electric mirrors

  1. J

    Wing Mirror electrical connections..

    Found 4 cables in driver wing mirror. One for mirror allignment - One for heated mirror Both easy to disconnect for repair Other two cables may be related to DAB and GPS aerials Can only be disconnected behind door card QUESTION If that is function of the latter 2 cables could cut them to...
  2. Pauly

    T6 Electrically Adjustable Mirrors Wiring Diagram 2017

    Electrically Controlled Exterior Mirrors Circuit Diagram Includes mirror controls, mirror heating and lane change assist warning lamps Does not include radio/infotainment aerials VIP Membership is required to download this document
  3. SAF1981

    Folding Mirror retrofit?

    Hello, new to the T6 forum. I have a T6 Camper and looking to replace the wing mirrors with electric folding ones. Has anyone done the same, any recommendations and how easy is it to integrate with the central locking? Thanks
  4. T

    Electric Folding Mirrors

    Hi all My passenger side folding mirror has been playing up today, when I manually fold them the passenger isn't moving. Did several off/on to no avail, gave it a little push, tried again and working. Also noticed the last few days that when the passenger mirror has been folding its been making...
  5. Ro63rt

    Electric Mirrors off Keyfob

    Hi all, Just seen a video on another T Forum on Facebook. For love nor money can’t remember which one it was or find the video again. But they’d just picked up a new T6 from the dealership & the electric Mirrors worked off the key. Anyone else seen it or heard of new vans coming like that....?