1. JasonW

    black trim detailing / restorer

    What products do people rate for keeping the exterior black plastics such as the grille and bumper trim clean and looking new.
  2. S18RVW

    Wheel Woolies

    Hi Guys, I'm getting some new alloys fitted in a couple of weeks and I'm just wanting recommendations on keeping them looking good. Wheel woolies, cleaner and tyre dressings.
  3. WalshyR32

    Back From The Detailers

    So after almost 1 year of ownership my baby is now exactly how I want her. After taking delivery last March is was a few months to wait before the conversion could be completed. I drove over to the U.K. in June 2021 and left the van in the capable hands of the team at @Cambee Campervans with...
  4. marsie

    washing engine: yes or no?

    I have just bought a t6 and the inside and outside are spotless but the engine bay is a disgrace (dusty crap, not oil). will I be safe to give the engine a blast with the pressure washer or is it a bit of a gamble on VWs? I am used to land rovers and when they get dirty there is no problem with...
  5. C

    Which tyre dressing?

    I've got BFG allterains with white lettering. What's the best tyre dressing to use?
  6. T

    Experiences with nano coating?

    Hey guys I was thinking about a nano coating for my T6, bacause I found this website Car Coating | Nanotechnology at the cutting edge | nanoCare Now I am really hyped about it and want to try it out. Do you have any experiences with any coating like this and is it useful? What do you think?
  7. Rids

    Detailing a new Van?

    So a new van (should) be arriving in few weeks, and I’m wondering if I should ask the dealer not to bother washing (i.e. swirl marking) it & going straight to a detailer & get it coated... Never had this sort of thing done before so have no idea of cost it benefits.., any thoughts anyone? And...
  8. LisaH

    Valeter for campervans

    Hi all A musing I am having since the pandemic has changed working environments for everyone. If your van is converted for camping, would you entrust the cleaning of the vehicle (just the exterior, or the whole thing) to somebody else? Has anybody had experience of asking a valeter to clean...
  9. RayF

    Alloy Wheel Care

    Any recommendation for new alloy care products? I want to start as I hope to go on by caring for my new alloys and there are so many products that I was wondering what protection and cleaning products to use. Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  10. HHO

    DA Polisher

    Any recommendations for preferred compounds and finishing polishes for use with a dual action polisher?
  11. T6 Fred_16

    Pop-Top Cleaning Solution

    Our campervan has been parked under trees for the last few months during lockdown and even the jet wash is struggling to get black marks off the pop top roof and we've just noticed there is a mossy type mould within the gap at the front of the roof! :eek: Does anyone know of any solutions...
  12. cbrblade

    bilt hamber snow foam

    thought id give this a try,got to say im very impressed
  13. cfdave

    Amazing stuff for contact adhesive removal

    Hi. Just wondered if anyone needs something to remove contact adhesive in seconds. I just used. "Sticky stuff remover". I'm sure there advice on other stuff to use. But I couldn't see this mentioned anywhere. Hope it helps someone
  14. S

    Dog vs Carpet

    So white dog vs Black Shuttle carpet resulted in a 2 hour hoovering session. I need a solution to help with the state it gets in from the dog and from general camping mess - shaving the dog is not an option apparently. I was toying with the idea of removing the rear carpet, but would I need to...
  15. W

    Who in their right minds would buy a white van?

    I thought I’d wash the van today - ALL day. Small black spots all over it, interspersed with the odd yellow or brown. So I introduced it to some Farécla G3, then some lighter fluid and finally a revelation - A clay bar ! Never used one before, but the results are amazing. Tailgate, passenger...
  16. Clydiee

    Having time to detail your own

    Hi all, hope everyone is safe and well? Had to postpone a job this week, so thought I’d give my kombucha some love and protection
  17. Jay

    Tar Spots on Paintwork

    Downside to having oryx white is the tar spots really show up. Whats the best product/method for removal?
  18. T6180

    Short-handed Gun for Snowfoam

    So I've purchased some new detailing goodies to have a play with. I bought the Short Gun as after watching a couple of reviews I just liked the fact it has the swivel on the hose connection, I get really annoyed with the standard hose curling up every second while your using it. Fingers crossed...
  19. ddktm

    Petrol Pressure Washer

    Just after a bit of advice from those ìn the know. Thinking of upgrading my pressure washer as exiting one lacks a bit. Was possibly looking at a petrol one, anyone got any experience in them and reccommend any. TIA
  20. Village

    KDS Keltec - detailers

    KDS Keltec, based in Gillingham, Kent. 5 star; superb and highly recommended. The third vehicle I've sent to KDS now which speaks for itself. No doubt not the cheapest but the attention to detail is first rate. Took the van there after only 1000 miles to keep it pristine. On inspection the...