hertz speakers

  1. Dave Lawson

    Found Hertz crossovers

    Don’t know if they are of any use to anyone? Brand new/unused.
  2. I

    Hertz Power 5 and MP 300 D4.3 Pro

    Looking for a bit of assistance with how to configure my system. I want to drive tweeters/mid range and sub from an ML Power 5 amp. The amp has outputs for 2 pairs of speakers, and sub output. When used in the configuration the amp will provide: 5 Ch: 70 W x 4 + 380 W x 1 (4Ω) The sub...
  3. 18T6

    Hertz amp & speakers

    Hi, I’ve just pulled these out of our Bay that we have for sale, I was wondering if they would fit or provide any useful upgrade in our T6 highline? I was going to replace the speaker in our overhead but these are size too big. what about the amp? Apologies if all the answers are out there.
  4. Brindle

    It Hertz!

    Been putting an an upgraded system in my van, mostly repurposed from stuff I’d had for years. Installed everything at the weekend and all was good and sounded great, really clean and powerful apart from the fan in the amp was rattling (been in the loft for 7 years or more) so I’m a typical...
  5. cbrblade

    Under seat subwoofer box

    Hi All wanting to fit a hertz hx 250 under passenger seat,any recommendations on which box to use
  6. cbrblade

    Todays freebie

    Got this off a mate today for free :) are they any good
  7. K

    Here's where I stuck the hertz crossover / t6.1

    Just in case this is useful to anybody.. The t6.1 has a completely different internal to the t6 and where others had stuck the hertz crossover it no longer fits.. so after a few on and off with the door card I found this spot. I first stuck it on with a bit of dual lock but ended up fixing...
  8. K

    T6.1 speaker & tweeter upgrade

    After 2 days of surprisingly little swearing, I have all the wiring done inside my t6.1 for an Amp in the near future ( big job got canceled! ). Absolut5 Jason has recommended the hertz mille pro 2 way speakers for the doors but I'm seeing if anybody has any other speakers to check out...
  9. VanBlanc

    AbsoluT5 Audio

    I see no one has actually left a recommendation here for @Absolut5 . Jason is famed for his knowledge about ICE and other things T5/6. His deals are always good, his install work is the best and customer service and follow up second to non. Always worth the drive to Amesbury :thumbsup: Absolute...
  10. X

    Hertz speakers - Crossover Location?

    I am currently installing the Hertz speakers supplied bu @Absolut5 . Going OK so far with sub installed, passenger side cables, passenger side speaker and passenger side dynamat. Can anyone post a photo of where you have installed the crossover in the door? Its quite bulky so trying to work...