h1 bulbs

  1. Jwardy23

    For Sale Garage Clear Out

    Been a long time coming. Need to make some space so I’ve gathered my van bits together to get rid of as I sadly don’t need them anymore. Will end up in the tip in a few weeks if nobody claims them. Collection preferred to save hassle posting, but can do @ buyers expense. I regularly travel from...
  2. dandan88

    the h1 bulbs and h7

    guys can someone just help me a bit about to but the h7 and h1 bulbs for my the lights-isnt the h1 for when you have your full beams on etc when the bluebell comes up on the dash which obv dazzles oncoming vehicles? but some people code these headlights to have the projector one and the full...
  3. angelameaney

    H1 bulb change

    Hi this photo is the back of the full beam (H1 I am told) for an after market head light. I was able to remove the cable from the back but unlike the headlight bulb there is nothing to turn. Is there a clip or quick way to release the bulb? I can’t see this when I’m trying to feel around, I put...
  4. Wafu

    T6 Caravelle near side main beam out

    Hi all wise ones. My current problem is as the title says. I have a 68 plate, Caravelle executive and have up grades the lights with THQ V3 lights some years ago. No problems until the other week or so. The V3 lights have LED main lights and standard Main beam H1’s fitted. I noticed a little...
  5. S

    H1 LED Canbus bulbs

    Hi, I've replaced my headlights for my T6 with these Transporter HQ ones. The dipped beam bulbs (H7) are LED and look/work great. However, the best bulbs available for the main beam (H1) as an upgrade when I bought the lights were Nightbreaker H1s. Although these are only used when I need to use...
  6. V

    T6.1 change H1 bulb

    Hi, Picked up a New T6.1 Transporter Campervan and want to upgrade the halogen bulbs to something a bit brighter (already have the bulbs) I Changed the H7 bulbs no problem, but i am having issues trying to getting the original H1 bulb out of the head light fitting, I have looked in the...
  7. T

    For Sale Thq h1 led bulbs

    Brand new sealed in box. Will do for 25£ posted, or collection from Dy13
  8. OllieGBR

    For Sale VW T6 OSRAM night breaker H1 bulbs

    New and unused £10 posted
  9. LT2019

    Sold lights

  10. Barley53

    H1 bulb retainer

    Hi, probably a stupid question, but is it possible to swap a metal bulb holder with the metal clip retainer over to the vastly easier to use locking collar fitting? I have a set of v2 headlights from travelin-lite and the metal retaining clip on one of the H1 main beam led's has snapped. Trying...
  11. Jonny

    TransporterHQ (THQ) Aftermarket Headlights

    Don't let the halogens put you off. These aren't finished. Looks like a set will go for £550