1. T

    T6.1 Horn Replacement - fit relay?

    Hello. I have a compressor horn to replace the factory horn. Can I simply connect it using the wiring of the factory horn. Or do I need to go the whole way and run power from the battery with a separate relay?
  2. Drive Wayne

    Found A Norn

    Has anyone got a twin tone horn (that works!) surplus to requirements, knocking around in their garage? Whilst changing my front fog lamp bulbs earlier on my new improved Startline with 'non cat-flap' style wheel arch liners, I realised it is a job I can do without the need of a safety net...
  3. D

    Random beep/buzz from bonnet [Resolved]

    I’m getting a random beep/buzz from under the bonnet unlocking the van and opening doors. It doesn’t happen all the time (the most annoying problems are intermittent) and there seems to be no pattern to it. Sometimes does one about 10 seconds after unlocking it. No warning lights or errors...
  4. JPE

    [Guide] T6.1 Horn replacement

    So Noddy’s horn that VW fitted to my van had finally packed up and started to sound more like a kazoo (google it),a perfect opportunity to look for a replacement,so I decided to go with a Denali soundbomb compact it’s actually a motorbike horn but fits any vehicle apparentley,I bought it from...
  5. RK04DUB

    T5 horn randomly sounds when driving

    I’ve a 2005 T5 that’s just started to sound the horn whilst I’m driving. I’ve removed the fuse, but can hear the relay clicking away. There’s no correlation between clicks and speed, wheel movement etc Anyone have any idea?
  6. L

    Horn Not Working

    Hello All, I have a 1996 Caravelle and the horn has stopped working. I have checked the fuse; it's fine. I can hear the relay clicking, so that appears fine. I took the leads off the horns and tested them with a multimeter and got a reading of 16.8v when the horn is pressed. Surely it should on...
  7. AlexJoe

    [Solved]Horn not working, all other buttons & illumination MSFW working...

    Hello, MSFW -> LIN via T73b /36, all buttons working, but horn plate - no. I checked the horn by VCDS, it works. Coded: Address 09 Byte 9 Bit 3 - 1 Address 09 Byte 15 Bit - 1 Address 09 Byte 29 Bit 6 - 1 (Byte 29 value 62) Address 09 Byte 17 Bit 2 - 1 Address 09 Byte 17 Bit 7 - 1 Address 09...
  8. Californication69

    T6.1 Horn location and replacement

    TIA Where’s the physical horn location in a T6.1 California Ocean.
  9. M

    Trigger horn, multifunction steering wheel

    Hi all, lone time lurker, first time poster. I need to be able to remotely trigger the horn on my T6, and I'm struggling to work out how to simulate the horn being pressed. I've downloaded the "Circuit_Diagrams_Basic_Equipment_T6F", and am looking at page 10. I was hoping I could short the two...
  10. fireheed

    Horn stopped working

    So yesterday the horn stopped working on the van. 2016 T6 So we have voltage at the horn under normal running, circa 5volts then when pressing the horn it goes to 8volts. Now normally i wouldn't expect to see any voltage till its pressed. Checked horn direct off the battery and works fine, tried...
  11. N

    I Think The T6.1 Horn Was Nicked From Noddy

    The two tone horn in my T6 is quite good in my opinion, but the one in my new T6.1 is a joke. Does any one know how easy it would be to replace without having to run additional cabling.
  12. M

    Hi, I've Got A 2010 Transporter, T6 Version, Have Got No Horn Working, Have Tried Fuses And Cannot S

    Hi, I've got a 2010 t6 version transporter and I have an issue with the horn, it doesn't work ? Fuse is ok, not sure if there is a relay, swapped steering wheel, checked horn, all to no joy. Can anyone shed some light please. Thanks, Martin
  13. E

    MFSW buttons and horn no longer working..

    hi guys Well after a bad day today things got worse i was getting ready to travel home from work and got my ilhone charger wrapped arount my steering wheel and ignition cases now my horn wont work or any of the functions on my mfsw any help as where to start with this ?
  14. Shredder

    Horn Upgrade

    Haven't got the van yet but assume the standard horn maybe a bit "cheap" and tinny sounding ??? .... my Vito Sport one was certainly annoyingly weak. I notice there are 2 upgrades available in the T6 section of the Vanstyle site : Upgraded Horns, VW T6 Van Accessories 15 - Van Styling...