1. S

    Best pressure washer for detailing at home but professional quality

    Hi guys any views and experience with best pressure washers for home detailing?
  2. angelameaney

    Bilt Hamber - impressed

    I’m sharing the cleaning of my van. I’ve only had it five weeks. I’ve just spent 3 hours foaming washing using Korrosol then Bilt Hamber double wax and I have to say I’m quite impressed with the result. Am not a detailer and no expert at all on cleaning products but as the van will be with...
  3. Lee540

    Steering Wheel - Repair Kit

    Thought I'd share my efforts this weekend. Kit from Furniture Clinic, was about £21 with new customer discount code. Before: and After Not perfect but miles better!! Saved a fortune on a new wheels or recovered one. Might help someone out on here.
  4. TheBadger

    Unwanted Swirly Spray

    Picked up my new wheels, unfortunately when I went to see the van before PDI, the rear doors were damaged in transit… not significant but clearly evident. The dents were subsequently tapped out (better but still visible, currently chasing compensation with VC) and as a consequence of the method...
  5. V

    Detailer recommend - “On Track Detailing” Silchester, Berkshire. EXCELLENT!!

    Hi All. Just picked up my 7 month old T6.1 earlier today from Jay and Dan at ‘On Track Detailing’. (OTD) Went in for PPF front end protection (Bumper, bonnet, mirrors and A pillars) and top of rear bumper. Paint corrected the entire vehicle to eliminate the standard ‘dealer swirls’ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and full...
  6. JonriceT6

    For Sale Lifeshine - complete kit!

    I’ve recently bought a california which I paid an extra £299 for lifetime guarantee lifeshine treatment - This ceramic coats your body work, Glass and interior. Vw should have had Me back in to put it on my Cali but they haven’t, so I’ve had a local valeter complete similar treatment, The...
  7. R

    New Pressure-Washer needed

    Not sure if anyone has asked this question but what type of Pressure washer is best. I need a good one to clean my Patio, the one I have is Black & Decker and getting a bit tired. I have been looking at getting a Karcher K4 but have been told NilFisk is another worth looking at. I might add I'm...
  8. M

    DeWalt Dual Action Polisher

    Owning a T6 means much larger panels to be polished and waxed, while looking for a tool (other than I) to make the job easier I stumbled across this deal on Power Tool World DEWALT DCM848N 18V XR BRUSHLESS 125MM DUAL ACTION POLISHER @ £169.99 using code JAN20 drops the price to £135.99 May be...
  9. dennismo

    Bodyshop - Sheffield

    Hi all. Urgent request for help... My van was hit whilst parked up on a job today. Hit in a secure compound by a bin lorry (!!!). Driver admitted full responsibility but need to find a repairer through insurance that I'm going to trust to work on my vehicle. I've read horror stories on here...
  10. Dellmassive

    Sold Karcher KHB 5 Multi-Jet 18V Cordless Handheld Pressure Washer 2 x 2.6Ah + more

    Karcher KHB 5 Multi-Jet 18V Cordless Handheld Pressure Washer 2 x 2.6Ah standard KHB 5 kit. PLUS: extra second battery ( brand new ) extra fast charger extra bucket pickup hose. . +++++++++++++++++++ decided to sell this kit as its not getting any use. basically brand new, only been...
  11. B

    Worn Steering Wheel

    I just bought a VW TD 6, 2016 and the steering wheel is showing signs of wear, parts of it are glossy and parts of it Matt & dirty looking. Any recommendation on a kit to buy and restore it
  12. T

    Quick alloy wheel cleaner

    How I did it ha " Oven cleaner Power wash Nothing else to say apart from Mr muscle has the edge
  13. dennismo

    Hosepipe ban incoming

    Hi all. So…with hosepipe bans expecting in various parts of the country, including Yorkshire where I am by the end of the month… (when let’s be honest, it will probably be raining!!) I had a question about using a pressure washer! It a pressure washer is used fed from a bucket / Jerry can...

    How to remove tape residue

    Hey guys anyone got a really good way of removing the residue from tape on a windowscreen?? TIA
  15. JasonW

    black trim detailing / restorer

    What products do people rate for keeping the exterior black plastics such as the grille and bumper trim clean and looking new.
  16. S18RVW

    Wheel Woolies

    Hi Guys, I'm getting some new alloys fitted in a couple of weeks and I'm just wanting recommendations on keeping them looking good. Wheel woolies, cleaner and tyre dressings.
  17. WalshyR32

    Back From The Detailers

    So after almost 1 year of ownership my baby is now exactly how I want her. After taking delivery last March is was a few months to wait before the conversion could be completed. I drove over to the U.K. in June 2021 and left the van in the capable hands of the team at @Cambee Campervans with...
  18. marsie

    washing engine: yes or no?

    I have just bought a t6 and the inside and outside are spotless but the engine bay is a disgrace (dusty crap, not oil). will I be safe to give the engine a blast with the pressure washer or is it a bit of a gamble on VWs? I am used to land rovers and when they get dirty there is no problem with...
  19. andy greenwood

    washing and full detailing after spraying

    long story but I had my sliding door resprayed 4 weeks ago, there seems to be conflicting information on the internet as to when you can wash it and give it a good detailing. I think after a month I should be ok to now snow foam it and wash it , I wanted to fully detail it though...
  20. C

    Which tyre dressing?

    I've got BFG allterains with white lettering. What's the best tyre dressing to use?