1. P

    RIB bed Isofix?

    Can anyone who's got a rib bed with isofix tell me that the bed has a clip for a top tether strap for an isofix base I know the leg is too short but I've read on bawny site that it does but I like someone who has one clarify it for me thanks
  2. andrewjt2004

    ISOFix in Camper?

    Hey all, I'm new to this all, haven't yet bought any van, so forgive my ignorance if this is a silly question but... We're keen on the functionality of being able to convert the inside of the van to be able to sleep in it. We also need ISOFIX for 3 car-seats. I'm seeing loads of lovely...
  3. LouisBalodis

    Isofix retrofit for rear bench seat?

    Just had a bench seat fitted into the rear of my transporter (6.1), see image. The seat is a genuine VW par but unfortunately it doesn't have any isofix anchors. Can anyone guide me in the direction of any aftermarket options that will work with this bench? I was a little disappointed as I asked...
  4. D

    Rings on bottom of backs of seats

    What is the intended use of these metal rings? Are they secure latching points to secure loads from hitting the backs of the seats?
  5. Kedlestone

    Smart Bed Evolution 2

    Hi all, Just wondered if there is anyone who knows of any aftermarket options for fitting an isofix child seat to a Smartbed evo 2? I’ve see a few options for cars where you can buy a bracket that slides between the cushions, but I’m pretty sure this won’t work with the Smartbed? I know the...
  6. R

    Help wanted pls - seat catch faulty on caravelle

    Hi, I'm a new '14 Caravelle owner. One of the captain chair booster seat catches is faulty. It doesn't click back down, so stays floating. Any suggestions as to a repair or instructions for dismantling for a better look? Many thanks :)
  7. G

    Baby car seat questions

    Hi. We are excited new owners of a 2018 T6 highline. We have a 5 month old baby. Her current 0+ car seat goes on the front bench. The seat belt just fits round to secure it. When we change to the next car seat up, I'm worried it won't fit in the front and the seat belt will be too short. Less of...
  8. SF_52EVO

    Car Seat / RnR Combo

    Vans currently a Kombi, and looking to fit RnR bed. Up to this point I’ve been put off because of limited options for ISOFix. Just wondered if anyone hadfound a good non iso-fix combo of seat and bed. Or is it best just to stick with isofix and get a rib or similar. ideally would like full...
  9. James1000

    Isofix retrofit - Front Double-Seat

    Has anyone got round the lack of isofix on the front bench - not ideal but I’m pre conversion hence the question?
  10. G

    Isofix In T6 Kombi

    Looking at a T6 kombi on Monday. But have a question Rear facing child car seats my wife is all about rear facing car seats which is a lot safer I agree. We have the Britax Dualfix M Isize 360 spin. Just wanted to know if anyone has one fitted in there kombi using the isofix. Plus a Maxi Cossi...
  11. A


    We have a 6 month old Grandson. Our T6 converted into camper doesn’t have conventional rear seats, only custom built corner rear facing seats behind front driver and passenger bench. We’d love to be able to take him out in van but not sure we can get a safe baby seat fitted. Either front or...