1. ProjectBus

    IPad / Tablet roof mount

    Hi, does anyone know of a decent roof mount for iPad or other tablet to keep the small people entertained? I would need it to be roof mounted rather than headrest mounted and ideally without having to remove headlining or drilling into anything to fit it!? Thanks
  2. S

    New Head Unit vs iPad Air

    Hi, I have just bought a T6 Redline Conversion (It is the T6 Startline) - so the HeadUnit is okay, but not the best. So I have been thinking about either getting a decent headunit (Alpine 9" or Kenwood 7") But then thought about just using Ipad Air (with with a mounting bracket) So wasn't...
  3. RyanGerry

    Headrest IPad Holder - what are people using?

    Looking at buying some iPad holders for kids, what are people using ?
  4. R

    For Sale Bridge Of Weir Leather / Ipad Cover

    Hi there guys I,m selling an unused genuine bridge of weir leather, ipad cover / tablet cover. It's as new not even out the package either. I won it in a raffle but me or the wife don't have and ipad or tablet as we have a computer and our phone's do everything we need.looking for 50.00 posted...
  5. cowlsy

    Half Decent Ipad/tablet/lcd Tv Bracket

    For months I have been researching what the best set up would be for watching TV in the van during these cold winter nights.... (yes I know to many the whole idea of TV is verboten) There’s lots of threads where people have got either Cello or August LCD set ups which they are happy with, but...
  6. bullracing

    Av Cable To Ipad

    I have a rear view camera on my solar with night vision. Is it at all possible to view it on the ipad some how? It has the yellow RCA type plug. I have an ipad gen 6. Is there some sort of wired or wireless thingimibob that I can use to join them together?