1. B

    Low Wash Warning Light

    Hi, ran out of windscreen washer fluid on the motorway yesterday yet no warning lights appeared? That made me realise that I'd been driving two and a half hours and no "rest warning' light had appeared. Could this be a fuse? I've searched for the fuse box diagram (2021 T6.1) but seriously, how...
  2. Loz

    Useful Fuse guide

  3. Ed Webb

    TV’s, their Locations and Setups.

    Looking and weighing up the best options for tv in the van. Ideally looking for the standard freeview channels. There are the 12v TVs or some laptops/tablets with apps. Use this thread to show us what exactly you use and where/how it's set up. I'm talking flipdown, swing bracket, tablets on...
  4. C

    Vw Factory Split Charge

    hi can anyone please tell me what size fuse goes in this? and possibly where to get one from, as my brand new 40k + van doesnt seem to come with a fuse for the split charging and VW want me to book it in to see why the second battery is not charging!!! and even tho I've told them its just a fuse...
  5. Loz

    T6 Fuse Box Layout Map 2017-12-14

    Annotated photo of Fuse box SC SD SF Layout
  6. Loz

    T6 Fuse Card version 1.2

    Reference chart for T6 Fuses.
  7. S

    Piggy back fuse issue

    Morning all, Help required..... Trying to use a piggy back fuse from the dash fuse box to operate a relay when the ignition is on. When I fit the piggy back fuse I get a 'Key Not Found' message on the dash display. Van starts fine but warning reappears when turned off. When I replace the...
  8. Teejay1

    How to access the fuses for dashcam hardwire?

    I would like to hardware the dashcam front only at the mo, probably using my existing 402G. Considering the Thinkware 770 model or the 412G as an "upgrade". Anyway, I understand that there are several options for fuse locations in a California. Under the control panel (thanks @Loz) although...