1. Eli

    Forumfest France 2021

    After the very successful Forumfest September. It was suggested that some would like to try France. I have a site in mind which is about 30mins out of the Eurotunnel. I have personally been to this site and so has @Tourershine. I will email the site over the next few weeks to see if they are...
  2. M

    [RESOLVED] Stuck in France!!

    Hi Guys, I’ve got a 68 plate T6 combi which I took in for first service at VW 3 weeks ago as I wanted piece of mind for driving to SW France for a holiday. Prior to service I had the oil light on on the display although level was fine, this turned out to be because of rodent damage to cables...
  3. Fromow

    France trip

    Just wondering if anyone have been over recently or planning in the near future. Due to go over next week camping but in two minds on what to do, it’ll be interesting to hear people’s thoughts.
  4. Blackpool

    importing to France

    Hi all just in the throws of buying a 4000 mile t6 199 kom
  5. nobbyq

    English radio channels when abroad

    anyone else get bored of french channels when traveling , i know ur in france but is there anything english one can receive everywhere in europe ?
  6. czmate1999

    Aires Near Le Torquet

    Hi All, Planning to travel back from France at the beginning of September and wanted a stay over near Calais. Can anyone recommend a Aire near Le Torquet? Thanks CZ
  7. W

    Camping in France

    Hi All, Looking at a possible camping trip to France in August. Never camped before and was wondering about the best regions to stay and looking for ideas. Happy to be around lakes or the sea - but really want something that allows us to get out in the day to see different things without...
  8. Tourershine

    Getting into Europe and using aires?

    So i've just spent, or actually my wife has just spent the last 4hrs on the Eurotunnel website trying to book our crossings for August. It's well reported across the internet that is under a huge amount of pressure due to the whole country trying to make bookings after the latest...
  9. Neil Nicholls

    France opens tomorrow

    I have read the France is open to tourists from tomorrow 15th June. Is anybody going ? or have plans to go ?
  10. Ayjay

    Normandy Beaches Camping

    Can anybody recommend a decent camp site near (or maybe even overlooking) one of the Normandy beaches for late May / early June? I thought I’d found a goodun in Camping Omaha Beach but my wife quickly vetoed it after reading some fairly recent reviews with (very) critical comments about the...
  11. FAC51

    Only 25kms Driving In France - So Do I Really Need.....???

    I've avoided driving in through France by choice on all other trips we've made, but now we have to do 25kms before we cross into Belgium. I understand the France requires me to carry an assortment of driving related items with the van, legally. My question to the forum is do I really need these...
  12. Pete C

    Warmish Locations In October

    It looks like we will have some time free for a longer campervan trip in early October. We want to go to Scotland, but I suspect it could be a bit fresh up there doing something like the NC500. We have friends in the South of France, so could drop down there, then move on to Spain and Portugal...
  13. T6 Owl

    French Speeding Fine

    We’ve recently returned from our 3 week French trip, to be greeted with a speeding fine already waiting for us! Luckily it’s only €45 (as long as it is paid within a set period). Has anyone else been unfortunate enough to get one, and more importantly does it have to be paid? I wondered if it...
  14. Blackpool

    A Scot Now Living In The Dordogne

    Hi all been a dream to own a VW van hoping to buy one soon in the UK and import to France..
  15. F

    Leisure Battery

    Hi guys I have a 2018 t6 and i'm converting it to travel a bit. I'm planning to realize phonic and thermic insulation by projected cork (i'll post some pictures when done) and dodo mat thermic insulation. But for now i'm trying to find a leisure battery to fit under driver seat (left steering...
  16. S

    Driving Through France

    hi all I am going to be driving through France to spain near Benidorm. l want to do this on none toil roads and avoid Paris and have three days to do it in. I am going to use the euro tunnel if poss have any of you done this the scenic route if so could you let me know the route please many...
  17. Insert Coin

    Stickered Up For Le Mans

    Anybody else making the trip over to Le Mans next week? I thought I 'd join in with tradition and get the van stickered up ready :cool:
  18. K

    Driving Through France

    Hi, we are driving through France in a few weeks .What essentials do we need to take with us. The things I'm required to take by law Thanks in advance
  19. V

    French Tolls

    So we're off to France for a couple of weeks in the van for the first time soon but having never taken the van (or a car for that matter) over there we're trying to work out what the toll cost is likely to be At the moment our plan is very lose in terms of where we are going but a rough plan...
  20. Lord Mfwic

    Headlights In Europe.

    We are travelling to Europe soon and reading up on what we need to take it says we need headlight adjustment. I remember years ago we used to put a sticker on the headlight to stop the glare. Is this still the case or is there a different system or way of adjusting the headlights for European...