just kampers

  1. Eyres'ee

    Just Kampers Discount Card

    I have just been on the Just Kampers web site and they offer a club discount card. I look down the list and the T6 Forum is not listed. Does anyone know if this due to being refused or not tried? G Owners Club Discount Sign Up :: Just Kampers
  2. D

    Alternative to carpet or ply lining

    Recently bought a kombi and use it for a motorbike, mountain bikes, kids and dogs. I'd like to sound deaden, insulate and line the rear. But I'm a little concerned the carpet will get dirty, wet, smelly etc. I don't want ply lining as I use the van every day. I've been looking but I haven't yet...
  3. Steve1978

    Plastic lining

    hi, been looking at these instead of a carpet and ply finish. Anyone used them? Any thoughts? Black Interior Lining Kit (Double Rear Door) T5 2003–2015 T6 SWB - J40186, - :: Just Kampers