fresh air

  1. Lord Mfwic

    Sliding Window Vent Things.

    I’ve seen post about these but could not find anything when I searched so apologies for starting another post. I’m after the vents that fit in the rear sliding windows that stop the midges from entering the van whilst offer ventilation when camping. If you have these, would you mind sharing...
  2. $immo

    Rear Door Air Vent - Polowerks Anyone Got One?

    VW T4 - T6 Tailgate Standoff Has anyone fitted one of these? Thinking of ordering one as it's starting to get warm. Thinking of using it whilst sleeping in my van overnight. Looks a simple fix and reasonably priced.
  3. ausyray

    How to keep the van cool overnight when it's raining...

    With two adults and a large greyhound we find the van can get a bit stuffy overnight. We normally put an external cover over the front and open up the front windows and then open the sliding window too but, what to do when it's raining? How do other people keep fresh air into the back of the...