filler neck

  1. Luton1971

    Diesel leak after fill up [Resolved]

    Hi all. I’ve have my t6.1 for less than a week, today I filled it up for the first time and as I was paying for the fuel I looked back at the van and noticed the usual aircon water dripping but further back was another leak I could see. So when I got back to the van to look the second leak was...
  2. Bow

    Leak around Oil filler cap

    Evening, Has anyone had any issues with the oil filler cap leaking? I’ve started to notice that the engine is leaking oil around the cap down into the engine bay. Is it just a simple swap out for a new cap or is this something more serious?
  3. Bryn23

    T6 Adblue Filler Assembly Part Number

    Just wanted to see if anyone out there has or has access to see what the part number for the Adblue assembly filler is (the cap and hose) so i can get a price on it from VW I've been on planning on fitting, my Airstop STC 2000, but i just got told today that the cost involved to drop and refit...
  4. S

    Underslung LPG tanks

    Morning, I have one getting delivered tomorrow from Autogas and the install looks fairly straightforward, but I have a couple of questions. 1) Is it somehow possible to mount the filler nozzle in the spare grommet by the fuel cap where the adblue would normally go (retro euro 5 here)? Its...
  5. Ads_Essex

    Filler neck query

    Sorry if it's already been covered, but can anyone tell me what the rubber bung below the fuel filler hole is for? Is it covering another hole that could be utilised for water or something, or is it where the Ad-Blue would go on a Euro6 engine?
  6. Willoughby

    C.A.K Underslung fresh water tanks. - Any one fitted?

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice on fitting the below ;) Kev