1. T6 Fred_16

    Pop-Top Cleaning Solution

    Our campervan has been parked under trees for the last few months during lockdown and even the jet wash is struggling to get black marks off the pop top roof and we've just noticed there is a mossy type mould within the gap at the front of the roof! :eek: Does anyone know of any solutions...
  2. cbrblade

    bilt hamber snow foam

    thought id give this a try,got to say im very impressed
  3. S

    Dog vs Carpet

    So white dog vs Black Shuttle carpet resulted in a 2 hour hoovering session. I need a solution to help with the state it gets in from the dog and from general camping mess - shaving the dog is not an option apparently. I was toying with the idea of removing the rear carpet, but would I need to...
  4. W

    Who in their right minds would buy a white van?

    I thought I’d wash the van today - ALL day. Small black spots all over it, interspersed with the odd yellow or brown. So I introduced it to some Farécla G3, then some lighter fluid and finally a revelation - A clay bar ! Never used one before, but the results are amazing. Tailgate, passenger...
  5. RyanGerry

    Help with bad paintwork

    So not T6 related but hopefully someone can give me some tips, I have just bought a car that has been sat for around 7 months. I’ve snow foamed it, washed and tried to machine polish it off but nothing, it has what I can only describe as tree sap and what feels/looks like brake dust all over...
  6. Clydiee

    Having time to detail your own

    Hi all, hope everyone is safe and well? Had to postpone a job this week, so thought I’d give my kombucha some love and protection
  7. .50

    What to clean next.

    Been watching a bit of YouTube lately, and a suggested video was by JP Detailing where he spent over 150 hours detailing his Focus RS. I've been washing cars for 35 years, and would of thought someone was bonkers for taking the wheels of and cleaning inside the wheel arch and suspension, but...
  8. Simon Cooze

    Spots On Paintwork

    Hey. Just spent all day cleaning my Van. (Probably like most of us with all this free time) noticed lots of black dots and some orange/brown dots on lower parts of the doors. Any ideas out there how to remove? Paintwork is Oryx White. TIA
  9. T6180

    Karcher Short Gun @ Snowfoam

    So I've purchased some new detailing goodies to have a play with. I bought the Short Gun as after watching a couple of reviews I just liked the fact it has the swivel on the hose connection, I get really annoyed with the standard hose curling up every second while your using it. Fingers crossed...
  10. ddktm

    Petrol Pressure Washer

    Just after a bit of advice from those ìn the know. Thinking of upgrading my pressure washer as exiting one lacks a bit. Was possibly looking at a petrol one, anyone got any experience in them and reccommend any. TIA
  11. Village

    KDS Keltec - detailers

    KDS Keltec, based in Gillingham, Kent. 5 star; superb and highly recommended. The third vehicle I've sent to KDS now which speaks for itself. No doubt not the cheapest but the attention to detail is first rate. Took the van there after only 1000 miles to keep it pristine. On inspection the...
  12. Leehoops

    Auto Glym Polar Blast

    Hi guys I bought some of the above as I was after some kind of snow foam , so I mixed it 100ml to 500ml of water as it stated this as a starting point ! In to a pump action squirter , shook it all up and started spraying on the van but I wasn’t getting anything like a coverage of foam but a poor...
  13. N

    Power Washing Down The Van

    So, I have just power washed the van down after its first trip now I am paranoid I've ruined the paintwork... haha. Not that there is any indication I have but I am in 'never owned anything this expensive territory'!! I even use the more indirect hose. What's the best way to for me to clean...
  14. Martin Gibson

    Paint Correction And Ceramic Coating

    Hello,i have mentioned on here before about the state of the paintwork on my van. It was truly shocking. The van had only 1500 miles on it when i bought it and was polished and gleaming when i picked it up. As it was washed 2 or 3 times and the polish was washed off,i started noticing various...
  15. Ian28

    Spotless Valeting Perth

    Just has my T6 ceramic coated here and I’m delighted with the result. There don’t seem to be many offering this type of service in central Scotland so am chuffed I’ve found these guys. Immaculate premises and a young team who are both very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about what they do...
  16. Milarepa

    Detailing Essex

    Hello all, Picking up a new black T6 conversion on Tuesday and thinking about getting a ceramic coating. Can anyone recommend anyone in the Essex area? Thanks
  17. Paynewright

    Roof Cleaning

    This is probably one of those awkward questions like how often do you change your socks, pants, bed sheets..... How often do you wash your roof? Every time you wash it? every other time? Just wondered! Regards Ian
  18. andy58

    Best Cleaning Products For Body Work?

    can you recommend
  19. andy greenwood

    Diy Valeting/ Snow Foam/waxing ?

    after spending £90 earlier this year getting a local company to valet our campervan ( outside only), I have decided I would like to do it myself. I have to be honest and say I have never waxed a car/van before, what is the best procedure to get a nice and shiny looking campervan ? and what are...
  20. X

    How Do You Reach The Roof To Clean It?

    With my Defender I just stand on a tyre. But how do you clean your T6? Do I need to buy a step box of similar. Thanks