h1 bulbs

  1. T

    For Sale Thq h1 led bulbs

    Brand new sealed in box. Will do for 25£ posted, or collection from Dy13
  2. OllieGBR

    For Sale VW T6 OSRAM night breaker H1 bulbs

    New and unused £10 posted
  3. LT2019

    Sold lights

  4. Barley53

    H1 bulb retainer

    Hi, probably a stupid question, but is it possible to swap a metal bulb holder with the metal clip retainer over to the vastly easier to use locking collar fitting? I have a set of v2 headlights from travelin-lite and the metal retaining clip on one of the H1 main beam led's has snapped. Trying...
  5. Jonny

    TransporterHQ (THQ) Aftermarket Replacement Headlights

    Don't let the halogens put you off. These aren't finished. Looks like a set will go for £550