1. V

    For Sale For Sale: Kombi Rear 2 Seater Leatherette Bench

    Hi all, I am selling the 2 seater rear Kombi bench. Titanium and Palladium leatherette with Isofix points. Truth be told, I'm not sure how to remove the you may need to do this. We have had the van since late October and the seat has only been sat on twice so very new. Also not...
  2. vintage_racing

    Sold Kombi 2+1 seats with belts & brackets

    Kombi 2+1 seats for sale, recovered in black. Twin seat folds flat and has Isofix, single seat tilts forwards. All belts included, and floor brackets. £750 Location: Surrey
  3. I

    Sold T6 Kombi 2+1 Seats with all fixings & seat belts £700 No Floor

    Original VW T6 transporter Kombi 2nd row double and single folding seat. Middle row ‘double’ seat + Single seat for a VWTransporter, finished in Simora fabric. These seats are in excellent ‘used’ condition, from a 2019 low mileage vehicle which I am converting into a camper. Complete with...
  4. D

    Sold T6 Kombi ISOFIX seats 2+1

    I have for sale this lovely bench 2+1 Isofix VW unit. It was installed on my Kombi shortly before I bought it and I removed it to convert the van into a camper a month later. I believe they were a custom order as I have not been able to find similar type (maybe someone can enlighten me?!) I also...
  5. A

    Sold Simora 2+1 Rear Kombi seats + everything

    Available on from 11/10/23 Great condition with Isofix, floor brackets, and seat belts inc. £900 ono. Twin sliding, SWB rubber Matt also available, £100 ono. Farnborough, Hampshire area.
  6. S

    For Sale 2+1 rear seats with ISOFIX - £240

    Selling our rear faux leather 2+1 seats due to us now swapping to a RIB bed. 4 Unwin rails included, will need new bolts to fasten to floor as I had to angle grind them out to remove a few of them. The seats recline a few degrees and have arm rests which you can have up or down. All 3 have...
  7. S

    will our ISOFIX child seat fit a 2+1?

    Hi need advice urgently - we sign for our new van tomorrow. T6 Kombi with 2+1 rear seats. My husband is adamant our 2 month old babies car seat will fit in (Maxi-Cosi pebble 360 pro) I have googled it for hours now and everything I read seems to say nothing will fit?! The isofix leg is too...
  8. Octane85

    Where’s my isofix?

    Hi all, I’m new to the Transporter world, and have just bought a 65 plate T6 which has had the bench seat put in at some point. Now then, this bench has the isofix labels on the seats but I can’t for the life of me find the actual isofix bar within the seat. Am I being stupid here? I guess...
  9. J

    Safest toddler car for rear of T6 (isofix but no tether)

    Grateful for any help! We’re looking for a car seat for our 18 month toddler for the back of our T6. It has an eazyseat with isofix installed. However we haven’t found a car seat that works. The seat is too high for our maxi cosi as the leg support doest reach the ground. Anyone have...
  10. T6DSGChris

    For Sale Universal seat restraint mounting connector - isofix

    hi i bought this and it never got used, i had a front double with no isofix connection and wanted it to be as safe as houses so my set being both belt and isofix i was going to use this.. could be handy for rear seat people etc? link to same as mine here...
  11. P

    RIB bed Isofix?

    Can anyone who's got a rib bed with isofix tell me that the bed has a clip for a top tether strap for an isofix base I know the leg is too short but I've read on bawny site that it does but I like someone who has one clarify it for me thanks
  12. andrewjt2004

    ISOFix in Camper?

    Hey all, I'm new to this all, haven't yet bought any van, so forgive my ignorance if this is a silly question but... We're keen on the functionality of being able to convert the inside of the van to be able to sleep in it. We also need ISOFIX for 3 car-seats. I'm seeing loads of lovely...
  13. LouisBalodis

    Isofix retrofit for rear bench seat?

    Just had a bench seat fitted into the rear of my transporter (6.1), see image. The seat is a genuine VW par but unfortunately it doesn't have any isofix anchors. Can anyone guide me in the direction of any aftermarket options that will work with this bench? I was a little disappointed as I asked...
  14. D

    Rings on bottom of backs of seats

    What is the intended use of these metal rings? Are they secure latching points to secure loads from hitting the backs of the seats?
  15. Kedlestone

    Smart Bed Evolution 2

    Hi all, Just wondered if there is anyone who knows of any aftermarket options for fitting an isofix child seat to a Smartbed evo 2? I’ve see a few options for cars where you can buy a bracket that slides between the cushions, but I’m pretty sure this won’t work with the Smartbed? I know the...
  16. R

    Help wanted pls - seat catch faulty on caravelle

    Hi, I'm a new '14 Caravelle owner. One of the captain chair booster seat catches is faulty. It doesn't click back down, so stays floating. Any suggestions as to a repair or instructions for dismantling for a better look? Many thanks :)
  17. Dubsintheblood

    T6 Front Bench Baby Seat recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a top quality baby seat (newborn) for a t6 front bench, thanks in advance.
  18. SF_52EVO

    Car Seat / RnR Combo

    Vans currently a Kombi, and looking to fit RnR bed. Up to this point I’ve been put off because of limited options for ISOFix. Just wondered if anyone hadfound a good non iso-fix combo of seat and bed. Or is it best just to stick with isofix and get a rib or similar. ideally would like full...
  19. B@rrow

    Sold VW T5/T6 Kombi Seats Floor Seatbelts Floor fixings

    Complete Kombi interior for Sale, from T6 2017, Short Wheel base. All in good condition and removed from my van and ready for collection. I want to sell the lot in one go to a forum member if possible £700 for the lot Collection from Bidford on Avon Warwickshire Ping me if you are interested...
  20. James1000

    Isofix retrofit - Front Double-Seat

    Has anyone got round the lack of isofix on the front bench - not ideal but I’m pre conversion hence the question?