headlight switch

  1. Octane85

    Headlights not in tune with switch

    Just bought a T6 and one of the things I’ve come to find out is that the headlights don’t seem to do what the switch is asking them to. With the switch set to Auto they work as expected. However, here’s what happens in other modes: Switch: Off = lights: full beam Switch: sidelights =...
  2. JiMsHaDY69

    Help! Trim under dash below headlight switch

    Stumped on how the trim panel below the headlight switch is refitted? My issue is getting the trim under and around the circular headlight switch as the the courtesy light brightness/passengers on board switch stops the trim going in under the circular switch. Couldn't find anything relevant...
  3. Savgav1

    Chrome headlight and mirror switch's

    Hi guys does anyone know if you can get silver/ chrome headlamp switch and mirror switch to match to window switches on vanx with silver tips.
  4. Martin955

    Headlight switch removal

    I've looked at the videos, but mine won't come out. The switch has lost its set points it just rotates round. I have exposed the underside of the switch & pushed up the retaining tag but the switch still won't come out of the housing. Any suggestions?
  5. Epic-Rob

    Fog lights

    OK so that light symbol at 8 oclock - does it do anything? i cant actually get the switch to that position. all i have is side and heads plus pull for fog, which does seem normal but whats that symbol mean??
  6. Littleblackflash

    Headlight Switch Fail

    My headlights are on all the time. It doesn't matter which position I move the switch to, they are always on. My front and rear fog lights don't work. VCDS shows no errors, but strangely also shows no errors when the switch is disconnected. All my lights work when activating them using VCDS...