high beam assist

  1. K

    Foot Operated Headlight Dip-switch

    I have a T6 Transporter now one year old and I'd appreciate advice about how I might install a foot operated floor-switch to control headlight switching between low beam and high beam. I'd prefer that the floor-switch operates in parallel to the hand-operated switch on the steering wheel stalk...
  2. Adams

    Hba Retrofit

    I finally got around to having my T6 heated windscreen installed with RLHS mount (albeit on a T5.1 but it’s the same in principle) Works like a charm 5557F2F6-A01A-464D-9E69-BF7F4F039ABC by Adams posted 9 Oct 2018 at 22:37 416CCABD-0942-4C62-BCF7-58C43981F9B8 by Adams posted 9 Oct 2018 at 22:37...
  3. 5557F2F6-A01A-464D-9E69-BF7F4F039ABC


    T6 HBA mirror
  4. 95C9E901-81A5-4A46-A73A-82ABFE587355


    HBA icon in cluster
  5. Rick

    High Beam Assist - HBA

    Can't seem to turn my high beam assist on ,highline t6 kombi 1 month old any ideas
  6. MartyMoose

    Main beam assist

    How do I know if my van has high beam assist? I've got the auto-dimming mirror and it looks like it's got the camera and sensors etc. but I've yet to see high beam assist working when lights are on auto. As it's an option I'm wondering if it's not actually configured. Anyone know if this can be...