1. T

    Xenon or Halogen?

    Hello, I am considering in purchasing headlights from VeeDub transporters website (T6 Black LightBar Headlights - Vee Dub Transporters) however requirements state that these lights are not compatible with xenon headlights. My t6 is a Transporter T32 S TDI BMT and I am not sure if mine is...
  2. H

    T6 Daytime Running Lights - Bulb Replacement

    I've had the bulb warning light go off on my 2016 T6 Caravelle. Had a look and I beleive it is the driver side daytime running light (it's the area marked in red on the attached photo). I ordered a new bulb and had ten minutes free this afternoon to try and replace it, an hour later I hadn't got...
  3. T

    New LV headlights - condensate

    Hello everyone I have recently had my t6.1 upgraded from Leighton with their headlight kit. Today I noticed some condensate , is this an issue or can it happen on new lamps ?
  4. M

    Will T6.1 headlights fit a 2019 T6

    Hi, Trying to upgrade my candle powered H4 headlights in my T6. I've found a set of H7's from a T6.1 but not sure if they will fit. Anyone know
  5. GaryB1980

    Torx T30 for headlight

    Hey, Changing to THQ LED's on my T6.1 I lost the single black T30 that secures at the bottom of the light in place. Does anyone know the size, part number or where I can find it out please? Oh, yea, should have measured the one I didn't lose but in a strop I put the bumper back on... oops...
  6. M

    Caravelle H7 Headlight issues

    Found a couple of threads on this but no real answer. Caravelle - 2016. I have THQ V1’s fitted and noticed the light bulb out warning popping straight up. My Drivers side has the dipped beam out. My Passengers side has the high beam out. So far tried. Removed THQ lights put back on...
  7. T6 dork

    For Sale T5.1 Caravelle headlights

    very good condition from my old T5.1 Caravelle (2013) these were taken off at 39,000 miles and dry stored £100
  8. C

    T6.1 OEM LED Headlight retrofit - DIY or pro fit?

    I would like to upgrade my standard t6.1 headlights from these... to these... Does anyone know where is the best place to find these lights, an idea of cost and is it an easy job to do myself or worth paying a professional?
  9. snavebelac

    For Sale T6.1 headlights. £75

    These are from a 2021 T6.1 as mine have been upgraded. There are a few marks on them as you would expect of something that has been at the front of a van for about 50K miles. They have bulbs in them and were working perfectly when they were removed a few weeks ago. They are pretty bulky so...
  10. wessex

    Do T6 Headlights/Taillights fit other models?

    Selling old head/tail lights due to upgrade, will they fit any other model? T5 etc?
  11. Longy82

    For Sale T6.1 headlights. £100

    Brilliant condition T6.1 factory headlights with upgraded bulbs. Moved over to the sequential aftermarket ones to match side and rear lights. £100 Collection from DA1 (Dartford) Brilliant condition just want them gone as need to clear out. Also selling a Black rear bumper with carbon guard...
  12. K

    Wanted T6.1 Offside drivers side headlight

    Hi looking for drivers side head light can have broken lugs long as lense is in good condition would be nice close to Nottingham
  13. Pino_5

    High beam and blinker error on california ocean T6 2022 (150hp)

    Hi, new here with a stupid problem. Currently on vacation with the california T6 ocean (bully) 2022 and we have an error on the high beam and front blinkers. Normal headlights are working. In attachment a layout of the fuses. Does anyone know the fuse location for the high beam? Maybe the...
  14. Ragster13

    For Sale T6.1 H7/H15 Headlights, Reduced £150

    H7 Headlights, great condition, £240 collection from Syston, Leicestershire
  15. Mickb11

    For Sale T6.1 Headlamp Nearside (Left side) £70

    Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter Nearside Headlight (Left side) 100% Genuine. For sale due to upgrade to LED’s Thanks for looking pls email any questions £70 Collected from DE4 5DP of £79 with P&P
  16. Mickb11

    Sold T6.1 Headlamp offside (right side) £70

    Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter Offside Headlight (Right side) 100% Genuine. For sale due to upgrade to LED’s Thanks for looking pls email any questions £70 Collected from DE4 5DP of £79 with P&P
  17. U

    Additional Headlight cables - OEM?

    I found these cables terminated next to the battery, each pair crimped together. This looks like some aftermarket work that has been removed. The yellow/yellow stripe and blue/blue stripe go across to the headlight unit connection on the drivers side (I assume these are spliced into the main...
  18. L

    Which headlights do I have?

    Hi, I’ve seen the led bulb upgrades listed for oem t6 headlights. Stating canbus error free! Anyone upgraded their bulbs to led and which ones did you get? I’ve done the front fog upgrade and rear lights. Want the led for stock headlights mow Tia

    Headlight cover retaining clip

    Hi all does anyone know where I can get this little metal clip from pls no2 ?
  20. C

    T6.1 Headlight DRL / sidelight difference

    Hi, Am nearing completion of a t5.1 to t6.1 facelift. All going well but unsure how the new headlights are ment to work, in imagine not like mine are currently. I have attached photos of the light switch and then photos of the bulb that’s lit up for reference. Am I right in thinking the...