1. M


    How can one optimize space in a garage design to accommodate multiple vehicles and storage needs without compromising accessibility and convenience?
  2. EastHighlands

    Advice on a T6 LWB with rear garage

    After some long consideration we're finally considering taking the leap with a VW Camper Conversion. Our family cycles a lot, visiting races/events most weekends and really like the idea of being able to travel & store (up to 4) bikes inside the vehicle rather than on a rack. The security...
  3. jswilko

    Width Of T6 With Mirrors Folded In?

    Hi, I'm about to buy my first T6, it has electric folding wing mirrors, does anyone know or could measure the width of the van with the wing mirrors folded in. It's not a deal breaker but would just like to know if I will be able to get the van up my drive past my gate posts. Thanks in advance. John
  4. MrT

    Sold Hormann electric garage door opener

    Hi due to a garage conversion I have an 18 months old hormann promatic electric single garage door opener with remote. It has everything you need to convert a garage door to an electric one. i would prefer someone have it then just going to the tip. due to size it’s pick up only from...
  5. thebueso

    mirrors too wide for my garage

    Hello everyone. I have a width problem with my van, it not fit into my garage. The mirrors are the problem, the way that they fold it's not enought to come across my garage door. I'm thinking about the posibility of exchange my original exteriors mirrors by anotherone not OEM that fold more...
  6. Dannywilds

    Garage Floor solutions

    Hi Guys, I own a company that specialises in industrial seamless resin floors for Garages that are chemical resistant, anti slip, low maintenance, high abrasion and easy to keep clean. Ideal for storing your beloved T6's on! Any questions please call 07976 361285 Or visit...
  7. Stevemcc

    Garage Door Dash Button

    hi all anyone know where I could get a dash button for garage door Cheers
  8. P0L0

    Which Suspension Kit To Enter My Underground Garage ?

    Hello guys ! I write you from France, because You guys seems to be professionals about lowering Vw T5/T6 :laugh: I'm driving a 2016 Caddy Maxi up to December, then I'll get a T6 Van. This is my fifth Caddy and I really like it. But I'm a dad since previous month, and I need a third seat :p...