glove box

  1. JTT6

    Found Passenger dash air vent

    I have just installed a VanX glove box and managed to snap a clip on the dash vent in the process. Has anyone swapped their vents for the vanx ones or similar and have the originals no longer needed. Happy to pay a fair price.. Mine still fits but its really loose now and bugging me...
  2. kiter

    Sold beige glovebox

    anyone want a complete beige glovebox, come out of a highline so interior flocked. Too good to just bin if anyone wants it for the price of postage or collect for free.
  3. BoroBoy

    Wanted T6 Glovebox

    Hi, I am looking for a spare glovebox to try some mods. Does anyone have a spare glovebox to sell, or know of any reliable sites to buy used glove boxes?
  4. J

    Caravelle dash swap

    Who has done a Caravelle dash swap? what’s involved? Has anyone made a “How to” yet?
  5. C

    Lower glove box

    Looking to change my lower glove box to a black one what comes with this, is it a complete unit with the barrel/key? Thanks
  6. N

    Travelin lite dash glove box

    anyone looked at the top glove box from Travelin-lite or ordered one yet? I wonder how it compares to the Van-X option?
  7. Scott6

    Van-x glove box light?

    Picked up a van-x glove box last week. I've also received a glove box light kit from @saxoboy ready to be fitted to the lower standard glove box. Has anybody fitted a light to there van-x glove box? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Andyvanman

    Missing Torx screw from glovebox

    Hi all I was just installing my new glove box light but found that the metal part on the rear glove box where you would connect th Earth didn’t have the Torx screw i needed. The VW converters had already installed the Van X upper glove box and looked like they couldnt be bothered to replace the...
  9. P

    glove box door

    Hi, I'm looking for a door to put on the dashboard shelf to hide small items from passersby. opposite tHe passenger seat I have a tiny glove box, and above this i have a small shelf and a larger one above this. It is this larger shelf that I am looking for a door for. Anyone seen anything for...
  10. Sturge

    Glovebox lock barrel removal

    Just trying to remove the barrel from my glovebox lock to replace it into a new glovebox. Can’t work out how to do it Any ideas?
  11. J

    Glove box part missing?

    I have a T6 and there seems to be something missing from the glovebox? Does anyone know what it is and where I can get one please ? Thanks
  12. S

    SaxoBoy: Glove box light and footwell lights

    Hi All T6 Nutz, Just like to say thank you to Saxoboy ( Matt ) for putting together Glove box and Foot well lighting kits that are easy to fit and make me feel more like i have a High Line ( VW tight arses ) The prices for his kits are very reasonable, and easy to fit. All the Best Steve
  13. Irvine101

    Van X Dash - USB / AUX

    I have today tried to move the USB / AUX socket into the Van X glove box but have found that the cables are too deep for the socket to fit flush in the glovebox. The cables hit against the trim to the right of the glovebox. Has anyone successfully moved this socket and if so how was it done?
  14. bullracing

    Factory fridge glovebox - Retrofit

    Took my glove box out and theres a blank on the back of the glove box and behind that there is what looks like some sort of duct outlet. Its not connected to anything but its there ready to be connected from what it seems. Has anyone retrofitted this and know what parts are required to get it...
  15. S

    Sold Van-x Mat Glove Box

    couple of slight marks on the edge £80 posted ono
  16. SAF1981

    T6 Glove Box Light

    Hello Has anyone installed an LED light into thier T6 glove box and where did you source it? I've only been able to find a T5.1 light that is activated by a switch when the lid opens /closes from Traveline Lite. Thanks in advance
  17. saxoboy

    For Sale Glove Box Light Kit - incl LED's

    Hi Guys, I have a few of these kits for sale, they are very easy to fit. It takes 20 mins to fit if you've taken your van apart before!....I will send full instructions as to what to do....really easy, PLUG & PLAY. I'm after £32 for a kit, which includes postage (obviously they are brand new)
  18. WheelieBealie

    Leisure Battery Install - Trim Removal

    I'm trying to run the cabling for my BCBC charger I've just bought from @travelvolts but I've run into an issue straight away, how do I remove this plastic trim panel am I missing something as there's no hope of pulling the carpet back while this is in place! Glovebox is out and the end panel is...
  19. osman

    Usb Socket For Inside Glove Box

    anyone know where I can source a USB socket for this little black pop-out inside the glove box
  20. J

    Glovebox Light Power Supply

    Having purchased a glovebox light kit, switch etc. Where can I get a power supply from? Dropped the glovebox to reveal five mutliplugs, have found a feed that produces 12v when interior lights come on, but need a constant supply. An ignition switch would be better, but don’t think that likely...