1. C

    T6.1 exhaust temp sensor location.

    Hi could anyone help me locate the exhaust temp sensor bank1 sensor 1 on a t6.1? Would’ve thought it would be near the turbo but can’t see anything! Thanks
  2. R

    For Sale T6 LWB OEM 204PS exhaust 20k miles 2019

    T6 LWB OEM 204PS exhaust 20k miles 2019. Removed from my Van to fit a Milltek so will need a new clamp to fit the two sections together. Collection from near Bicester/ Oxford. £150. Mat
  3. S

    New Exhaust needed

    Hi looking for a new exhaust in Staffordshire any recommendations please Simon
  4. R

    For Sale Milltek stainless steel exhaust resonated center section T6 or T5 etc

    Have a spare Milltek stainless resonated Road+ center section left over from my TSI project, Will fit all T5 and T6 transporters. Perfect if you have the straight through system and want to reduce the noise. Installed for a couple days until my new exhaust arrived. Will obviously need lightly...
  5. dErZ

    Center exhaust scraping on certain speed bumps

    I've got a T6 LWB shuttle running 18" Amaroks on Solow suspension (running at the top so 100mm) its embarassing when I drive to work as theres 2 large long speed humps that kiss the center exhaust box. I've checked and its on the hangers which dont look bent. Has anyone swapped this out for a...
  6. J

    Stainless exhaust recommendations for north east area

    Looking for Stainless exhaust recommendations for north east area. Not after a full system but want to improve looks and get longevity at same time if I’m changing, so maybe middle and rear Not looking to spend a fortune Seen a few on eBay for 300 to 450 supply only one was in Leeds built to...
  7. L

    Gas Drop Out Vent Near Exhaust

    Hi all, I was about to install a gas locker in the kitchen pod on the drivers side when I noticed that the exhaust pipe runs down this side of the van. Is it an issue for the gas drop out vent to be so close to the exhaust pipe? There is a heat shield on the underside of the van between the...
  8. Jimmmmy

    T6.1 Exhaust trim...?

    Does anyone do an exhaust trim for the t6.1, looked everywhere and cant find anything.
  9. Bav

    Not a VW, but... [Resolved]

    Hi all. Kwik-Fit have just quoted me over £900 for a replacement exhaust system for my 2014 Mondeo! :eek: (That's a tin-pot Ford, not a diamond-encrusted Bugatti!) I need new middle and rear exhaust sections (thankfully not a new Cat) and, apparently, these are "dealer only", which I took to...
  10. M

    Wanted Thor exhaust

    Does anyone have an old thor electronic exhaust system? It strikes me as the sort of thing you might use a couple of times, find it hilarious then not use it after a couple of months, so maybe the kind of thing that could be on the market as second hand, but I can't seem to find any of them...
  11. djg87

    Barn door rear bumper style/diffuser

    Audi Q7 bumpers and exhaust for 1500ish. Thoughts? https://pptuning.co.uk/product/vw-t551-q7-bumper-exhaust-combo/86/
  12. S18RVW

    Power increase - exhaust or air-filter?

    y had one choice for a power increase what would it be between an exhaust or a performance air filter?
  13. CJW

    Fumes - not the EGR Flexi

    Hi I've really bonded with my van and will post some pics soon of the conversion. Right now I'm trying to solve a problem and I'm running out of ideas and things to check and hoping that someone with more Transporter experience than me might spot something I've missed. Here's the situation...
  14. jt999

    Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors

    Hi all, I had a flashing coil light come on, plus the engine management light - ran a check on VCDS and tried to clear but it came back right away, so tried Carista too and same problem. A shortened version of the VCDS output: 4 Faults Found: 4911 - Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor; B1 S3...
  15. Tactic

    Kufatec sound booster

    Anyone know of any alternatives to this system? Kufatec looks great just wondering what else is on the market? https://www.kufatec.com/en/volkswagen/vw-multivan-transporter/t6-sg/complete-kit-active-sound-incl.-sound-booster-for-vw-t6-sg-41025#
  16. B.different

    Twin exhaust on a 4motion

    Hi all I currently have a 4motion caravelle that needs an exhaust. I've got a ABT rear skirt to put on so to kill 2 birds with one stone I thought I'll fit a twin exhaust at the same time. Has anyone done this without removing the spare wheel as the diff is in the way where it would normally go...
  17. B

    Wanted TSI factory standard cat back exhaust LWB

    I’ve picked up a 68 plate TSI from Bognor Motors which has had a lot of mods from new, all done by themselves, but would prefer to replace the Miltek cat back they have fitted with a factory standard exhaust Anyone have one knocking about in their garage, or interested in a swop? It’s all in...
  18. A

    P2084 and P242B DTC

    hi, have error code P2084 & P242B on a T6 mulivan 2016 can any one help me out? thanks!
  19. tommy_t6.1

    V8 T6.1??

    Was out before parked up, and I saw a lovely copper bronze T6.1 approaching. However when it drove past it sounded quite loud and sounded like a V8. It was burbling away as he let off the throttle. Now the question is, what the hell engine or exhaust would he have fitted? It sounded lovely!
  20. Mocko1962

    Extended short exhaust

    Has anybody extended a short exhaust version van with full length exhaust to see if noise was reduced inside the van area. ... resonating type noise more noticeable when on motorway driving