1. A

    P2084 and P242B DTC

    hi, have error code P2084 & P242B on a T6 mulivan 2016 can any one help me out? thanks!
  2. tommy_t6.1

    V8 T6.1??

    Was out before parked up, and I saw a lovely copper bronze T6.1 approaching. However when it drove past it sounded quite loud and sounded like a V8. It was burbling away as he let off the throttle. Now the question is, what the hell engine or exhaust would he have fitted? It sounded lovely!
  3. Mocko1962

    Extended short exhaust

    Has anybody extended a short exhaust version van with full length exhaust to see if noise was reduced inside the van area. ... resonating type noise more noticeable when on motorway driving
  4. S18RVW

    Resonated or non resonated exhaust?

    Quiet or noisy? Is there any power difference between the 2 systems and if so how much?
  5. B

    Exhaust fault light

    Hi All Just driven home and had a warning light come up on the dash which is a picture of the engine and in the book it saya exhaust fault? Anyone know what this could be? (I know what an exhaust is so no need to state the obvious) Can I still drive the van? T6 2017 Regards Dean
  6. colinsunbeam

    Short Exhaust

    Hi, had my 2019 Edition on a ramp the other day and noticed the exhaust stops short of the rear axle now. When did VW start doing this?
  7. Garny999

    T6.1 Undertray Panels.

    Hello, I was about to venture into fitting a diesel heater under my passenger seat. I had a sneak peek at the access from underneath (undertray)for mounting the unit and running the ducting. The question I ask is....does anyone know what this lot is and is this also on a T6. I am thinking that...
  8. thebueso

    T6 - Fumes smell into the cab

    Hello everyone. I Just discover this forum searching in google about the problem with my T6 and I decided to open a Post to share with all of you what happens to me and the steps I'm getting... Maybe will be interesting for someone... My problem is that I have exhaust smells into the cab of my...
  9. D

    For Sale Scorpion Exhaust with twin daytona pipes - resonated

    Selling my scorpion that has been on 2 months and covered 1000 miles. As want a custom system... Exhaust is amazing, pipes and system are perfect and more importantly it fits properly. Topgear performance have adjusted the tailpipes so they fit perfectly... will come with genuine vw rear...
  10. X

    T6.1 floor heating up!

    Hi, after slowly advancing in a long queue for about an hour (DSG 4Mo with stop-start switched off) I've noticed significant heating of interior floor - especially rails - were so hot, one couldn't step barefoot on them. I was told, that this has to do with cooling of gases for AdBlue system...
  11. A

    Catalytic Convertor query

    Hi, Sorry for what is probably an obvious answer - but anything mechanical soon loses me... There have been a large number of Catalytic convertors thefts in my area - I just wondered how easy a removal/where it is located on a T6 - I seem to recall reading it would'nt be the easiest but can't...
  12. czmate1999

    Rear tailpipes options

    hi all, Have seen a few images of T6s with a duel exhaust and quite like it... has anyone got this set up and how much did it cost? Just curious... Cz.
  13. Drhoge

    For Sale T30 150ps Tdi Cat Back Exhaust

    Cat back exhaust removed from T30 150ps TDi. Removed to fit a quad system. 2000 miles only. For some reason they cut the pipe on removal so will need welding together or clamp etc on refitting - £125. Collection from Bath only due to size and weight.
  14. B

    DPF Regen Frequency / Issues / Force discussion.

    Dear members, I'm about to collect a new Shuttle t6 from a main dealer on Saturday and I'm a bit worried about DPF...it's a 66plate with only 17k miles on the clock. When I looked at it last week the DPF light was on (yellow warning light). The salesman explained that it hadn't had a run for a...
  15. T6.Ch09pyy

    02 Lambda Sensor

    Hi Iv had a fault with lambda sensor 1 Iv replaced it same fault showing So suck another on still same fault it’s saying short to ground on diagnostics any one help much appreciated
  16. U

    4motion Exhaust

    I noticed this weekend the exhaust tail pipe on my 2017 4motion stops short of the rear axle unlike other 4 motion and 2 wheel drive which appear to run to the rear of the van. Is this normal on newer vans or an option ?
  17. michael thorpe

    How To Remove These From Heats Shield

    can anyone tell me if the underbody trim have trim fittings as well taken all the fasteners off that i can see and still not move.
  18. J

    Gt6 Rs

  19. Andrew Wilkinson

    Underslung Water Tank Melted!

    As part of my conversion I've had an under-slung fresh water tank fitted to my T6 LWB. It's the long slim tank which fits next to the exhaust almost down the centre of the van. The first one a I had fitted was not very secure and melted against the exhaust. I have since built a more secure way...
  20. J

    Gt3 Rs Tailpipe

    What do you guys think..Im planning on fitting this tailpipe to go with my theme..I plan to cut an oval out of the bumper and impact bar behind then install my mains hookup in the tailpipe.