ply lining as I use the van every day. I've been looking but I haven't yet...
  10. Steve1978

    Plastic lining

    hi, been looking at these instead of a carpet and ply finish. Anyone used them? Any thoughts? Black Interior Lining Kit (Double Rear Door) T5 2003–2015 T6 SWB - J40186, - :: Just Kampers