idle speed

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    Lumpy idle

    2009 Transporter T5 started running lumpy once warm and then difficult to start. had a full service so filters changed etc….had a new fuel pump, a bit better but not right so now looking at a new dual pump… see how that goes, then it could be injectors or worse case a cylinder head… anyone else...
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    Idle speed high stopping Start/Stop working.

    Hi folks, VW T6 T30 SWB Diesel 2.0 TDI 150 Highline New to T6 Forum and joined primarily due to earlier issue with Stop/Start not working. Garage VDS pointed to Alternator but alas turned out to be exactly what had been reported in a T6 Forum post and that being 3 chaffed cables in the cable...
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    Whirring noise!? not sure what it is - help

    Hi So this noise has started getting louder and more apparent. sometimes its not to bad, but other times its really loud. seems to be getting wortse. I checked the fluid level on the power steering pump and all seems fine otherwise really not sure what it is. any help would be great. thanks
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    Idler pulley part number please?

    Hello, can anyone tell me the idler pulley part number on a VW T6 2017 Many thanks
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    Vw T6 Tsi Engine Idle Speed.

    Hello, I have got a VW T6 TSI and the idle speed on the engine is 900rpm is this normal ? It just seams abit high to me. Can anyone shed any light on it ? Cheers Stuart