1. CJW

    H7 Headlight DRL LEDs - What are you running?

    I’ve read all the threads and it’s really hard to establish what actually works in the long term. After a minor disaster with the Twenty20 CanPlus W21W LED DRL replacements, I’m appealing to the forum’s members - please would anyone successfully running LEDs in the DRLs of the H7 dual reflector...
  2. Robs1000rr

    Live feed from drl to put extra light bar

    Hi I have a bonnet light bar I would like to tap into the live feed to the drl lights so it comes on when they do but not sure what colour wire I need to spice in to . If anyone can let me know or even provide a picture of location that be great. Thank you
  3. T

    For Sale T6.1 OEM headlights.

    Hi I have a set of original lights. These have come off a 2022 t6.1, the van has only done 1000 miles so they are in good nick. £200 ono collection from Manchester or chesterfield
  4. DanPlumber

    For Sale Standard t6.1 headlights

    Set of standard t6.1 headlights as Iv now fitted drl’s Only been on a few weeks Ideally collection as it’s a big box Location preston, lancashire £200
  5. Octane85

    Headlights not in tune with switch

    Just bought a T6 and one of the things I’ve come to find out is that the headlights don’t seem to do what the switch is asking them to. With the switch set to Auto they work as expected. However, here’s what happens in other modes: Switch: Off = lights: full beam Switch: sidelights =...
  6. Dub-noob

    T6 headlight adjustment

    Morning T6 Brain trust. I've got a 2015 T6 startline with the H4 bulbs. Just fitted better bulbs but was wondering if there was any vertical adjustment in the headlight as even on the hiest setting on the adjustment knob in the cab they are still too low. Can't find anything around the web so...
  7. G

    Sold T6 H4 Headlights (Pair) £40

    Pair of T6 H4 headlights. Removed from 2018 Highline van. In full working order with all bulbs included - Osram Night Breaker 200. Sold as a pair only. £40 ono. Collection preferred. East Ayrshire, 20 miles south of Glasgow. Message me if you're interested.
  8. G

    Modification of standard headlamps

    Hi all does anyone no a company or someone around Yorkshire area poss that modify Halgen standard t6 headlamps to led thanks.
  9. L

    High beam piggy back adapter for extra driving lights

    Hi Does anyone know if you can use an amarok high beam piggy back adapter for extra driving lights on a transporter tdi340 2021 model van??
  10. 1271A

    Sold Sold Transporter HQ V2 headlights. With H1 and H7 bulbs

  11. Bigredonion

    Sold T6.1 Standard Headlights (LH & RH)

    Standard T6.1 headlights (both LH+RH side) from a Caravelle in good condition. Includes standard bulbs, including indicators. THQ take better pics than i... VW T6.1 Transporter Passenger Side Genuine Vw Headlight 2020 on - T6.1 Lights - Transporter HQ Will post actual pictures below from...
  12. Golgappas

    For Sale Vw Transporter T6.1 headlights , £295

    Swopped out of 2021 Highline for the DLR type, chrome finish , excellent condition. with original bulbs. plus P&P
  13. P

    For Sale VW Transporter T6.1 2020 Headlight units (LH & RH) PRE OWNED H7 Bulbs

    VW T6.1 Transporter Kombi Van headlight units, c/w H7 bulbs. In Excellent condition. Replaced the units after 8000 miles with the HQ Transporter LED lights. Our bosses own vehicle. Postage included in price - mainland UK only Collection also available from Bradfield, West Berkshire RG7...
  14. C

    T6.1 H7 headlamps: will they fit a T6

    Hi does anyone know if 6.1 h7 headlights will gin on 2018 6 that has h4 on
  15. D

    Sold T6.1 front lights

    Open to offer , T6.1 front lights
  16. Smithy8

    mainbeam/flash problem with H7’s [Resolved]

    My highbeam won't turn off and also the pass/flash function won't work. I have travellinlite drl headlights fitted which have been working great for the 12 months I've had them. I assumed it was the switch column so got a new one from VW but still not fixed the problem. Travellinlite are getting...
  17. david173

    Sold H4 Headlights - Free

    As above, H4 headlights taken from my 2017 Kombi at 29K miles. Pickup in south wales (just outside Cardiff) or can meet locally for pickup. 150% bulbs in main beam/dip and LED's in the DRL Will also consider posting if interested, at buyers cost as I have the box and wrapping from my new THQ...
  18. A

    T6.1 - I need Better bulbs

    Better bulbs for T6.1 Any recommendations to improve the light output of my 6.1? Thanks Peter
  19. J

    Headlight fuse

    Why oh why is it so hard to find out what fuse is for the headlights on my 2018 kombi?!!! Can anybody please help?
  20. Sean Proctor

    Main Beam Relay

    Can someone let me know where the relay for the main beam is please? I fitted new headlights a month ago, everything worked fine, but now the "flash" doesn't work and when I select main beam I can't deselect it without turning the lights off and on again. I have fitted a leisure battery since...