1. Samro

    Recommendation for Large Commercialised Sites in France (Yes really!)

    For the last 10 years we have done a full on, five week trip to France with our caravan over the school holidays with our 3 kids, only missing out in 2021 due to C19. We love it but a recent major op on my neck has left me with limited use of my left arm due to something called C5 Palsy meaning...
  2. Body snatcher

    Driving through France & Spain

    I’m considering travel to Spain would love any tips or advice cheers
  3. The Ham

    Help, broken down in France

    I drove 800 miles right down through France no probs, used van next day with no issues, following day clutch pedal flat to floor. Local mechanic says slave cylinder and prob cost about €2000 as clutch and flywheel needs to be replaced at same time, thoght this about right as similar price in uk...
  4. huw169

    Tent options for French summer surf trip

    Fully admit, this is me being a bit lazy, but the search did not show much. We are heading down west coast of France this summer. Me, wife and 12 yo daughter. Going light. Surf sup, board, body boards, wet suits, snorkel stuff. No cooking facilities, or paraphernalia. Eat on the hoof. You get...
  5. joe_j_barnes

    France city centre camping

    Best / cheapest way to get to France in the van end of May and closet campsite to city centre
  6. Sackmycook

    Normandy battlefield tour.....

    So, I am changing jobs in September and have a late summer holiday booked for the South of France for the last 2 weeks in August. Fortunately, I have been granted 2 bonus weeks at the start of August by SWMBO to do something I've always hankered after.... A trip to Normandy to see the landing...
  7. R J M

    M1 certificate for inspection in France

    I'm going through the painful and long-winded process of trying to register my T6 conversion as a campingcar in France. I need all sorts of certificates, most of which my transformer has been able to supply, but he doesn't have one for the rock'n'roll bed. It's a Caledonian Blade 2 which...
  8. R J M

    Fuel tank position

    Hello - I'm new here, and hoping that someone can help me with some details I need for importing my T6 campervan conversion to France. It's a bit of a nightmare involving all sorts of certificates and inspections. I'm currently filling in a spreadsheet to calculate the load on each axle, and...
  9. Ian28

    Overnight Suggestions near Folkestone and Clermont-Ferrand please?

    Planning an overland trip to Barcelona for a music festival in June and need to find stopovers near the Eurotunnel in England and half way down France near Clermont-Ferrand. No need for hook-up. Any recommendations would be great thanks, Ian.
  10. Dannyb6467

    Covid tests travelling from france to UK

    Evening folks, Has anyone travelled from France back to the UK via the tunnel recently? Did the British or French passport control ask for your covid test certificate?
  11. C

    Tyre order France

    Hi all, Currently over in France and need to get hold of two new tyres - Nokian Weatherproofs 235/55/18 - keen to stick with same tyres. Think I can order either for delivery via Oponeo Panier » Livraison Gratuite » Pneus Vendeur » or Panier - Oponeo I know but not...
  12. cgtmiles

    Holidaying in France post brexit

    We have now shifted our 2020 summer holiday France crossing again from July 2021 to the beginning of next year but I’ve heard that there may be an issue taking ‘personal goods’ to France after brexit with a limit on the total value. When (or at this rate, if) we ever get to go back we will have...
  13. P

    Connecting gas cylinder to fill point in France

    The more I ask...the more confused I get.... I have a 15 litre undercarriage lpg tank. If I stay at an aire in France over winter, I won't have enough gas to heat the van. I want to avoid having to go down to the valley mid week to top up the tank so... I have a French adapter to connect the...
  14. Eli

    Forumfest France 2021

    After the very successful Forumfest September. It was suggested that some would like to try France. I have a site in mind which is about 30mins out of the Eurotunnel. I have personally been to this site and so has @Tourershine. I will email the site over the next few weeks to see if they are...
  15. True Romance

    French campsite toilets with no seat? How do you poo!

    So been watching a few youtubers travelling through France and most sites they stop at don't have seats on the campsites toilets? Do understand this is some weird French hygiene rule but for anyone who's used these toilets how do you go for a nunber two? Is it a case of just hovering, do you...
  16. M

    [RESOLVED] Stuck in France!! AdBlue sensor

    Hi Guys, I’ve got a 68 plate T6 combi which I took in for first service at VW 3 weeks ago as I wanted piece of mind for driving to SW France for a holiday. Prior to service I had the oil light on on the display although level was fine, this turned out to be because of rodent damage to cables...
  17. Fromow

    France trip

    Just wondering if anyone have been over recently or planning in the near future. Due to go over next week camping but in two minds on what to do, it’ll be interesting to hear people’s thoughts.
  18. Blackpool

    importing to France

    Hi all just in the throws of buying a 4000 mile t6 199 kom
  19. nobbyq

    English radio channels when abroad

    anyone else get bored of french channels when traveling , i know ur in france but is there anything english one can receive everywhere in europe ?
  20. czmate1999

    Aires Near Le Torquet

    Hi All, Planning to travel back from France at the beginning of September and wanted a stay over near Calais. Can anyone recommend a Aire near Le Torquet? Thanks CZ