external lighting

  1. Dellmassive

    Flag Poles and Fairy lights -- "how I Done It" --

    Flag Poles and Fairy lights -- "how I Done It" -- Its that time of year again, suns out, weathers warm, beer is cold - its festival time =] well for us any excuse to have a get together or party . . . This time we look at Flag poles and Fairy lights. My first attempt at Camp lighting...
  2. Skyliner33

    Power to flag pole LEDs

    I am thinking about getting some LEDs outside the van, eg on a flag pole and around the awning. Question us how do you run the power from the van (controller unit) inside to outside of the van in a convenient way to set up whilst camping and then remove when finished? TIA
  3. S

    External 12v Socket & Usb (waterproof Of Course) - Ideas Please

    Hello, This might be better in the camping section but then maybe not? We currently have an external 12v socket (for our fridge when in camping mode, works a treat) that i put on an alu bracket that mounts quite neatly by the towball electrics. I'd like to add the usb now as we have some...
  4. andy greenwood

    Outdoor Fairy Lights

    Hi The gaffer is wanting to buy some outdoor fairy lights to maybe wrap round the poles on our railsail. Can anyone recommend where to buy some from ? I've seen some on Amazon but they got poor reviews
  5. Pete C

    Awning Lights

    One thing we are missing from our current setup are some decent awning lights. What we are looking for is something flexible that: Can plug into the 12v outlet I have installed near the sliding door. Can be attached to a full Vango awning or our sunshade. Is bright enough to read by in the...