1. Sham63

    T6.1 Headlight protectors

    Does anyone know if headlight protectors are available for the T6.1 ?
  2. S

    what type of halogen headlight do I have [RESOLVED]

    I have a 2020 shuttle and have asked the dealer I bought it from, and one other but they cannot tell me, I have tried euro car parts online and it comes up with, "sorry no bulbs found"it was the same with fuse positions why can't VW give an accurate print out of a vehicles spec, I hope to travel...
  3. Barley53

    Custom headlights - recommendations

    Hi, has anyone customised their stock t6 headlights, or purchased customised units? Any companies recommended? Thanks.
  4. csnell71

    Headlamp Protectors

    Does anyone have any solid advice on how to fit a set of T6 Headlamp protectors, as I've just fitted a set and cracked both of them putting them on. They are impossibly tight and I've just cracked both sides putting them on. Even though i was so careful they just cracked. Guess ill be getting a...
  5. chriscroft

    LED Headlamp Disasembly

    Hope a T6 LED Headlight fix is cheaper than a Polo:confused:, should it ever fail/break Replacing a headlight bulb on a small car can cost up to £846 | This is Money
  6. C

    T6.1 halogen headlamps are just as poor.

    Morning, I have just took delivery of the new camper from Camperking, very happy with it but it hasn't came with the LED headlights as i thought it would. Does anyone know where i can purchase these or even if it is possible? Thanks in advance.
  7. R

    T6.1 LED Headlight retrofit

    Hi all. I’ve just had my T6.1 delivered and now regret not having the Led headlights. Does anyone know where I could buy them please? Genuine VW ones? Is VW commercial the only place to source them from? Many Thanks in advance :)
  8. C

    Right head light & left main beam out

    Help please, had 12 v socket fuse blow last week, just noticed right head light and left main beam are out. Is it likely to be fuse related and if so which one Thx Cliff
  9. R

    Headlight protection

    Just wondering if there are covers for the headlights or a clear film that can be installed to protect from stones and scratches to the lights. I had been thinking about protecting my new headlights when I get round to having them fitted down the line. Thanks
  10. M

    Broken Headlamp Tab

    Has anyone tried glueing the tab back on and fitting the headlight successfully? Any problems with this course of action? Best Mark
  11. HHO

    H4 Headlamp Bulb Upgrade

    Just completed a bulb swap on my H4 headlamps, DRL’s and front fog lamps. Used Osram halogens on the H4’s and H11’s and Cree LED’s for the DRL’s. Good improvement driving on unlit road tonight. Managed to swap the H4’s too without too much trouble. Fiddly, but possible with a bit of patience...
  12. M

    Where to get genuine LED headlights fitted

    Any suggestions and a rough idea of cost to update the T6 headlights?
  13. Highfellzippy

    T6 Led Headlight Retro Fit. No High Beam

    Hello got the lights up and running but no high beam Anyone got coding for high beam side I’ve used the list on this forum But no high beam as yet
  14. LambethBoy

    Factory LED Headlight DIY - retrofit list

    Well I read the very long thread about retrofitting factory LEDs and I would just like it simplified please. If I get my paws on a set of genuine leds what else will I need? I'm not bothered about the washers on the bumpers. Is it just headlights, motors and coding? TIA
  15. M

    T6 Main Beam Not Staying On

    Hi hope someone can help 2016 T6 dip beam works high beam pass working high beam works if you hold the stalk down but as soon as it’s released it’s back to dip
  16. K

    Foot Operated Headlight Dip-switch

    I have a T6 Transporter now one year old and I'd appreciate advice about how I might install a foot operated floor-switch to control headlight switching between low beam and high beam. I'd prefer that the floor-switch operates in parallel to the hand-operated switch on the steering wheel stalk...
  17. P

    Beam Deflectors For H7 Units, Driving In France

    Morning all, Has anyone got any clear instructions or photos for the H7 unit for where the stickers go? Instructions I have are useless. Thanks
  18. Tourershine

    Auto-on lights - adjust sensitivity?

    Does anyone know if you can adjust the sensitivity of the Auto lights? Mine seem to come on literally when the clouds are in the sky! I actually prefer the look of the LED driving lights on the headlights, but I have to switch the lights off during the day most of the time because the...
  19. Discovery5HSE

    T6 Lights in to T5

    hi all. Wanting to upgrade hadlights on my T6 but don’t like new LED light bar ones ! Really like the T5.1 projector LEDs, much tougher looking imo. Does anyone know if it’s possible to fit a T6 lens onto T5.1 housing so still fits the bodywork???
  20. Lord Mfwic

    Headlights In Europe.

    We are travelling to Europe soon and reading up on what we need to take it says we need headlight adjustment. I remember years ago we used to put a sticker on the headlight to stop the glare. Is this still the case or is there a different system or way of adjusting the headlights for European...