1. Yackers777

    Wind deflectors - which ones are best?

    Hi Can anyone recommend best wind deflectors for t6 caravelle and is there anybody selling any on here ? Thanks in advance Paul
  2. p6raf

    Found Driver-side Heko wind-deflector

    Does anyone have a spare driver's side deflector by chance?
  3. M

    Sold Heko wind deflectors £10

    A pair of wind deflectors that are too good to throw away. Come with 4 of the clips but you can buy more online if needed. Think they were dark or smoke tint. Collection only but are down at the NEC on the 25th if that helps. £10ono
  4. Dan johnson

    For Sale New Heko wind deflectors

    Ordered these when I ordered my van so couldn’t send them back when the van arrived (12 month later)and these didn’t fit,brand new but don’t fit t6.1 to my knowledge,although I ordered t6.1 so I’m a bit baffled £25 pick up Manchester
  5. F

    FREE Driver-side Heko wind-deflector

    Hi All Lost my passenger side Heko wind deflector in the fast lane of the M4 last week. Wasn’t about to walk back and salvage the remnants. Was about to chuck the driver side deflector in the bin. I thought I’d check that no one needs one. Free to collect 5 mins from junction 32 of M4. Tony
  6. Skyliner33

    Wind deflectors - my comparison.

    I have see quite a few posts on wind deflectors, so thought I would my thoughts. I have now had 3 different types so maybe can help others with a choice. The ones I have used (in the order I used them), with pros and cons are: 1. VW OEM: These stick on the outside onto the painted surface of...
  7. S


    Unused since purchase new. Pair Heko Wind Deflectors inc clips Rather too fragile to post but happy to sell for £15 if collected. (Essex/Herts area)
  8. sportsman

    T6.1 Heko Wind Deflectors stopping window shutting

    Good afternoon has anyone had any problems fitting the heko wind deflectors got a set today they fit fine but the windows won't close the auto shut of feature is coming on when I close them any suggestions :unsure:
  9. Eli

    Sold T6 Items Shed Clear Out

    So having sold my California I now have the following items for sale. Heko Wind Deflectors £20 Vanshades Thermal Black Screen Cover £150 Pop top cover £150 collection preferred but can meet up if localish
  10. nigeltreves

    Heko Wind Deflector.

    Hi everyone. Where is the best place to get the Heko wind deflectors and bonnet deflector. Has anyone got any experience of the bonnet deflector. Thanks in advance.
  11. DubiousEngineering

    Video On How To Fit Heko Wind Deflectors

    Just a quick 3 min video on fitting these Heko wind and rain guards ... they make a massive difference to the functionality of the van in my opinion... you can crack the window and enjoy a little fresh air while driving, or stationary to stop moisture build up while sleeping, and also run an...
  12. gilly

    Heko Deflectors - Doesn't Look Right

    Can you put up any pics of how the deflector looks when it is in properly in and around the wing mirrors,I have had a go at putting it on and the window hits the bottom of the deflector, does the sharp-ish corner of the deflector sit in the window channel, where my window won't go up because of...
  13. chriscroft

    ClimAir wind deflectors

    Finally got round to finding some time to tweak the Vel; Remove the stick on Vw deflectors using Soft plastic trim removal tool; Hair drier; Sticky Stuff remover; blue paper rags; pure ethanol alcohol. (1.5hours) Fit Climair sport deflectors around 10mins. Then remove "Climair-made in Germany"...
  14. Bemmy GY

    Heko Front Windscreen Protector (aka Bonnet Protector).

    Evening all, as the post says, but thats what they call it on their website? yes or no on a white van? If so, please show me your pics.
  15. pats

    Wind deflector mystery

    Yesterday I came back to my van after leaving it for a couple of hours to find the Heko deflectors missing but the metal clips still in place and no sign of any damage or marks on the van.........a bit baffled to how
  16. Buggirl

    Wind deflectors... which ones?

    Seen loads of these wind deflectors, brought some for our Touran but haven't fitted them yet. Just wondering which are the best fit and quality for T6. Was thinking of going with Machine 7 ones. Thoughts?