dsg selector

  1. wickedcamper

    Defective Auto/DSG knob

    Hello VW transporter enthusiasts, I recently purchased a new second hand VW Transporter T6.1 SWB Edition from 2021 with 11400 km on it. However, I recently discovered a hidden defect with the auto/DSG knob during my first ride, and I'm seeking advice from the community on how to address it...
  2. Steved55

    Dsg led display

    Hi - whilst wrestling to remove the centre lower dash over the gear selector without disconnecting the plug I have managed to rip out half of the led pcb and snapped 2 of the tiny connecting strips. Have attempted repair with predictable result 3 connectors are now under a blob of solder. I've...
  3. BoroBoy

    DSG Gaiter Change.

    I am wanting to change out my DSG gaitor, and replace it with a blue stitched leather gaitor. Has anyone on here changed their gaiter? If so, is there a How to/ description, anywhere on the forum that I can use? Failing that, some removal tips would come in handy. TIA.
  4. Gazbadge

    DSG paddle connector's

    Evening all, I'm looking for some help identifying the correct pins for the connector pictured. These are the PCB's from the paddles on a DSG steering wheel. I'm pretty sure they're Molex connectors but I will stand corrected if not. The trouble is I have no idea what size/type they might be so...
  5. Butcher8109

    DSG trim piece

    Morning all, I don’t suppose anyone knows where I can get a replacement DSG trim piece? I’ve had a good search online and can see them for the Passat / Golf etc but no mentions if they’re the same size for the T6! Mine looks worn out and tired and I’d love to replace it with something gloss...
  6. P

    Dsg Lever Position Lighting

    Hi all Drove my DSG last night in the dark for the first time:cool: All internal switches etc illuminating red light apart from the DSG position light which was white (WTF). Has anyone changed them to red? Is it possible? Thanks
  7. Van-xcamervan-glovebox-t6-vw-t5-t4-transporter-29


  8. Tappers

    Replacement Circuit Board For Gear Selector Backlight

    Hey guys. I was doing some work on the van this weekend to get a smart charger and leisure battery installed. I took some pieces of the dash off to wire the charger into the ignition, and in doing so I managed to snap the ribbon that connects the lighting panel to the LED that illuminates 'P' on...
  9. andythom188

    For Sale Dsg Selector Brand New

    Brand new t6 dsg selector in excellent unmarked condition. £150 posted
  10. Loz

    T6 Removing the DSG selector 2017-11-23

    Removing the DSG selector
  11. Deaky

    Removing DSG gear lever gaitor

    Anyone know how to? I've tried pulling the button out on the side but that's really no help. I can't see how the gaitor can be removed without taking off the knob?