1. Walter

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Hi all, I'm new here. I am Walter from the Dutch Amsterdam area. Driving my 3th Transporter. A brandnew T6 highline DSG, LWB, full factor options in Mohave beige. Running my own T6 page on Facebook: Volkswagen T6 fans Cheers!
  2. M

    Exporting my T6 Camper to the EU

    Due to work / Brexit I’m moving to the Netherlands in the summer. Has anyone any experience (post brexit) of importing there van into the EU? I’m in half a mind to sell it here and buy one other there but given the amount I’ve spent on it and how much we’ve been able to use it I’m a bit...
  3. RyanGerry

    A Weekend Away In Holland!

    A cheeky little weekend away at Euro Camp this weekend in Hilvarenbeek Holland
  4. Shaun Witts

    Hull To Rotterdam Ferry Booking

    What are folk, who take their converted vans on this ferry route, stating as their vehicle type when booking ? The price for a car with the same dimensions as my SWB is half of that for a van!
  5. Pounty

    Europe and Scandinavia van site app

    hi, going to be doing a lot of driving through Europe and Scandinavia. Is there an app that shows sites, etc. So I can stop on the hop if needs be! Thx, Andy
  6. VanBlanc


    A few folk have mentioned plans to do this trip. This year we did 4400 miles up the Norwegian atlantic coast to the Arctic Circle and back through Sweden. I know the area around Stavanger and Stockholm but not much more so it was an adventure. There are a lot of pics on our FaceBook page Van...