1. Spark’s

    Which poptop mattress?

    Just to say hello to everyone and ask for some advice. Just bought our first campervan after years of camping. Really love it. We have done a couple of trips and feel we need a tad more comfort as were getting on a bit (60’s). We will be off two Europe next year for a month, three adults and two...
  2. Carl1974

    Duvalay - which one to go for?

    Hi all, I’m looking to purchase the duvalay as it seems the better option I hope, there are various ones but what is the best go fo for.
  3. Roadrage123

    Various Discounts Go Here:

    Anyone seen any good black friday deals for newbie like me starting to convert t6 to camper. Any savings would be very helpful ;) Hope this will help other members also.
  4. N

    Mattress Topper Advice?

    Okay, the bed in my T6 is slowly killing me. Well, I am exegerating. But let's say it gives me a pain in my back which when the longer than 1-2 night trips come up is going to kill me ;) I have a mattress topper but it obviously isn't doing the job. Just looking for what other people have used...
  5. Gingercoastie

    Bedding - which do you use?

    does anyone use the Duvalay bedding sets, my van has got the VW folding bed, but it has been recovered in leather. I believe Most people use a mattress topper so thought these might be a good idea. Duvalay - Bedding for caravans, motorhomes, boats, camping