1. N

    Child Seat fitting without Isofix

    Hi. New to this forum. Just wondering if anyone has managed to find a way to legally fit a child seat in the front of a transporter. I know in vans other than in Australia there is a button to disconnect the airbag. Also does anyone know where you can have aftermarket isofix points fitted. Any...
  2. James1000

    Isofix retrofit - Front Seats

    Has anyone got round the lack of isofix on the front bench - not ideal but I’m pre conversion hence the question?
  3. G

    Isofix In T6 Kombi

    Looking at a T6 kombi on Monday. But have a question Rear facing child car seats my wife is all about rear facing car seats which is a lot safer I agree. We have the Britax Dualfix M Isize 360 spin. Just wanted to know if anyone has one fitted in there kombi using the isofix. Plus a Maxi Cossi...
  4. A

    T6 Front Passenger Seat Baby Seat

    We have a 6 month old Grandson. Our T6 converted into camper doesn’t have conventional rear seats, only custom built corner rear facing seats behind front driver and passenger bench. We’d love to be able to take him out in van but not sure we can get a safe baby seat fitted. Either front or...