fuel filter

  1. N

    Carista fuel system prime

    Hoping to be able to replace fuel filter on van but was a bit concerned about priming after change. I have a Carista that appears to have fuel system prime as an option under service tools but also seen posts from 2020 saying not possible to use Carista for this. Is this a recent addition to...
  2. H

    T6 tsi fuel filter location???

    Where the f*ck is the fuel filter located on the 2.0 204ps tsi?? Is it behind the front inner wheel arch? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. cy294

    Fuel filter replaced but van won’t start [Resolved]

    Morning all. Just changed the fuel filter this morning after reading all the threads on here. However, I don't have VCDS and wasn't able to fill the new filter before fitting it back in. Tried the turning of the key several times. It started and then cut out. So I have tried turning the key...
  4. Shortbread69

    Fuel Filter sealant??

    Changed my fuel filter this weekend, looks like the Main VW dealer mechanic used some sealant to improve the fit? didn’t know this was a thing? thoughts?
  5. Stripy

    Carista - prime a new fuel filter?

    Is it possible to use carista to prime a new fuel filter.
  6. B

    Is there a Fuel tank drain bung?

    Is there a fuel tank drain bung on a T6
  7. Pauly

    T6 & T6.1 Diesel Fuel Supply System Workshop Manual 2019

    Workshop manual covering fuel supply system for all diesel engined vehicles This document covers removal/installation of system components like tank/pump/filters etc and also covers misfuelling procedures VIP Membership is required to download this document
  8. Dellmassive

    Service Parts List - What Goes Where -

    Service Parts List - What Goes Where - Here is a Basic list for all Parts required for Servicing which will be updated moving forwards: Brakes: Pads: 308mm F Pagid Brake Pad (Front Axle) Product Code: 101441298 340mm F Pagid Pagid Brake Pad (Front Axle)Product Code: 101441868 340mm F Brembo...
  9. U

    Fuel Tank Stand Pipe For Diesel Filter

    Any help please? Currently fitting a diesel night heater into my SWB T6 Euro 6 camper as part of my conversion (first one). I have fitted the heater under the drivers seat (took all weekend contemplating an acceptable position of the heater to drill the floor-pan!), purchased an eber fuel...
  10. A

    Is the Fuelling System pressurised?

    I have a 2017 t6 van/camper the question that I’m trying to find the answer to is this. The fuel system has the add blue system with it, and I’m wanting to add a diesel heater to the van to heat the vehicle without the engine running at night. I am being told that the fuel system is pressurised...
  11. Loz

    T6 Fuel Filter

    Loz submitted a new resource: T6 Fuel Filter - Replace the Fuel Filter Read more about this resource...
  12. Loz

    T6 Fuel Filter 2018-10-24

    Workshop manual excerpt for fuel filter replacement.
  13. P

    Caravelle 2016 part numbers for oil filter and fuel filter

    Hi all I had a dpf recall so wanted to change the fuel filter oil and oil filter. I used the parts guide finder from this site but the fuel filter is the wrong not sure yet about oil filter.would anyone be able to help.i phoned vw but they would not give me part numbers
  14. R

    Fuel Filter replacement

    Does anyone know what the correct service interval for this is. Secondly, how does one replace without taking to vw? Cheers
  15. T

    Diesel - Normal Or Premium

    The book says diesel with lowest sulphur is best. I put in some BP Excellium by mistake,as I would usually go for the standard diesel. But then it got me thinking that maybe this would be better for the van to use it all the time. The other big fuel maker/providers do their own sort of thing...