1. S

    Detachable to fixed tow bar

    Hi i have a detachable towbar fitted from new on my T6 T32 panel van however i now want the fixed type so i can mount a trials bike carrier via the 2 mounting hole bolts. Anyone done it ? Is it straight forward? Thanks
  2. N

    Rear Bumper valance and tow bar ??

    Hi folks, Probably a can of worms but has anyone found any bumper valances/extensions etc that actually work with a removeable tow bar on T6 barn door. I've tried PP tuning and asked 3 times however they have not come back to me. Xtreme vans are not sure the list goes on! ABT won’t. the list...
  3. T

    Which detachable Tow Bar?

    I'm doing my research ahead of getting a tow bar fitted. I definitely want a detachable one, and want the electrics to be out of sight when not in use. Looking back at old threads here, I see conflicting info about whether some brands (Westfalia, Tow Trust, for example) actually do this...
  4. Ayjay

    Cost for Westfalia Detachable Towbar + Fitting

    I've still got to phone around to a couple of other potential fitters tomorrow but has anybody got an idea of whether or not a quote from PF Jones for the above is competitive and / or reasonable. I used their on-line quotation tool for the following: Westfalia Detachable Tow-Bar 2018 T6...
  5. Nick-C

    Wanted Detachable Towbar

    looking for a detachable towbar if anybody is removing one. Cheers Nick
  6. Sean O Leary

    Westfalia detachable towbar additional parts

    Hello All, Got my Weatfalia detachable towbar during the week and fitted it today. Just for anyone who is ordering one prior to fitting you will need the parts in the picture below which you can get from your VW dealer. It is the support for under the bumper when you remove the crash barrier, I...