1. tommy_t6.1

    Wanted D-pillar panel trim

    Does anyone have, or know where I can get primered versions of the little square parts that are on the back of the van that go between the lights and the bumper? I don't know what they are actually called! For a T6.1 if that makes a difference!
  2. Jamie2.0

    T6.1 Shuttle D pillar/ load area light

    Would any one know the part numbers or know where I could get 2 shuttle load area LED lights and surrounds please? I want to install them in the tailgate but want to retain a factory look as much as possible. Thanks J
  3. B

    D-pillar trim compatibility T6 to T6.1

    Does anyone if the rear corner panels below the lights and above the bumper are the same on both a t6 and t6.1? These things… https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222801787343
  4. sparkzer

    Whats in the D Pillar!?

    I'm looking to put a couple of lights in the sides of the D pillar at lowish level, as when its dark and i open up the doors, even with plenty of roof lighting, its pitch black under my rear seats. Initially i was thinking of something surface mounted, but for a more OEM look i was thinking of...
  5. W

    Rear quarter trim for internal D-pillar

    Does anyone know of any trim panel or panels that can cover these gaps in the rear quarter. I’m leaving the van metal exposed for my conversion. Thanks in advance.
  6. david173

    Vanstyle D pillar trim, does anyone have these?

    Does anyone have the Vanstyle D pillar trim/cover installed? Rear Door ABS Black Inner Pillar Guard Covers - VW T5 T6 - Vanstyle I was wondering if anyone had any more pictures or reviews? Also do you think it would fit over carpet? Thanks!
  7. warren

    D-pillar trim removal

    Does anyone know how to remove the D pillar trim under the rear light (right hand side) to modify for putting mains hook up through there. Is it clips or is it more involved, I don't want to do any damage!! Once removed I plan on attaching hinges and a magnet to keep it shut when not in use. It...
  8. Captain Rick

    T6 Caravelle rear quarter trim removal

    I need to remove the rear trim on both sides of my 2016 Caravelle so that I can do some rewiring. I've removed the top pieces if trim on the C and D pillars but don't know how to remove the large pieces of lower trim. Just pulling doesn't seem to do it but should I use more force or are there...
  9. Wc04los

    What's this electrical?

    Started sound deadening my van yesterday and seen this lot of wiring, can anyone give a little break down of it? Just being curious. Thanks
  10. D

    My Hidden EHU & Water points in D-pillar (tailgate)

    People have been great helping me, so I thought I'd post a few pics of my van. This show my EHU and water arrangements the rear molding is held in place with two magnets you can see one of the striker plates in the photo. There is a shock corded tether as a backup, but it is very secure. I have...
  11. Kev Liddle

    Holes Behind The Rear 1/4 Window...

    Hi all, hope everyone’s keeping well through this mad time... Just about to start carpeting the metal work in the back, how have folk covered these 3 large holes? Seems to be too big for aluminium tape? Or is there a trim available to cover? Thanks in advance!
  12. Farnorthsurfer

    Rear Pillar Lining.

    LWB Kombi, heading in to have rear windows and a pop top fitted in January. When the windows are fitted the converter is going to do the carpet lining as it’s best done along with the window I think. Today took the kombi lining out in preparation for making new ply lining for the converter to...
  13. Mocko1962

    Rear Under Tail Light Panel For Hidden Electric

    Anyone know how to make rear offside under indicator section hinged access panel to install electrics simulator to Jerber Campers hook up access .. I would like to install an additional 230v socket in there to power externally when on hook up ..typically small oven etc... but don't want to put...
  14. Lukavell

    Wanted Caravelle Left Interior D Pillar Trim

    As the title says. I'll take a pair if you don't want to split.
  15. Lukavell

    Caravelle D Pillar Trim

    Anyone got a left they need rid of? Failing that can anybody provide a part number please?
  16. CrickCampers

    Gas & Water Filler in d-pillar

    I'm looking at fitting Gas and water fillers externally behind the little flaps below the rear lights on a Tailgate LWB. I've seen it done when browsing on the forum, but can't find it now. Has anyone done this? and what advice.
  17. Sabre

    Changing Bumpers- How Did You Deal With The D-pillar Panels?

    Hi all. I'm still trying to work out how to move on my startline bumper colour change. Easier option - go back to converter to colour code bumpers (smooth, prime, paint, bake) Or Buy a TL highline bumper, get it sprayed and fit myself with the advantage of being able to do the lights too...
  18. stefang

    Leisure Battery Install R/O/S quarter

    Hi guys, Greetings from Australia. I have a 4motion Multivan T6, and while researching the install of a second battery, I came across a post, whereby a chap installed his in the void / area directly under his RHS brake light panel. Can some one point me to the post in question? Thanks in...
  19. S

    Random Question About Creating Exterior Access.

    Bear with me on this one as I try to explain it... ... Has anyone attempted to create an external access point in their T6. You know how caravans and motorhomes have storage which you access from outside the van. I have tried google and pinterest but not really found anything. Is that because...
  20. mhill

    External 240v hook-up options?

    Was away for 3 nights last week and destroyed a electricial cable running the mains in through the front door to run a heater and dehumidifier. There's no way im cutting a standard hole in the side of the van as its not a camper and I don't want it to look like one, I already have a anderson...