1. Stay Frosty

    France for the first time in years...

    Going to France for the first time in probably 20yrs and never in a campervan so wondering how everyone else goes on with autoroute tolls, paying for fuel and food etc ie. cash or card? Got our Crit sticker and all sites booked but would be good to have a bit of an heads up to see what has...
  2. Steved55

    France in September

    Hi all - considering a couple of weeks away in Sept - I prefer lakes/ rivers to the coast for swimming and paddle boarding - any advice/ bad experiences with mossies at this time of year please? I tend to get eaten alive if they're about!
  3. WhatsGoingOnHere

    Off to France

    So we decided this past Saturday that we're heading to France on Saturday (19/08) and it feels like the van has typically decided to rebel against the idea. First drive after I booked the ferry the tyre pressure light came on and it seems we MAY have a slow puncture and today the side window has...
  4. T5SUG

    Caravelle rear AC

    Have a 66 plate SE spec Caravelle with air con. My question is does the air con not get through to the rear vents in the back? Is the seperate rear heater not connected to the air con in the cab ? Kids have been moaning there is no air in the back
  5. True Romance

    2023 French road trip.

    So train is now booked for our second French road trip this June following the HUGE success of last year's adventure. This time we'd like to head down to the Dordogne. Will have two weeks to get down and back up to Calais. Looking for help and advice on the following; * Recommendations on...
  6. J

    Campsite on Île de Ré

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a campsite on Île de Ré
  7. NicolasH

    Campsite recommendations in Normandy and Brittany

    Hello everyone, We are after your campsite recommendations in Normandy and Brittany for our French 2023 summer road trip, in late July and August. We are looking for recommendations for an overnight stop in Normandy half way between Calais and the Quimper area of Brittany. We are going to...
  8. Tredder76

    Greetings from France

    Hi everyone, I've been on this forum for a couple of years now, lurking in the back ground, and have never taken the time to say hello. New year, new resolutions! I live in Toulouse, France, I currently own a 2018 T6 Transporter 4M TSI in fairly basic interior spec which is my daily, but...
  9. NicolasH

    Our French road trip

    We have recently returned from a 2.5 week trip around France in our camper van and I thought it might be usual for others if I gave an overview of our holiday and where we stayed etc. Our adventure began at Dover where we used the ferry to Calais. It was the Friday that it all went wrong in...
  10. The Ham

    Why no traffic reports when in France with discover media?

    Drive to Eurotunnel traffic reports working fine, soon as I hit France it has TMC with a line through it. Anybody know why?
  11. blue32a

    A month in France

    Heading to Newhaven today to catch the ferry to Dieppe for 4 weeks adventure roadtrip touring France in the camper. It’s me, my wife and our 4 year old son. No plans other than 1 week booked at a campsite at Lac Sanguinet south of Bordeaux. Planning to just go with the flow and stay at Aires...
  12. True Romance

    PCR test and passager location form for France.

    Hi, anyone had to complete a PCR test for travel into France? If so who did you use? Also did you need to complete the passager location form? Thanks.
  13. R

    Diesel Prices on the continent

    As the title says, what is the price of diesel in France compared to the UK? Is it less expensive to fill up over here or over there?
  14. F

    Will my sat-nav work when I’m in France?

    Hi will my sat nav work in France? I think it the media one Has the option and when I put the sat nav post code it works. But then I’m thinking will it actually work over there ?
  15. Blind-dog

    Transporter HQ V2 lights with LED bulbs, where to place beam convertors for Europe

    Hi All, we're heading off to France in a couple weeks to drive down to Italy - Autohaus T6 Campervan with Transporter HQ aftermarket headlights with their LED bulbs. Will likely use Mont Blanc tunnel route so need to be sure where not dazzling oncoming traffic - does anyone know how to work...
  16. Guppy

    WiFi Abroad

    Anyone any recommendations for computer internet access when abroad......what do people use??? Guppy
  17. R

    St Omer

    We have booked Chateau du Gandspette near St Omer in August. We have never been there before and were wondering what do you recommend to do with the family in the local area? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  18. Dave Potts

    Euro Disney/French Trip Advise

    Anybody taken their van to Eurodisney? Easy enough? Camping nearby? Thanks
  19. Sabre

    1st EU Roadtrip

    I'm off to France and Switzerland tomorrow and think we have everything sorted. Anyone got any tips, hints or gotchas to pass on before I leave?
  20. J

    France Crit’Air vehicle category?

    Hello, heading France this summer and getting my Crit’Air stick. I have a T6 Kombi and wondered if people know what vehicle category it is? M1 passenger or N1 light utility ? thanks