Fuse Card version 1.2

Fuse card for T6 Transporter includes California

  1. Loz
    Reference chart for T6 Fuses.

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Recent Reviews

  1. MicNersac
    Version: version 1.2
    Moi je ne trouve pas ou sont les fusibles des (4) lumières qui éclairent les pieds à l'ouverture des portes.
  2. Vito Ciampa
    Vito Ciampa
    Version: version 1.2
    I really needed that photo, in my VW T6 150kw there is no possibility to have the layout, no VW agency here in Switzerland has one, very satisfied with your forum
  3. johnnywilkins
    Version: version 1.2
    Brilliant , Awesome , now I know where to plug the dashcam into the new (ish) combi. I remember the old days when they used to leave a little card in the fusebox cover !
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