1. Carl1974

    Duvalay - which one to go for?

    Hi all, I’m looking to purchase the duvalay as it seems the better option I hope, there are various ones but what is the best go fo for.
  2. Phil Harris

    Duvalay Are Offering 25% Discount

    They just posted on FB 25% off most of their range.. grab a bargain!
  3. N

    Mattress Topper Advice?

    Okay, the bed in my T6 is slowly killing me. Well, I am exegerating. But let's say it gives me a pain in my back which when the longer than 1-2 night trips come up is going to kill me ;) I have a mattress topper but it obviously isn't doing the job. Just looking for what other people have used...
  4. andy greenwood

    Sleeping In The Pop Top

    we only got our van last july/august , we did 5 trips away last year and we always slept downstairs. For future trips we are now wanting to sleep upstairs as there is a bit more room. The upstairs bed is just a solid board though so plenty of cushioning is going to be needed for a good nights...